"He… WHAT?" The door rattled from where it leaned against the wall after being torn off it's hinges. Duo ran to the window looking down the same way Trowa and Quatre were minutes ago.

"Jumped! Straight down as we opened the door. I don't know what made him do it, but he stared up at us with a strange feeling I couldn't describe. It was if he didn't feel anything at all… Then he dashed off towards the city." Wufei joined Duo by the door and swore looking down at the drop.

"How on the colonies did he survive that fall? Not even we could survive something like that." That prompted the Perfect Solider to stride over to look as well. Even his eyebrows widened at the sight. It was unbelievable that a child could have survived a fall from this height without any sort of landing equipment.

"It's not just that… Look at this." Trowa pointed at the ruined door. The hinges were melted and blended together like one solid piece of metal. Everything around it was fine, as if it was put there. The door had been fine before Quatre and Trowa told them. Then after they went to the door to find that it was closed and the hinges were like that.

"Impossible." Heero merely stated and he walked out of the room. Duo followed right behind him.

"This isn't making any sense…" Wufei leaned on the wall next to the window, confusion written on his face.

"Oh right. Quatre, Trowa look at this." The two came over to the fifth; he held a small file of papers from the orphanage office.

Wufei handed the file to Quatre who flipped it open quickly and expertly scanned the small file.

"Pick pocketing? Shoplifting? High-jacking a car? Wufei what is this?" The Chinese man sighed, taking the file back and flipping through them again.

"Just some of the felonies he was charged for. This boy has a crime record. All recorded in the past three years." Quatre stopped him at the first page.

"Why do they all start only three years ago? With crimes like these there should be more to follow up to them." He shook his head.

"I have no idea. That's what we all want to know." At that moment Heero came storming in dragging the orphanage Sister by her arm. Duo followed silently behind the two.

"Look." Heero pushed the woman to the ruined door. She nearly tripped and gasped as she saw the melted hinges.

"Oh my…" She reached out and touched it with an expression of shook on her face.

"Explanation." The 01 pilot demanded.

"I have no idea… That boy. He has something we do not like to talk about." Her tone was reluctant and she seemed completely against talking about it. But she continued on.

"He is not normal. Some of the Sisters call him a devil." You could see Duo seethe at that comment. "You see. He has some sort of power. We've seen him move things without being near them. It couldn't have been anyone but that boy! We don't know what to do with him so we just let him be."

The five paused pondering over the information. It wasn't unheard of that people with odd powers appear in their modern day. Each of themselves had something others would consider a 'special power'.

Heero's body could withstand high pressures and take pain others would go crazy under. Duo had an odd ability to blend in with shadows and become unnoticeable. Trowa had something special besides his great connection with animals, his body fell like a cat's. From certain heights he could twist in mid air and land perfectly fine. Almost like how the child had done only from shorter heights. Quatre had his Space Heart that he is slowly learning to control; currently he could slightly influence others to feel something else. Lastly Wufei, his ability still puzzles them all. During battle or strategy planning, he would be able to see ahead. Like as the Zero system did, only toned down and it usually gave him the best outcome more then anything else. But it only worked for things relating to battle.

"So you're saying he has something like telekinesis?" Duo pointed out. She looked at him blankly for a second and then nodded.

"Yes, exactly."

"But how was he able to melt the hinge?" Wufei wondered out loud.

"We will figure that out when we find him." Heero stated. "We will adopt him." He said to the Sister.

"Your serious about this?" She looked at them all with surprise. Duo stepped in front of her.

"Of course! I never lie. It's decided then!" He smiled looking at the other four.

"Hyaku will be our first son!"

Miles away…

"ACHOO." Hyaku rubbed his nose ignoring the feeling that someone was talking about him and continued his work.

'Someone's talking about yooooou! Hehehehehehehhehehehehehe, you know you wanna go back~' Said his inner voice…


'Yes my pretty?'

'Shut up.'