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The song 'High Heels' from Mando Diao inspired me to write this story. I had a lot of fun writing it and I do hope you enjoy it. XD

High Heels

Sensual lips painted red, parted slightly, ready to be kissed. Silky hair, flowing in wavy big curls down her back. Soft hand on hip, swaying smoothly with elegant movement. Black dress, hugging her body tightly. Long legs, exposed and clad in high heels. "Hi," the breath of her voice sending shivers down his spine.
Gulping hard, words forgotten, staring open mouthed. One coy smile and the world around is lost.

"Come on in Sensei," her head tilts and her eyes examine, making his heart race and his body shiver. Long fingers move up, take off his jacket, leave it abandoned on the floor. As his senses slowly come again he walks forward, uncertain and always guided by her soft hands in his and her eyes seductively piercing through his soul, letting all the walls come down. Blindly he follows, listening to the click clack of her shoes. She is all he can see, all he wants to see. His mind in a haze, he tries to break through, make any sense of this.
"Where is Te- "
"Next door," meaningless conversation soon fades into silence. Their eyes never let go of each other, his fingers tenderly trace the pure skin of her cheeks, her neck, her shoulders. Longing and lust, he had long not felt take over him. Pink cheeks, a soft sigh and a quiet moan make him want to loose control, take anything she has, claim everything as his. Tight chest, heavy breath, the verge is so very near. If he falls now there is no coming back.

Bodies lean closer as heat consumes them and desire drags them into its sweet abyss. Lips meet as boundaries give in, demands are complied fervently. Fantasies long dreamt are finally fulfilled?

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