Friends and Worries

"Harry!" Hermione held the black haired boy back as said boy went to leave the library to follow Draco.

Nervously, Harry glanced back and forth between his retreating blond friend and the girl in front of him. "Yes?" he asked unhappily.

Taken a back, Hermione studied Harry with a concerned look. "Are you okay?"

"I… erm… yes, why not?" Harry said and forced himself to smile, "What do you want?"

"I came in behalf of Ron. Of course he would never admit it... but I think he wonders why you stopped visiting him. He is bored out of his mind but refuse to do homework and so he is looking forward to any visitors," Hermione told.

Harry sighed. It hadn't been his intention to abandon Ron. He just didn't find time to visit his friend as he was keeping an eye on Draco. As long as he knew where the blond haired boy was, he didn't have to worry. Draco was still determined to see Norbert.

"I was… erm… busy… with homework and all, you know?" Harry tried to explain himself.

The girl frowned however. "I noticed that you spend an awful lot of time in the library. Enough time to do all your homework if you would do it. Most of the time though, you are just watching Malfoy. Did you have an argument with him? Maybe I can help somehow?"

Harry hung his head.

"Hey, talk to me. You looked so troubled all the time. It's worrying me," Hermione admitted.

Alarmed Harry looked up. Was he really that transparent? What if his dad had noticed, too? "Why are you worrying?" he asked in a low voice.

At that Hermione smiled, "Because you are my friend, of course. If you are worried, then I'm too."

Harry frowned at her words. "You are?"

"Yes, and I wish to help you but I cannot if you don't tell me what is troubling you."

"You would only laugh," Harry said hanging his head.

"Harry, really. Why are you saying that? Do I look like I would laugh at you? I was an outsider most of my life therefore I value your friendship a lot. Why should I risk it by treating you poorly?" Hermione asked in a stern voice.

At that Harry felt very stupid. Obviously he had offended the girl with his comment but this friendship thing was also new to him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I just... suck at being a friend."

"Maybe it isn't you who is a bad friend," Hermione said.

Harry just looked confused. Hermione took him by the arm and pulled him towards an empty classroom, as Madam Pince had already looked at them with a sour expression.

"Now, tell me: What is going on between you and Draco?" the girl demanded to know.

Harry sighed but finally he told Hermione everything; from his visit with Norbert to Draco's failed attempt to see Norbert because Harry couldn't keep the secret and finally about Draco's promise to find another way to see the dragon.

"You are worried because you know Draco wants to see Norbert and therefore you are watching him?" Hermione asked.

Harry studied his toes as he answered, "I told you it's stupid."

"Stop it, Harry. I want to make you feel better, not worse." Once again Hermione looked sternly.

This time Harry had to smile for real. He was fascinated and touched with Hermione's determination to help him.

"So… what exactly is it you fear if Draco went to see Norbert?" the girl asked.

Harry looked at Hermione with wide eyes not sure how to answer the question. What was it that he feared? The danger, of course. Severus always told him that the dragon was dangerous. And it was, wasn't it? Ron got already bitten and his dad's sleeve caught fire. On the other side Draco said he wants just take a look through the window, that wouldn't be too dangerous. And the punishment… well obviously Draco didn't fear punishment as much as Harry.

"You know it isn't your fault if he get into trouble," Hermione pointed out.

"Yes, I know," Harry said but he knew he would feel guilty if something would happen to Draco.

"Then what is it?"

Harry wrapped his arms around his torso and looked sideways towards the window, "I'm not sure," he said slowly, "I think it's more the idea to go against an adult… no it's the idea to go against Da… erm Professor Snape," Harry grimaced and then looked back at Hermione with a smile, "I mean he is doing his best to protect us, it's not right to go against him."

Hermione returned his smile while pointing out, "Every teacher in this school his trying to protect us. That's why we have school rules. I can see though why you don't want to anger Professor Snape. He is your first paternal figure, isn't he?"

At that Harry blushed and looked away again. Biting his lip he said, "Draco said it's normal for kids to have secrets in front of their parents but I'm unable to keep them. Did you ever kept something from your parents?" Harry asked.

Now it was Hermione's time to blushed but before she could explain herself Harry interrupted her. "See?" he said upset, "Even you can keep secrets."

"Harry," Hermione said and placed a hand over Harry's crossed arms, "you cannot compare me with-"

"Why not?" Harry cut her off, "Because you are a girl?"

"No," Hermione shook her head, "Because even if I hadn't many friends, I always had two loving parents."

Harry looked at her in puzzlement with stinging tears in his eyes. Hermione smiled at him sympathetically before she explained, "Yes, I sometimes keep secrets from my parents. I know them already for my whole life and sometimes I keep secrets because I don't want to hurt them. I don't think they are aware how awful primary school really was for me. They don't need to know that. They would just feel bad for me and I don't want their pity. Parents tend to get overprotective sometimes, because they love you and worry for you.

"As annoying as they can be sometimes, having parents that love you unconditionally is the biggest gift a child can get. To know that they are here and you can turn to them and count on their help whenever you need it, that gives you encouragement. You, Harry, never had the secure feeling that there is someone who is watching out for you, am I right?

"So you never risked something with the secure certainty that when you fall there is someone helping you up. With time maybe you will make more risky choices but before that will happen you need to build up the trust that there is someone loving you enough to care and look out for you. From your constant worry I take it you still do not trust Professor Snape enough. Are you concerned he will abandon you?"

Harry bit his lip staring hard at his toes. "Sometimes," he whispered. "I know he said he wouldn't turn his back on me and Nia also tried to convince me that he wouldn't but how can I be absolutely sure? I wish to believe them but I can still hear my uncle in my mind, telling me that nobody would ever like a freak like me. I have heard it so often already. It's hard to ignore it."

Tears glittered in Hermione's eyes. "Oh, Harry. That's awful. He really told you that? I hope you know that you are no freak."

"Am I not?" Harry asked bewildered, "With this ugly scar and with everybody believing I defeated Voldemort, though I didn't do a thing. I'm the only one who survived the killing curse. How is that not making me a freak?"

Hermione was horrified at hearing that. "You are no freak," she said in a persuasive voice.

Harry sighed and hung his head. He was not able to accept that and Hermione realised that she wouldn't be able to convince her friend but she tried one more time, "You are very special but that doesn't have to be something bad. I, for one, love your kind and forgiving nature. You are a lot easier to talk to than Ron, for example. And if you cannot stop of referring to yourself as freak then rest assured that you are the most likeable freak I ever met!"

Harry blushed at that but then he smiled. He was really touched by Hermione's words, "Thank you. You are also very likeable."

"Do you know, that you are the first one, beside my parents, who ever said something like that to me?" Hermione asked she felt more tears prickle in her eyes but she blinked them away. She was here to make Harry feel better, not to weep over some unexpectedly received kind words towards her.

"Surly Ron…" Harry started but Hermione shook her head. "...or one of the other girls of your dorm…" again the girl shook her head.

"But you are friends with Ron, aren't you?" Harry was puzzled.

"Kind of. He tolerates me, because I often help him with his homework. The other girls aren't very nice either though they stopped harassing me now that they realised that I keep to myself and don't boast with my knowledge," Hermione admitted.

"I don't understand," Harry admitted.

Hermione smiled and shrugged, "Nobody wants a know-it-all. In a way I'm a freak, too, but I refuse to call me that. I have a talent in remembering things and I'm always eager to learn something new. It took me the whole primary school time to accept who I am and to ignore people who had no understanding for my interests."

"I wouldn't call you a freak either. I appreciate your knowledge and I like talking with you. You are open minded and you don't judge me just because I'm a Slytherin. Most of the people think I'm going to become evil because of the colours of my school robes."

"That's rubbish," Hermione contradicted.

"Yeah, it is," Harry agreed. "I may be a freak but I never will become evil."

"I just wished you would stop calling you that," Hermione said with a pained smile.

"I can try but what would you think of me, if I tell you that I can talk to snakes?" Harry asked carefully waiting for the reaction of the girl. Hermione was the first one he felt he could trust with that knowledge.

The girl frowned, "Do you mean you talk with snakes and they with you?"

Harry nodded.

"I read something about a different language that would allow someone to communicate with snakes."

"Yes. It's called Parseltongue."

Still with a thoughtful expression Hermione went on, "If I remember correctly it is a very rare gift connected to the Slytherin bloodline. Do you think you are a descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Harry shrugged.

Finally the girl's eyes gleamed with excitement. "That would be so great. I will do some researching on that."

"Maybe Nia knows something about it, too?" Harry thought to himself.

"Who is Nia?" Hermione wondered.

"My snake. Her name is Nivea. She is really brilliant," Harry said with a smile.

"That must be so awesome to have a pet you can talk to. I really would like to get to know her," Hermione said excited.

"I will have to ask my dad first, because she is staying with him but I don't see why it shouldn't be possible."

Hermione and Harry grinned at each other. Both thankful to have found such a good friend.


With a smile on his lips Harry entered the Great Hall for dinner but as he noticed that a certain blond-haired boy was not showing up the nervousness came back full force. He stared at the food and knew immediately that he will not able to stomach anything.

"Hey, you look like the food is going to eat you?" a voice to his side said suddenly.

Harry turn his gaze to the source of the voice and looked into the smiling face of Draco.

"Where have you been?" Harry asked while he got light-headed at the sudden relief that rushed through his body.

"Why? Did you miss me?" Draco asked with a smirk.

"I thought…" Harry started and then he stopped himself mid-sentence, "Never mind." With that he loaded some food on his plate and started to eat.

Draco studied Harry for a while. He had noticed Harry's relief and shook his head. This was really getting ridiculous. Can't the boy just stop worrying?

"You still haven't answered my question?" Harry pointed out.

"Yes, because I don't have to tell you everything. It's safer for me not to tell you, you know?" Draco replied.

Harry looked hurt. He hung his head and frowned. Why was Draco being so mean? That day with Hagrid, as they waited for Norbert to hatch Draco defended him against Ron and seemed to understand Harry. Now he pretend to be ignorant of Harry's feelings. Harry pushed his plate away and wrapped his arms around him.

Draco looked up at Harry a little bit ashamed of himself, obviously he had hurt the far too sensible boy. "You should continue eating," he said to the black-haired boy.

"No, thank you, I'm not hungry anymore."

Draco sighed. "Oh come on, Harry. Don't be so touchy. I'm just protecting you, you know? Don't think I haven't noticed you following me like a shadow these last days. You don't have to do that, okay? I can look after myself and you are just making yourself crazy."

Harry frowned but then he asked out right, "Did you saw him? Did you visit Norbert?"

Draco just shook his head, "I'm not telling you. What if I tell you I have been? Sooner or later you tell it Severus and then… well you know yourself how he punish us. I'm not eager of punishment."

Harry looked unhappy. Draco did have a point but he cannot just stop worrying.

"Please, take your plate and finish your meal. There is nothing you need to worry about," Draco pleaded, because he had already noticed the frown on Severus' face.

Slowly Harry pulled his plate closer again, took his fork and continued eating. The food was still warm but it didn't taste as good as it should. At least it didn't make his stomach hurt.


After dinner Draco told Harry not to follow him around anymore and so Harry used his time to see Ron. His mind though still was with the blond boy. Maybe following Draco around was making him crazy but not knowing what the other boy was doing was nearly unbearable.

Ron didn't seem to notice Harry's constant distraction, he was happy to have someone he could talk to and all Harry had to do was to hum, nod or look surprised at the right points.


Harry watched his friend sneaking down to Hagrid's hut and followed him. He knew Draco asked him not to follow but he couldn't help himself. As he realised where Draco was going he had to follow. He had to make sure nothing will happen to him.

Draco stood on his toes and peered through the small window of the hut. Harry hid behind a tree and watched from the distance. He had assumed that as soon as Draco got his look he would turn around and head back to the castle but Draco didn't. Instead he went to the front door and looked around to see if anybody was there. After making sure he was alone he opened the door.

Before he could make a step inside a jet of fire shot at him and his robes caught fire. Draco screamed in pain.

Harry tried to rush to his side but he could only move in slow motion. He was not able to run. Helpless he watched as Draco got completely engulfed in the fire.

"No!" he screamed, "Draco!" He took out his wand and yelled 'Aguamenti' but he was too far away. Horrified he watched Draco going down as the flames died out. He was still unable to get near his friend. From the distance he looked at Draco's face that stared up into the sky above him without seeing anything.

"No," Harry whispered going into his knees. "No. Not again, please not again." And then tears started to run. He didn't know how long he just knelt there and cried. At some point Severus came by. He ignored Harry and rushed to Draco's side. He cradled the motionless body against his own and cried too.

Another man suddenly appeared. Harry didn't know who he was but somehow got the feeling that he should know him. The man took Harry by his shoulders and pulled him up. "Come on, Harry. Let's go," he said.

Harry tried to look past the man, to Severus and Draco, but he couldn't see them anymore. Before the man and Harry took a step Hagrid appeared. "I will take Harry."

"No, it's okay. I will take him," the unknown man said.

"I have to take him. Dumbledore's order. I will bring him to his relatives," Hagrid said and took Harry's arm.

"No, Hagrid. Don't. I'm sorry," Harry said but Hagrid didn't listen to him.

"Don't worry, little one. Everything will, okay. You will see."

"No. Nooo!" Harry yelled and suddenly everything was black.

He bolted up in bed with a start. He was in the Slytherin dorm. The other boy's were still sleeping. It took Harry some time to realized that he had just dreamed. He turned around and looked at Draco's bed. The blond-haired boy was in his bed sleeping peacefully.

With a trembling hand he felt for his glasses and pulled them on. Draco's face was unharmed, his skin as pale and flawless as ever. He felt relief wash over him but a troubled feeling remained. Somehow he got the feeling of a déjà vu. The feeling of the loss of someone dearly to him was still there and so fresh tears welled up in his eyes. He felt so incredibly alone.

"Harry?" A soft familiar voice called him.

Looking up with a teary face Harry saw his dad entering the room.

"What's the matter? Did you have a bad dream?" Severus whispered in a low voice so he wouldn't wake up the other boys.

"I'm so sorry. I was so useless, I couldn't do a thing and you ignored me and Hagrid took me to my relatives. I miss her, I miss her so much. I nearly forgot about her but now I remember. She always protected me. She held me close to her and I could hear her heartbeat. It was so calming," Harry babbled while more and more tears run down his cheeks.

Severus felt his own heart clench painfully. How on earth could Harry remember? "Come on, Harry. Let's go somewhere, where we can talk without waking everybody up."

Finally Harry and Severus sat down in the living room of Severus' quarters. The boy was still drenched in tears.

"Harry, please calm down," Severus said and pulled the boy against his shoulder like he slowly became accustomed to do.

The boy leaned his head against him. "You must really hate me," he whispered.

"Why do you say that? You know it is not true," Severus replied.

"But I… I couldn't stop the fire… I couldn't move very fast. All I could do was watch, watch him burning to death. I tried Aguamenti but I was too far away. I took him away from you and I took her away from you."

Severus had a hard time to understand Harry. "Him?"

"Draco. Norbert set him on fire."

"But you saw Draco in the dorm. He is alright. He didn't burn to death," Severus pointed out.

"No, but he could. If he tried to see Norbert," Harry said and shuddered at the imagination.

Severus shook his head, "Why are you so worried about him?"

"It's driving me crazy. He said I should stop following him but he will not tell me of his plans." Harry went on without answering Severus' question.

The man sighed and closed his eyes. This constant worry about everybody and everything wasn't normal. "Draco can look after himself." he pointed out, "He knows about Aguamenti and also some shield charms. Though I do not wish him to go and see Norbert on his own. I don't think Draco will rush into something carelessly."

Harry looked up in surprise. "You are not worried if Draco went to see Norbert?"

"Truth to be told, I'm more concerned about your constant worry. I have known Draco since he was a baby and he can be very stubborn sometimes but, even when he broke a rule, he always had watched after himself. I have enough trust in him and his judgement about a situation. Of course, I don't like him going behind my back and I will make sure he knows that, should he try something but he never gave me reason to worry about him."

Harry frowned at that. "But you are worried about me?"

"Yes, indeed. I don't know you as much as I would like to and you had a very hard childhood. You were faced with problems most of the kids your age don't have to face and you react differently in some situations than other kids, that had a carefree childhood, would. In a way I can understand you as I myself had a hard childhood but sometimes I feel overstrained with your behaviour and I am worried that I may not be able to help you. I really love you but sometimes I got the feeling you are not ready to accept it."

"But you ignored me," Harry whispered heart brokenly and sat up to look at Severus.

Severus frowned in shock. "When? When did I ignore you?"

"In my dream… in my memory… as Mum died. You cried and then you just disappeared. You all disappeared... leaving me alone."

Severus looked at Harry slack-jawed. The boy really remembered that? How could he remember?

"Harry," he said and took the boy at the shoulders while he looked straight into the green eyes of the boy, "I loved your mother. Seeing her dead body broke my heart. I was blind and deaf with grief. My whole body was numb. I did not ignore you on purpose. I was unable to handle myself," Severus admitted fighting down his own tears as these horrible memories resurfaced freshly in his mind.

"Then, why don't you hate me?" Harry asked distraught.

"Because it is not your fault that your mother died," Severus pointed out shaking the boy once, before he pulled him into an embrace unable to look at those green eyes, so much like Lily's, any longer.

Harry said nothing at that. He just leaned against the warm chest and listen to his dad's heartbeat, relishing the stroking hand in his hair. He felt safe, he felt home.

For long time nobody said anything but finally Severus interrupted the silence, "I will have a talk with Draco. I know for sure that he hadn't seen Norbert in the meanwhile. Why he wants you to believe that he had or is going to, is beyond me. He promised me that he wouldn't go on his own and until now I never had reasons to doubt his word."

Harry hummed at that and as Severus looked down he realized that the boy was nearly asleep. With a soft smile he waited a few more minutes and then scooped the sleeping child up into his arms to carry him into his room.


The next day, at his detention, Draco entered the potion classroom just to find it empty. He looked around and wondered what he would have to do this time but didn't find any potion ingredients he should prepare.

His godfather sat behind the desk and watched Draco with stern eyes.

"Erm… Hi." Draco greeted him with a confused expression.

"Sit, Draco. I need a word with you," Severus said.

"Okay," the boy said warily. "Have I done something wrong?"

"That depends. Do you like Harry as a friend?" Severus came straight to the point.

"Yes, why?"

"Then stop playing with his feelings. You made him believe that you will see that stupid dragon although I prohibited you from it and that way you have him worrying over you. A true friend wouldn't do that."

Draco frowned. "It's not my fault that he worries all the time. Did you know that he followed me around for days? I hoped he will get tired to shadow me but the only time I got free of him was as Granger turned up. Then at dinner as I came late I thought he would pass out with relief. I told him to stop following me around and I told him to stop worrying about me."

"But you didn't told him that you never plan to see Norbert?" Severus asked.

"No, of course not. That's none of his business," Draco said and crossed his arms.

Rubbing his temples Severus answered, "Don't you see? He makes it his business, because he see you as a friend. He wants to protect you from harm. He lost his parents at a very young age and had nobody stepping in and filling this hole. He never had friends either before he started Hogwarts. Now he does whatever it takes to keep his friends safe. Harry had a troubled childhood and if you want to stay his friend then you have to accept him how he is and not punish him for things he had no control over."

Draco looked indignant at that. "I don't punish him!"

"I think you do," Severus contradicted, "You are angry that he went to me and got you caught in your attempt to see the dragon. I can assure you that he had said no word to me but, as you should know, I am very good at reading body language. I asked him some questions and his reaction told me everything I needed to know."

"Really?" Draco asked in disbelief.

"I can show you the memory if you don't believe me," Severus offered but Draco declined.

"No. No. That won't be necessary. Maybe I did punish him. I mean it's really annoying when he cannot keep any secrets."

"He needs time. As we have seen at Christmas, he is able to do things secretly like he did with his snake. It is my belief though that he got really shocked as it didn't worked out the way he wished. The days after that incident he seemed to be very unsure. He expected me to abandon him any moment. Since then he didn't disobey me on purpose again. The troubles just started with that dreaded dragon."

Draco looked thoughtful, "Yeah. Hagrid asked us to keep the dragon secret, that's when it started. Harry didn't want it to keep it a secret but didn't want to betray Hagrid either."

Severus nodded, "I guess he never had to deal with such inner conflicts before."

"And I wasn't any help either," Draco sighed, "I told him I would find a way to see Norbert and of course after I took his invisibility cloak he thought I would go behind your back again. I knew he would think that and didn't correct his way of thinking. I will tell him that I meant I will try to earn myself a visit."

"You do?" Severus asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Of course I do. Harry managed to earn his visit. I want that, too," Draco pointed out.

"And I gave you the impression that you can earn it?"

"Oh, Sev. Don't do that to me. Norbert will be away in two days. Then I won't be able to see him ever. Please, I know you think I'm just a spoilt brat but please believe me. I really really want to see Norbert."

Severus shook his head in desperation.

"I promise, I will make up to Harry. I will do whatever you say I have to do in detention. I will bring top marks in all subjects," Draco pleaded again.

"I cannot promise you anything," Severus finally said.

To Draco that was as good as a promise. He smiled and nodded his head. "I know."

"Well then, head back to your common room and start with your homework or it will be hard to earn top marks in all subjects."

Draco's eyes widen in surprise, "No detention today?"



"Harry?" Draco approached his friend who sat on the sofa near the fire with a thoughtful expression.

"Oh, hi, Draco. Already back?"

"Yes. Erm… I… I wanted to apology to you. I was a brat these last days. I never indented to go behind Severus' back. I… just wanted you to think that. I'm sorry."

Harry studied the blond-haired boy trying to see if the boy really mean it, or just saying it to calm Harry's nerves.

"You don't believe me, do you?" Draco said surprised.

"You could say that, so I wouldn't worry any longer," Harry pointed out.

Draco sighed, "Yeah, I could," he admitted, "but I'm not doing that. I had promised Sev not to go and see Norbert and I now promise you the same."

"So… I worried for nothing," Harry concluded.

Ashamed Draco hung his head, "Yes, I'm sorry."

Harry gulped as his throat tightened. He suppressed the sudden tears that wanted to break free. It hurt to hear that. He had thought Draco would understand him, the way he fought for him against the Gryffindors but obviously he had been wrong.

"Why?" Harry finally whispered hoarsely.

Draco was shocked about Harry's reaction. Had he really hurt the other boy that much? He somehow thought his black-haired friend would be relieved and finally laugh about his needless worry.

"Erm… as a kind of revenge, I guess. I was really pissed that my plan with the invisibility cloak failed. I mean, it would have been perfect. I would have been able to see Norbert and he wouldn't have been able to see me."

"But what if he would have sensed you without beeing able to see you? How would a dragon react to that?" Harry asked.

"Well, you have a point. I don't know," Draco shrugged his shoulder and at Harry's look he went on, "Okay, okay, guess the plan wasn't perfect. Please, I said I'm sorry. I wasn't aware that I hurt you so much."

Harry sighed deeply. He was glad that Draco was honest with him now but the realisation that all his worry was for naught still hurt.

"You don't have to forgive me right now. Just know I'm here for you now," Draco said as he watched Harry staring into the flames still fighting against tears.

Harry nodded as a sign that he had heard the other but was unable to answer otherwise.


"Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger stay behind, please," Professor Snape called at the end of his friday class.

While the other students filed out of class Harry and Draco, Ron and Hermione remained at their places in puzzlement.

Severus waited until the four called students were the only one behind before he started, "As you know, tomorrow Norbert will be picked up. Hagrid will have a hard time saying goodbye so I hope for your help. In the afternoon, the transport basket needs to be prepared, we could have dinner with Hagrid and you will have a chance to say your farewell to Norbert as well."

With big surprised eyes the four kids exchanges glances with each other.

"There is one condition though," Severus went on and four pair of eyes snapped back to him, "You do exactly as you are told and you head back to your common rooms at curfew without a word of protest and you remain in your beds when the transfer will take place. If I find out, and be sure I will find out, that one of you stepped even one toe out of your common room after curfew, you will be in serious trouble with me."

Four heads nodded.

"This whole event must stay secret; therefore, if you choose to disobey, it will not be detention that you face but me. I'm sure you all know, by now, how I deal with disobedience," at that he looked at Ron and Hermione, who both blushed deeply, "So, can I count on your discretion and obedience?"

A chorus of "Yes, Sir" followed.

"Good, we will meet tomorrow at four o'clock in the Entrance Hall. To stop any suspicious rumours I will treat you as if you all are in detention with me. So please contain any stupid grins and try to look dejected or angry instead."

Hermione and Harry looked surprised, Ron looked suspicious and Draco grinned from ear to ear. Finally he will see Norbert.

Severus had talked with Albus and Hagrid the day before and both agreed with this idea immediately. Severus was concern that maybe too many people would make the dragon nervous but Hagrid assured him, that it will be no problem as all the kids have been there at Norbert's hatching and Norbert will see them as family. Albus' eyes had been twinkling madly the whole time. The headmaster promised to join them after dinner and then walk the children back to the castle. And then, hopefully, with the dragon gone, everything will turn back to normal without any more dramatics or needless worries.