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"And this is it folks. Our two finalists are on their last Pokѐmon. The winner of this battle will be crowned the Indigo League Champion. Both trainers have overcome all others in this competition and both seemed to be evenly matched. It all boils down to this final confrontation. You can feel the tension throughout the entire stadium."

The crowd was quiet as the two trainers on opposite sides of the rectangular ring stared each other down. In the white corner stood a tall young man with bright green eyes and short black hair, his opponent, on the red side, a young woman of similar age with long blonde hair and faint blue eyes. The stare down seemed to last forever. The crowd grew restless as the tension thickened. At the same time both trainers grabbed their last Pokѐ Ball and let out their Pokѐmon.

"And there you have it ladies and gentlemen," said the commentator. "Troy sending out his massive Snorlax and Claire sending out her muscular Machamp. This is bad news for Troy as Claire has the type advantage here. But don't count him out yet folks, he didn't get this far in the tournament for nothing."

On the field the two trainers took no note of the screaming crowd or the annoying ramblings of the commentator. All there was were their Pokѐmon and the championship trophy and recognition as the best trainer in Kanto. With a nod of respect to each other. They began their last battle instantly.

"Snorlax! Mega Punch!"

"Machamp! Brace yourself!"

Snorlax charged at Machamp with surprising speed for its large size. Snorlax was about to hit when Machamp grabbed both its arms. Snorlax couldn't move its arms at all.

"Damn. Snorlax! Your legs are still free! Use Mega Kick!"

Snorlax reared its short stubby legs back but Machamp used its two extra arms to grab those too. The crowd was amazed at this development in the battle.

"Oh my," said the commentator, "this is unexpected. It has turned into a wrestling match between these two behemoths."

Snorlax tried as hard it could to push Machamp into submission but it couldn't budge the grip of the Superpower Pokémon at all.

"Machamp! Pick it up!"

Machamp managed to lift Snorlax up off the ground and hold it in the air.

"No ways. What power. Snorlax, get out of there!"

"There's no point fighting back," said Claire calmly with a slight smirk on her face, "when Machamp gets an opponent in midair he keeps them balanced there rendering them unable to strike back."

Snorlax had a look of frustration on his face as he uselessly tried to escape his predicament. All Troy could do was watch as his Pokémon was held at the mercy of its opponent's next move.

"Machamp now! Slam!" shouted Claire with a snap of her fingers.

With that Machamp spun Snorlax around and threw him to the ground with a deafening crash destroying a section of the battlefield.

"What power!" gasped the commentator. "Does Troy actually stand a chance now?"

But Troy simply smiled at his Snorlax. He knew this battle was far from over. Claire, however, thought it was time to finish this and claim her title.

"Right. Machamp, time to finish this. Give it your best Karate Chop!"

Machamp charged in fast.

"Troy," said Claire with a tone of defiance in her voice, "you really didn't think I'd fall for such an obvious trick did you?"

Troy began to sweat. He didn't expect her to notice that Snorlax had used Harden just before he landed. He had hoped she would use Karate Chop on Snorlax and end up rendering one of Machamp's arms useless. Instead Machamp hit a large protruding piece of rubble from under Snorlax which sent him flying straight up into the air.

"No!" screamed Troy knowing there was no way out of this one.

"Snorlax has been sent flying out of the arena!" said the commentator, "A smart counter attack from Claire. Unfortunately any Pokémon sent out of the arena is disqualified. Looks like… wait. What's that sound?"

Troy and Claire both looked up. Snorlax was plummeting down in an attack position. Troy smiled and regained his composure.

"Nice move Snorlax!" screamed Troy with new confidence. "Give it your most powerful Fire Punch!"

Snorlax's arms turned into two streaking fireballs. Machamp and Claire were too shocked to react. Snorlax landed the attack full force, scoring a direct hit, which caused a massive explosion covering the entire field with smoke.

"The judges claim that since Snorlax never technically landed he wasn't disqualified!" said the commentator excitedly. "What an amazing move! Only at the Pokémon League ladies and gentlemen!"

Everyone waited quietly for the smog to clear. Troy who was looking confident and Claire looking worried. After what seemed like an eternity there stood Snorlax. Towering over Machamp's burnt and fainted form lying in a massive crater.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" in a surprising last resort from Snorlax, "Troy is your champion here today!"

The crowd went insane as the two trainers walked over to each other and shook hands.

"Everyone please remain in your seats for the upcoming awards ceremony. This broadcast was brought to you live from the Indigo Plat-"

The television was then turned off. The young boy enthralled by the performance he'd just witnessed turned to his father.

"Dad! That was the most epic thing I've ever seen!"

"That it was kid. But I think its way past your bedtime," the boy's father replied looking at his watch.

"I think your father's right John," said the boy's mother appearing from the kitchen.

"Aw fine. I'm going," said young John. He made his way up the stairs slowly. About halfway up he stopped and said in a very matter of fact tone: "Some day. That's going to be me."

John's parents stared longingly at each other as he went to his room. They heard the door shut. That night young John dreamt of adventures and glory with Pokémon at his side. Some day his time would come.