In this chapter it changes from Puck's point of view to Kurt's. I'm not sure how long I will keep it like that, but for the end it needs to be in Puck's POV. I'm so sorry for the long wait on this.

Chapter 15

Puck had carried Kurt up to his room; the beautifully decorated room was a decadent as Kurt was. Yet he cried while he was in the beautiful room. Not because of how close he was to his beloved Kurt. He had already done his share of crying over that, though he would never truly admit how happy he was to anyone but Kurt.

He was crying because he had undressed the beautiful God that had captured his heart. The smooth white skin was covered in bruises, and painful looking scratches. These marks of torture had caused the Monster to set quietly in shock. Even its rage was squelched by the site. The Monster had wanted to do horrible things to people, that Puck had agreed to do, but this… this was impossible for either of them to comprehend.

Kurt was truly too beautiful to be mistreated in such a way. Even the cruelty of the school was nothing compared to this. Some of the bruises were old, turning slightly yellow as they healed, yet next to them set fresh bruises, deep purples and blues.

The tall man had done this; he was the only one who could have. Puck had followed the news about Kurt every chance he could, and no where did it mention him being injured. Puck let out a slight slob as he looked at the massive bruise on the knee of the most cherished person. He hadn't limped; he hadn't shown any sign that he was being abused.

Puck's hand shook as he lightly traced the discolored skin. Kurt let out of soft moan on one of the more painful looking ones and Puck's hands shot to his mouth to cover his sobs.

"This is my fault." Puck said to Kurt who, still drugged, didn't respond.

Puck crawled on to the bed gently and laid next to Kurt. He very gently moved his arm around the boy and pulled him closer. The smell of Kurt's hair filled his nose and he closed his eyes.

"I promise," Puck said in a soft whisper, "he won't ever hurt you again. Not ever."

Puck rose from the bed and explored the house, shifting through the drawers, finding match books from a hotel, downloaded music on Kurt's computer, where the pain in the back of his head struck him again, but when he came too, everything was has it had been. There were no demons, no visions. His first instinct was to call James. He longed to hear the accent and the confident tone in his voice, but that wouldn't work. He would have figured out where Puck was and stopped him. He did smile at the thought of the institution for a brief second before the monster screamed in his head.

He grabbed his jacket. He went to Kurt's room and gently placed a love filled kiss on Kurt's for head. He left the house, to a hotel in Beverly Hills, to the Tall Man.

6 hours later

The sun burned his eyes, his head pounded as his mind grasped at consciousness. He hated when William did things like drug him, beat him, try to seduce him when William was too lazy to go out and find it some where else.

Kurt rolled over with his eyes still shut, still half asleep. He rolled to the other side of the empty bed, as he sprawled out allowing his bruised and sore body to stretch. He smelled cologne, which in his state of mind was pleasant and warm. He smiled and buried his head in the pillow just a little more. The smell of the cologne awakened his mind a bit, and he began to think.

William had never put in him the bed when he had drugged him, he would find himself waking up in random rooms on the first floor, where ever William had dropped him. He had never undressed him either. Then there was the cologne. William wouldn't wear something that cheap, and it was the kind that Puck always wore in the day. It was masculine and strong, overpowering when he first put it on. But as the day progressed it would diminishes. It would become pleasant. Something he enjoyed when he would rest his head on the hard chest and feel the arms wrapped around him. What ever had happened before that, what ever Puck had done, those were some of his fondest memories. When Puck would lie next to him and hold him close. They would talk for hours about Glee, cloths, music, even video games. Or they would lay there and fall asleep in each others arms. He knew what that love was; he understood that love. And when he would wake up and find Puck had left some time in the night he would still be able to smell the cologne on the pillows and in the blankets. It would always make him smile.

Kurt froze at the realization that Puck had been laying in his bed. His heart pounded in his chest and he would have cried out but he was paralyzed with fear. He clutched to the comforter of his bed so tightly that his knuckles turned white and his muscles began to twitch because of the force they were exuding. The fear was beyond his control, he had waited for this moment. That one day Puck would come after him. He tried to prepare himself, protect himself the best he could, but now he lay motionless. The thoughts of being a coward, pansy, or worse didn't enter his head. The natural instinct was not to move. If he moved Puck would find him, he had to stay still, not to move to let Puck think that he was still asleep. He took a deep breath in hopes that it still looked like he was asleep. He forced himself to release the comforter from the death grip he had on it. He knew logically that should Puck try to pull him off the bed, the comforter would offer very little help on keeping him in place. Perhaps it was a child hood thing blankets were warm and protected you from the world that was frightening. Maybe that was why he held on it. That would make since.

The door bell to the house rang. Kurt still hadn't moved, still afraid that Puck would be standing beside the bed watching him, holding some kind of weapon or just waiting to wrap those hands around his throat again.

The door bell rang again and this time followed by an urgent pounding at the door. The person behind the door yelled LAPD. Kurt lifted his head up. Slowly and looked around the room. Puck was no where to be seen but he could smell him. It seemed like his smell was every where.

Once again there was pounding at the door. It was urgent now, scary urgent and Kurt knew that even if Puck were in the house, if he tried to stop him, the screams would be heard and he would be rescued before anything else could happen to him.

He jumped from the bed, grabbed his robe and ran down the stairs. He wanted to scream help, but that would be stupid. He was freaking out yes, but Puck… he knew Puck and if Puck were in the house he would have been in the bed waiting for him to wake up.

He threw open the door adjusting his eyes slightly to the morning light that was now pouring through the front door. In the door way of his home stood three police officers, just your average run of the mill cops and a regal looking man in a tweed suit, whom Kurt recognized but couldn't place where he had seen the man before, nor could he put a name to the face.

"Mr. Hummel may we come in." One of the officers said as he looked slightly around the entrance to the house.

"Yes, yes of course," Kurt said as he stepped to the side and let the four of them walk in. There was really no introduction, there were no happy faces. They must have known that Puck had been here that's why they came in force.

"Mr. Hummel, would you please set down."

Kurt nodded quickly as he walked them in to the living room and he sat on the edge of the couch, the bright California sun crashing through the windows was warm and some what welcoming. He was certain that the air condition would kick on at some point.

"My name is officer Marsters. I'm afraid that… I'm afraid that William Happer, Mr. Hummel I'm sorry but William Happer was found in his hotel room today dead."

Kurt looked up at the officer in shock. His heart pounded in his chest, his body shaking slightly, though not from shock or sadness. This was from jubilation. William was dead. Yet, the question was how.

"What… what… how did he?" Kurt asked and stuttered as the cops seemed to look down on him with sympathy that Kurt didn't want, nor need.

"A drug overdose. The hotel staff said that he arrived there with a young man some time after midnight, and then a second one around one just before the bar closed. Do you know who they could be?"

Kurt scoffed a bit before he looked down at his finger nails. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he spoke. There was now a flood of emotions that was rushing around in side his body. None of it was sorrow, but there was some form a grief. The cops would see it as sadness and that was fine.

"I doubt Will even knew who they were. Name's weren't really important to him." Kurt said sweetly though trying to get his point across.

"You were aware that he was…"

"Fucking around on me? Yes, Officer Marster I was very well aware of it. William made sure to point it out every time he screwed some little boy who was better looking than me. Can I get you some coffee?"

The shocked look on the Officers face almost made Kurt smile, but he fought it back.

"No, thank you." The Officers all pretty much said in unison.

"A spot of tea would be lovely."

Kurt looked over at the man in the tweed suit. It was the first time he had spoke and his heart began to beat even quicker. The voice and accent gave away who he was more then anything else. Kurt felt himself starting to sweat he was so close to panicking now. He was even closer to breaking down and confessing that Puck had been in the house and was probably close by. Still, he didn't. He didn't want to do that with the cops there.

"Is there anything else I can do for you officers?"

"Yes, we've managed to keep this under wraps for now. The hotel staff won't be leaking anything. I don't know how long we can keep it that way though, so if there is some where you would like to go to collect your thoughts before the media finds out than I strongly suggest you leave with in the next couple of hours."

Kurt nodded and stood as the officers and Dr. Bushfill started to walk to the door. Kurt put his hand up to the doctor to insist that he stay. When the door shut he stood in the entry way of the living room and pulled his robe closer around his body.

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss Mr. Hummel." James said, his accent sending a cold shiver down Kurt's back.
"It was no loss. Have you found him yet? Is he here?"

"We don't know. I was hoping you would be able to tell me."

Kurt froze for a moment then went and set on the edge of the couch.

"He was in the house last night. He was in my bed with me…"

"You didn't… Sleep with him did you? If you did that would be catastrophic!" The anger building in the doctors voice was intense enough to make Kurt realize how he had managed to keep Puck under control. The thought of sleeping with Puck again wasn't a bad thought. It was terrifying and unthinkable yes, but bad no.

As the years had went on and Kurt found himself in relationships, he realized that Puck loved him the most of all. It wasn't until he was with William that he longed for Puck to return. At least his heart did. His brain told him he was an idiot.

"No, No, I was… I was… William drugged me. Puck must have followed us and then when William left he found his way into the house. He took care of me, made sure I was safe, but the fact…" Kurt swallowed down the tears that were building from having the love of his life in his bed, which was also his worst nightmare hit him.

Dr. Bushfill sat quite for a moment, before he spoke again.

"We have to find him, but he won't stop until he finds you. I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but you have the means to make that very difficult for him. You could run, and keep running until we find him. Then you can go back to your normal life."

Kurt looked at the Dr. slightly aghast at what he had just said.

"You haven't told the police?"

"Of course I have, but this is a very large city Mr. Hummel. Trying to find one man whom we both know can blend into the shadows and is intelligent, and determined as Noah is… They don't have the man power for it. As horrible as this is to say, and I do apologize, your lovers death could very well be the cover you need to get away."

"It's not horrible to say." Kurt said as he stood and pulled the robe quickly shut again. "William was more of a monster then Puck ever was. As misguided as Puck's thinking was, he did it because he loved me. William hated me and I have the bruises to prove it. Don't apologize for his death, celebrate it. I have to pack. Good bye Doctor."