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Goodnight kiss

It was a calm and quiet evening in the Ojiro household, while Kazuma was preparing the lessons for the next day Fumino was taking a bath with Teppei. She was happy with her life, she truly was and she was most grateful for what her beloved husband had done for her. She never asked him to risk his job or spend his money on a wife and her little brother and still , he did everything willingly without complaining once. She loved Kazuma for everything he did for her and so much more, every time she thought of him she got a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach. In the beginning of their "relationship" she hadn't thought she would fall head over heels in love with this plain teacher of hers.

But that was also what caused her misery. Although she knew that he loved her, his distant attitude towards her and his unwillingness to be just a little intimate with her sent her in despair.

"So Teppei, we're done now," the young girl informed her little brother while stepping out of the bath tub.

"Will Maa-kun sleep with us again tonight?" Teppei was always so enthusiastic when it came to Ojiro-sensei, he really loved him like an older brother.

"I don't know," Fumino was long past the stage of blushing when Teppei mentioned them sleeping in one room, she figured out long ago that he would never touch her, despite her efforts.

"Please ask him, it's so much fun with Maa-kun," she couldn't resist his adorable childish smile.

"Yes, I will," with that she began dressing Teppei up for bed.

Once Fumino had tucked her little brother in bed she went into the living room to get Kazuma.

"Ah, sensei, Teppei wants you to join us in bed," she was wearing a simple pyjama with white shorts and a pink baby doll top. It was simple and comfortable, but it never ceased to amaze Kazuma how his lovely wife could turn something so normal into something so amazing. The light blush adorning her cheeks and the way she awkwardly stood in the doorway, her eyes looking to the ground instead of him only added to her sweet charm. He couldn't help but stare at her.

"Sensei? Did you hear me?" she still didn't call him by his name, not even when they were alone, but old habits die hard.

"Of course," he had his normal, polite smile on his lips, not showing how his wife affected him. He got up and walked towards the young woman, but she turned around and went into the room, without looking at him again let alone touch him.

It pained him that he couldn't touch her or show her openly how much he loved her, but he also knew that it was for the best, for now.

Inside the room they lay down each on one side of little Teppei. The room was silent, only the rustling of the sheets were heard as the small boy moved closer to the man by his side, leaving Fumino alone on the other side. Kazuma was Teppei's idol, he adored him and was loved in return. Although they weren't blood related, they were as close as a real family. Teppei snuggled into Kazuma's embrace, quickly falling asleep in the secure embrace of the teacher.

This left the room filled with the light snores of the innocent boy, and an awkward silence between husband and wife.

Fumino rolled from side to side, not able to find sleep. She didn't know how much time went by before the silence was finally broken by Kazuma saying: "Are you all right, Fumino?"

"Yeah, I just can't sleep," he didn't overhear the small bit of sadness in her voice.

"Do you want some milk and honey?" But actually he wanted to take her in his arms and never let her go.

"No, it's okay."

"Hmm, okay. Goodnight," the room was once again filled with silence, neither of the two able to sleep. Kazuma turned his head to see Fumino absently staring at the ceiling, captured in her own thoughts. Her soft hair was laying in a pool under her, shining in the moons light. He moved his hand from under Teppei towards his beautiful wife, the urge to touch her becoming more prominent with every passing second he kept thinking of her soft hair and her porcelain skin.

He was interrupted in his thoughts when two honey coloured eyes settled on him.

They didn't speak, only looking each other in the eyes. Kazuma resumed his former motion and started stroking Fumino's soft hair.

It had been a long time since he last showed any affection towards her so his tender touch made her heart race and her eyes fill up with tears. She never wanted this moment to end and leaned her head into his touch, all the while holding his loving gaze.

Both of them yearned for each other, but neither of them knew what to do, the one in fear of the consequences and the other in fear of rejection and lack of experience.

Fumino mustered up all her courage to do what she did next. Bright red in her face she got up from her place, her blanket wrapped around her slender form, and silently settled down beside her husband. The whole time Kazuma watched her curiously and amazed. As she finally lay next to him he turned so he was facing her, his dark grey eyes fixed on her light brown ones. They lay so close to each other they could feel the others breath in their faces, but still divided by their respective covers.

At the sight of her small but perfect form Kazuma had to smile, a sincere and affectionate smile. Seeing this Fumino broke into one of her own rare but most beautiful smiles, it was seldom that her husband showed this honest and unguarded side. Which made this moment all the more precious.

Allowing himself some freedom he put his arm around her waist, embracing her tenderly. She enjoyed the warmth of his body next to hers and contently closed her eyes, she didn't see when he moved forward to kiss her forehead softly. Her eyes shut open and her cheeks once again were coloured in a dark red. Overcoming her initial shock she relaxed in his arms and with a little kiss to his cheek she quietly whispered goodnight into his ear, before falling asleep in the arms of the man she loved.

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