Summery: Duo has finally convinced the others to adopt. They never expect to find a child with genetics and training highly familiar to the ex-pilots... 1x2x5, 3x4 Warning, Yaoi! Boyxboy love.

Disclaimer!: I do not own any of the ideas related to Gundam Wing besides the character Project 120.

Present day: AC 207 – Age 12

Born: AC 195


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-It WILL be a SHITLOAD different then the original. If enough want me to continue the old version I'll consider it…

-It BEGINS in the L2 colony NOT Earth.

-Writing style is more refined(ish) from original. :P

-The other changes happen as it goes on. IDEAS are VERY much accepted and appreciated! :D


AC 194 – Unknown location

"Give him 02's hair and eyes!"

"He would have to grow it himself, you know that! Plus he would blend in more with 01's genetics."

"Make him a her. 05 possesses the strongest will."

"Knowing 04, he would want him to have his Space Heart."

"With all that considered, I know a young mechanic that would be the perfect base for personality."

"We have been on this for two years! I think we'd best finish this today." A round of acknowledgements went around.

"Very well. How is this? He will be a he but with 05's nationality, he may have 02's eye color though. Body structure will be of 01 along with his enhancements." A pause, as a few grudged agreements passed. "We can experiment with the Space Heart concept, it will be a challenge for even us. As for personality, we will train him into that. Obtain footage of your mechanic for the boy to study. Other then that we will have him trained for the rest."

The five men all processed the words before each nodded and soon had expressions of excitement.

"We will begin the development tomorrow."

AC 200 – Unknown location

"Merde*…" A young boy coughed on the ground, his tiny body covered in bruises, welts, and small cuts. He wore a simple black tank top and loose combat shorts. Shoulder length black hair was tied in a tight ponytail at the back of his head. His strangely colored persian indigo eyes glowed with pain and determination. A man dressed in a white coat stood over him with a sneer on his face.

"What was that 120*?" He delivered a kick to the boy's ribs causing him to cough again as he held his ribs in pain.

"It was nothing sir." The man looked at the child with a glare. "Get up. Your useless as you are now. Clean yourself and meet Compers for your language study. Understood?"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." He picked himself off the floor with a grunt and bowed to the man, even as his body screamed against it. The man did nothing but glare as he left then spoke to the empty room.

"To think… that child is the result of the five pilots. He's worth nothing but the genetics in him." With a last sneer at the blood splattered floor he stalked out.

AC 204 – Ruins of Space Colony L5-A0206

The entire lab was in a mass turbulence people ran from room to room, computer to computer. All the while the lights flashed red around them signaling the self-destruct count down.

'Sweet freedom.' Project 120 thought as he slinked past the bewildered white coats. He carried a simple shotgun loosely in his hand, an extra cartridge tucked in the back of his combat pants, and a backpack filled with papers and CDs.

'I watched too many of 02's footage…' He thought as he quickly boarded a Transport Shuttle. He pulled up the specifics of the craft at the same time setting up for take off.

'A MMS-01 Serpent… it could be useful. Why they had one is beyond me.' 120 cleared the info and focused on the launch.

He quickly hacked into the operations system and released the hatch to the take off platform. Guiding the ship to it a small explosion came from the lab he left. Within seconds he had the shuttle in space miles away from the lab. Relaxing back he watched as more ships followed his example before the entire place exploded.

"Mission Accomplished."


*Merde means shit in French~

*120 refers to his Project number. Why 120? Weeellll what's 1x2x3x4x5? There ya go. :D