Beauty and the Monster


In a small town lived a man driven to science. He wanted to invent things to help the people pf the village. But one fateful night he came across a solution to make a humans life span last as long as a cockroach.

Of course he wanted to make sure it worked he experimented on himself. He stepped into the machine pushing the button. Flashes of light blinded him and smoke filled the small machine. He was knocked down and everything when black, the door opened up and he stumbled out. His vision was blurry and the lights blinded his eyes. He looked down at his hands which looked normal but there was an extra weight on his neck. He stumbled to a mirror to see a sight that scared him to death. He saw what looked like a giant over sized cockroach head. His eyes widened touching his face feeling the smooth slimy scaly texture of his new found head. His eyes drifted up to see antennae on top of his head,

He swirled around hearing some static zapping sound, there hovered what looked like a lollipop. Purple and red swirl. He came up to it grasping it. He heard a woman's voice.

"Each time you show negativity to another, a crack will appear on this swirly pop and when the final crack brakes it you will never be human again."

He looked at the sweet angrily, placing it in a cabinet. As the day came he stepped out walking toward town. Everyone stared at him in horror. People started to throw stones at him screaming at him. He got hit several times with rocks, but with his new body he could run faster then the other people. He crossed the bridge as the others stopped at the edge of town by the bridge.

"Stay home monster man!" One person yelled.

"Monster? I'm no monster, you all know me, I'm a scientist, I have invented many things for you!" The villagers talked to one another then they looked back at him.

"Alright, you can come and deliver your inventions only once a month and also get the necessities that you need, you hear me Dr. Cockroach!"

"Dr. Cockroach?" He said looking at them.

"Yes because you have cockroach head." The villager said as the rest of them walked back into the town and left him there standing alone, he bowed his head and walked back into his mansion.

From that day on he was known as Dr. Cockroach who was a mad scientist that invented things for the villagers. He had a hatred for the villager ever since then.