Chapter five: Plans of Domination

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Hours later, Harry woke up on the floor of the dungeon-like room he was taking the tests in. Standing up rather quickly, Harry ran through what had happened earlier. Let's see here. First, I find out Dumbledore is a lying bastard that wants nothing more than to make me his pawn. Then, Gringotts tell me that I am the head of five different Ancient and Noble Houses, two of which are the Founders of Hogwarts! If that wasn't enough, these tests are freaky! Sirius AND Dad both spending time with me, telling me all this stuff, and then giving me all these powers! Animagus, Occlumens, Legilimens, Dark Arts prodigy, and Transfiguration prodigy, and I probably have more on the way! Oh yeah, I still have three to go…Right, might as well finish up. Emerson first.

Taking the hand with the rings on it, Harry put it up against the obelisk. "I, Harry James Potter-Black, hereby lay claim to the Emerson inheritance!" As before, the room made to change. With Black, the room became the Gryffindor Common Room. For Potter, it had been the cottage in Godric's Hollow. However, Emerson was totally different. The Emerson room wasn't a room at all- it was a great open field. Flower patches were spread out through the area, whose center was a lake with a sitting stone nearby. On that stone, there was a young girl, probably around 6 or 7 years old, crying her eyes out. Harry being Harry, he couldn't let someone be miserable if he could help it. Running over to the poor girl took some time, but he eventually sat down near the girl on the rock.

"Err…hi there. My name's Harry. What's wrong?" The girl looked at him. She had obviously been crying for some time. "It's my parents. We live over the hill there. I was playing inside. Mommy and Daddy were relaxing. Then, these men in black robes showed up." She cringed at the thought. This poor girl, what she must have gone through. "They tied them up with their wands, and used…they used…THEY USED CRUCIO!" She screamed, breaking down once more. Harry grabbed the girl to him, trying to comfort her and calm her down. Through her sobbing, Harry managed to get the rest of the story.

Once the girl, Kate, saw her parents being tortured, she grabbed a wand and somehow cast a bombarding hex at the group. The resulting explosion tore down nearly the entire house. The girl managed to cast a shield spell before the house fell, but it was too late. Her parents had been hit by killing curses while she had cast the curse. Home destroyed, parents dead, and worried that more of the men would come, Kate had run several miles to this secret spot she had discovered and was waiting to die.

"You poor girl, hush now, you're safe." Harry said soothingly. "I won't let anyone hurt you. Just stay close, and I'll make sure nobody can get to you." Eventually, Kate fell asleep in his arms, having cried herself to sleep. Gently laying her down, Harry used what he knew about transfiguration to make a bed for the girl. Once she was tucked in, Harry took the opportunity to unsheathe his wand before turning to the lone figure several paces behind him. With a simple gust of wind, the figure's hood fell off, revealing the smiling face of Lily Evans-Potter, looking every bit as loving and kind as he had always heard.

The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever, one lovingly and full of compassion, the other happy, confused, and sad. Finally, Harry broke the silence. "She was the test, wasn't she?" he asked. Lily nodded, thankful that she could explain. "Yes, my dear, she was. However, her story was true. Little Kate really did have her family taken away, and came here to die. However, she was found by our ancestor, Patrick Evans, and taken into his family. He had a pure heart, and wanted that for all of his descendants. So he set up this challenge, to see whether or not someone would help the girl or ignore her or do something unpleasant. Thankfully, you have passed, my son, else I could not be here."

Harry would have cried, had he not felt entirely drained. As it was, Harry ran to her, sobbing into her cloak, yet trying to stop, not wanting to be weak in front of his mother. But the two really didn't care about looking strong, just enjoying each other's warmth. Finally, though, they both sat up, knowing that this could only be a temporary rest.

"Harry, my dear, have you taken the other tests, the Black and Potter tests?" Lily asked. When Harry nodded in the affirmative, she smiled. "Well, then, this will be easier. We'll use a legillimancy link! It's where two Legillimancers connect their minds, and share memories," she added, seeing him look confused. "usually only used between close relatives, or lovers. Just look into my eyes, Harry. I can take care of the rest."

Feeling that he had no reason to object, he complied with her request, looking deep into her eyes. Suddenly, he felt like his brain got an overdose of electricity, as Lily's memories started to pour into his head. Petunia, playing with her as a child. Meeting Severus in the local park. Discovering she was a witch. Her Hogwarts years. The wedding. All the memories she had of Harry. These memories, and many more, were forcing his way into his permanent memories, burying their way deep into his subconscious.

Millions of hours later, although it was really five minutes, Harry and Lily collapsed once more, this time overwhelmed by the memories of the other. If I never got one gift from her, I would be happy with just these memories. Harry sat there relaxing in the comfort of the quiet room.

Which lasted about two seconds.

"HOW DARE THEY?" Lily screeched at the top of her lungs. "ALBUS KNEW THAT MY SISTER HATED MAGIC! HE KNEW THAT WE HAD A LIST OF GUARDIANS PREPARED, AND HE KNEW HE WAS NOT TO BE ALLOWED NEAR YOU SHOULD WE DIE! AND PETUNIA, I THOUGHT BETTER OF HER THAN THAT! SHE SHOULD'VE KNOWN THAT DUMBLEDORE WAS FULL OF IT! AND TO ABUSE YOU? THAT IS WAY OVER THE LINE! GOD HELP ME WHEN I SEE HER, SHE WILL REGRET EVER HAVING GONE AGAINST ME AND MINE!" Lily continued to rant, going on continuously about how evil Dumbledore was, and how her sister was an ugly hag. Harry shrunk back into the chair, scared of this reaction. Wow, I'd hate to be Dumbledore or Petunia right now…or James for that matter, she's downright scary when she gets mad.

Finally, Harry got his mother to calm down enough to the point where she wasn't screaming. "Harry, my poor child, god only knows how you turned out so well. But I do believe it's time to put Britannia back in its place. The ministry is floundering, Dumbledore is corrupt, and everyone else are like so much sheep being led to slaughter. You would have no problem taking over, and the people would love you for it."

Harry looked at her in surprise. "Wait, my MOTHER wants me to take over magical Britain? Wow, that's….wow! I mean, I knew I would have to fix it, but take over?"

Lily smiled. "Don't forget Harry, you are going to be incredibly powerful. You still have two more tests to finish. By the time you pass those- and I KNOW you will pass- you'll be more powerful than Dumbledore and Tom combined. And, on top of that, you've got your friends to count on, friends that would follow you to the end of the earth…but you should get an unbreakable oath anyway. Look at what happened with Wormtail." Harry shuddered. "And you know that you'll always have our love. So go do what you need to and save the world, with our blessing. Ah, right, the gifts!"

Lily looked down upon her son with a gentle smile. "As your reward for passing the Emerson test, you will become a charms master. Similar to what your father gave you for transfiguration, you'll need to train to get it perfect, but you'll be very well off without training too. Also, because of my sacrifice, I can give you one more gift too. Harry, my son, I give you the gift of the healing arts. You will know all healing charms for every situation, including how to use them offensively. While I may not be able to do anything else for you here, check my vault when you get a chance. There should be at least a few things that can aid you there."

"Thank you, Mum, thank you so much. I can't wait until I get to see you again. I swear, the next time you see me, I'll be a powerful wizard, just like you want me to be!" Harry sobbed, tears at the edge of his vision.

"I know son. But please, I don't want to see you until long after your 100th birthday." Lily smirked. Harry laughed as he hugged his mother goodbye for the last time. I know that she wants me to be powerful, he thought, as his mother and the room started disappearing, But I don't know if I'm ready for this yet… No, I have to be ready. For Britain's sake, the world's sake…and my sake, I will be ready.

By the time Harry finished this thought, the room had reverted to it's original form. Once more, there was a ring waiting for him, this one emerald green in a red setting. Putting it on, Harry felt the skills his mother had told him of flow into his body, accompanied by the warm feeling of love he was sure his mother had sent with him. Going through his mind were the many spells that had been passed down the Emerson line, from the most basic charms to the most powerful healing spells. Relishing in the knowledge, Harry stood there and waited for the download to process.

After a time, Harry opened his eyes. One down, two to go. Gryffindor, here I come!

Moving forward and placing his hand on the obelisk, Harry felt the words come out of his mouth, as though someone else were speaking. "Long has it been since there has been a suitable heir. As the one true heir of the founders, I, Harry James Potter-Black-Emerson, claim my birthright!"

At once, the room morphed into a copy of the Great Hall of Hogwarts, except this was obviously newer, more regal. Harry found himself kneeling at the base of the teacher's table, as addressing royalty. As he looked up, he realized he probably was. Instead of the teachers' chairs, two golden and two silver thrones were sitting side by side. Slowly taking form were four people whom anyone in Wizarding Britain would recognize. Anyone except Harry that is.

The leftmost silver throne was now sitting a rather kind looking lady, looking much like Molly Weasley with dark brown hair. Clad in robed of yellow and black, she held a chalice that would never empty. The silver throne on the right had an entirely different lady in its seat. She was tall and slim, with long, raven black hair, blue and bronze robes and a rather scholarly look about her. On her head was an elegant crown, with a giant white diamond. Her hands held a large tome with a raven on the cover, and it looked quite well read.

The Golden thrones held entirely different characters. The one on the left carried the oldest of the group. Silver gray hair, with a beard to match, the crafty looking wizard was robed in green and silver, with a locket around his neck and a rather important looking ring on his finger. The rightmost man was definitely the most imposing of the four. His hair was a mix of red and blonde, with a short beard the same color. It was hard to judge his figure, because in place of robes, this man wore silver, ruby encrusted armor. The golden ruby gauntlets on his arms would normally have been the most noticeable thing about him. However, it was only upon seeing a familiar sword hanging from the man's waist that Harry put the pieces together.

Realizing exactly who it was he was standing before, Harry quickly dropped back down into a kneel. "Lord Gryffindor, Lord Slytherin, Lady Ravenclaw, Lady Hufflepuff, it is truly an honor to make your acquaintance."

Hufflepuff smiled. "Rise, young Harry. There is no need for formalities amongst us. Now, I imagine you have some questions for us, correct?"

Harry stood. "Yes, if I may. Ladies, while I am not displeased, I find myself wondering why exactly you are here, when I have been told that I am heir only to Lords Gryffindor and Slytherin. Also, my Lords, I would ask what you would have me do to prove myself worthy."

"I believe I shall answer your first question, Mr. Potter." Ravenclaw replied. "As you know, the four of us created this school, and its houses. What was not in the history you know today is that after our first term as professors, we married the loves of our lives. I wed Godric, while Helga here chose Salazar. So technically, you are descended from all four of us." Harry nodded in understanding.

Salazar and Godric both stood up. "Harry, Godric and I both decided that, should the sorting hat find you worthy, that we would decide a final test for you. Potter, Harry!" Salazar yelled, as the sorting hat appeared on the stool in front of him. Feeling a lot like a first year once more, Harry moved the hat off the stool and onto his head.

"Ah, if it isn't Mr. Potter. One of my more interesting students, if I do say so myself. Well now, you've changed rather a lot since first yeah, haven't you? You have extreme loyalty, not just to your friends, but to all of the magical world. I can see your large ambition, and the cunning you've gained over the years. The knowledge you've gained is immense, and I can see a desire for more. And, of course, your famous bravery that has gotten you into much trouble. Now that you will no longer refute my decision, I believe I can sort you properly. Enjoy your life, Mr. Potter." "HOGWARTS!" the hat screamed to the room. All four founders were clapping as Harry sat the hat back on its stool.

Godric started. "Well done Mr. Potter, well done indeed! It takes a lot to be considered for all four houses. As such, we all have one specific task for you. Mine will be to fight me in a true swordfight." Should've counted on that one.

Salazar stood up. "Mine you have already passed, as I would have had you defeat my basilisk without the use of parseltongue. Even I have trouble fighting Sylvia without using it." Thank god…wait, he named that thing SYLVIA?

Rowena smiled. " I will determine your knowledge by a series of spell tests." How Ravenclaw. That should be fun.

Helga stood and approached Harry. "Harry, I can ask no more of you than you have already done. You have shown true loyalty to those around you. It takes bravery to stand up to Godric, cunning to defeat a basilisk, and wit to match spells with Rowena. Should you stand firm and do your best in each, I will consider my test complete, as you will have been loyal to your duty." At the end of her sentence, Helga reached forward and drew Harry into the greatest, most loving hug he had ever known. If only I didn't have to leave this hug. Upon being released, Harry smiled at her, then looked at Godric and Rowena. "I'm ready."

Rowena stood. "All of these spells require a great deal of power to cast, much more than the average wizard has access to. Do not be upset if you cannot get them at first. Now, the first spell will summon a weapon for you. Commandate Primus!" Holding her wand out in front of her, the wand transformed into a pair of two blue-bronze daggers. Around the room, the others had also done the spell. Helga had a yellow and black longbow. Godric had a copy of his silver and ruby sword that hung at his waist. Salazar had a silver scythe with a long, dark green handle.

Nervously, Harry stood in front of them. "Commandate Primus!" Suddenly, instead of his holly wand, Harry found himself holding a silver and black sword-staff. One end looked like a regular staff with a gnarled top. The bottom, however, was a full sword, made to look as though it was a growing part of the staff. Harry just stood in front of the founders, completely baffled.

Rowena took pity on him. "Each weapon is unique to the wielder. However, I think you might be able to call any weapon to you if you needed. Now, the second spell sets a force field around the contours of your body, like a second skin. Do as I do. Riflectus Malos!" She chanted the words several times. At first, it appeared as though nothing had happened. Then, out of nowhere, Helga fired an arrow directly at her head. Before Harry could do anything, he arrow halted in midair, centimeters from her head, and was flung back at Helga, who snatched it in midair. Godric then aimed a slice at his wife's neck. Once more, the attack was stopped, and the sword was blasted out of his hands. Salazar pointed the head of his scythe at her. "Avada Kedavra!" "NO!" Harry screamed as the curse sped towards her. The curse hit her in the gut…then rebounded back toward Salazar, who sidestepped the curse.

Rowena looked up. "The only shield I have ever found that can repel a killing curse. However, there is a drawback." Godric yelled out his next spell. "Rictusempra!" The spell shot straight through her shield, and she dropped to the ground laughing. Godric chuckled and looked to Harry. "The shield can only stop a lethal curse. Any spell not meant to cause harm can pass right through as if nothing was there."

"Seems useful enough for combat. I'd never be able to use it against the Weasley twins though." Harry said. "Riflectus Malos!" Harry could feel the spell taking effect, almost like someone was forcing him into a full body-suit. Once the feeling stopped, he nodded towards Rowena. "Bombarda!" Four jets of light came streaking towards Harry at once. As the spells hit, he felt a slight pressure, which stopped once the spells fizzled out.

Helga smirked at her friend. "Rowena, I'm pretty sure he has you beat. Just admit defeat, Harry clearly has more power than all four of us. In fact, I wonder if Godric will really challenge him at all."

At the obvious betrayal of her longtime companion, Rowena sat down. "Very well. Mr. Potter, much as I hate to admit this, I can find no flaw in you. You have passed." Looking at her husband, she said "Godric, no going easy on him. He can handle it."

Godric stood and walked down toward Harry. As he did so, the space between them changed into a circular arena. Smirking, Godric drew his sword. "This, Harry, will be your final challenge. Summon your weapon, and fight!" he snarled. Wow, he looks a lot scarier when he's in battle mode, Harry thought. but I bet he also makes mistakes easier. "Commandate Primus!" Harry yelled, bringing forth his battle-staff.

The two combatants slowly started circling each other, both trying their hardest to figure out a plan of attack. Godric made the first move, swinging his sword in a sideways chop. Harry brought his blade to block, and countered by forcing the staff into Godric's stomach, which forced him back a few steps. Taking advantage of the situation, Harry pressed his attack, delivering short, sharp blows with the sword end of his weapon. Godric blocked and parried almost all of them, barely, while still trying to get his breath back. As Harry backed off, Godric threw his sword at Harry, who let it land behind him. Harry smirked at his opponent, seeing victory at the loss of Godric's sword. However, he just smiled and mouthed something Harry didn't see. Suddenly, Harry had his feet knocked out from under him. As he looked up, he saw Godric standing over him, sword at his neck.

"How?" was all Harry could ask. "Easy. I just summoned it from behind you. The key to magical fighting, Harry, is to catch your opponent off guard." Godric answered smugly. "However, you did exceptionally well for your first real fight, against an armed opponent. You pass."

Harry smiled. He had just gained the approval of all four Hogwarts founders, and learned new ways to aid him in his battle against Voldemort. "Not to be rude, but what happens now?"

The four friends looked at each other and smiled. I bet they all know legillimancy. It wouldn't surprise me. Rowena stood and spoke first. "Now, Harry, you will be going back to your world with our blessings. However, your gifts are now in order. From me, you will receive an art of my own creation, the internal library. You will be able to read a book, and all of its information will be stored neatly away for you to call on at any time."

Helga then stood up. 'Harry, you will receive from me another self-created art. I believe it is nowadays called aura reading. You will be able to tell someone's mood, their thoughts, even their intentions, just by looking at them. It's even better than legillimancy, because it is entirely undetectable!"

Salazar stood and moved next to his wife. "Obviously, Harry, you have already inherited my noble art. Therefore, I have one other gift I think will suffice. I will give you access to my personal chambers at Hogwarts. APPARENTLY, the entrance was concealed by a girl's bathroom. Go to the door, and, in Parseltongue, say Sal's Space. I'll leave the exploring to you."

Finally, Godric moved over to be near Rowena. "Last but not least, myself. Harry, you have shown true bravery, cunning, wit, and loyalty in your life, far beyond what our other heirs have shown. Therefore, with the blessing of the others," the group nodded to Godric. "with their blessing, I give you access to all of our relics of power. My armour, sword, and gauntlets, Sal's scythe, locket, and ring, Helga's chalice and robes, and Rowena's codex and diadem. All of these were given to us, upon the founding, by the spirit of Merlin. As a second part of this gift, I shall make all of the artifacts appear inside the Gryffindor vault, purged of any dark magic they may be holding, which I know at least three of them do."

Harry was left speechless. By the time I master all of these gifts, there will be NO ONE who could dream of stopping me! "Thank you all so much. I promise to use your gifts wisely, to aid me in the rebirth of the Wizarding world."

"That is all we ever wanted Harry. Now go, with our blessing." Rowena whispered, as the four friends sat down and faded away. Slowly, the room reverted back to it's normal appearance. However, now there were two pairs of rings waiting for Harry. One was ruby with a golden lion, with it's second being sapphire with a bronze eagle. The other pair were emerald and black diamond, with a serpent and badger respectively. Putting the rings on, Harry could feel his mind opening and his eyes adapting to the changes. Realizing he was done, Harry left through the door at the far end.

Voldemort was having a bad day. Being a Dark Lord who is constantly being opposed by an old man and a fifteen year old boy, he was getting used to having several bad days. However, today was possibly the worst day he had had in almost 16 years.

The people he had sent to the Potter residence had reported that the wards Dumbledore had cast over four days had disappeared in close to a minute. The idiots then had the nerve to come back and say that the potter boy was missing!

Then Severus had come in and reported that the castle had apparently suffered huge damage, to the point where it would take months to fix properly. It appeared that Dumbledore had lost control of his magic, and in his fit, destroyed his chambers. Unfortunately, he survived, making his remaining magic that much stronger. Damn Dumbledore.

This is what the self-styled Dark Lord was thinking about right now. Obviously, the old fool was upset over the potter boy missing, which meant he wasn't under Order protection. All he needed to do was track the boy down using his bond, and…

His thought was cut short at the sight of a ghost appearing in front of him. Normally, he would banish the foolish things right after they formed, but this one was different.

This was the ghost of Salazar Slytherin.

"Noble Slytherin, Greatest of the four, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Voldemort asked, realizing that it must be important for such a ghost to appear to him.

Salazar spoke. "Thomas riddle, you have disgraced the name of Slytherin, Riddle, and wizard itself! For this most heinous crime, you are hereby removed from the slytherin line forever!" As the spirit finished, fading away, Tom found himself becoming slightly weaker, as his connection to his ancestor vanished.

"NO!" Voldemort screamed in anger. Quickly, he tried speaking to nagini in parseltongue, only to realize he could no longer speak the language of the snakes. "AAARRRGGGHHHH!"

The magical pulse Voldemort let out was so strong, that Death Eaters everywhere in Britain were forced to grab their mark and fall to the ground screaming. Coincidentally, this led to more than fifty arrests, both in the Ministry and in Diagon Alley.

Stepping through the door, Harry found himself back in Ragnok's office, with said goblin looking at him from behind the desk. Well, this should be fun. "Greetings once more, Ragnok. May your gold never cease to flow."

Ragnok smiled. "To you as well, High Lord Potter. Before we talk money, I have an offer for you from the Goblin Nation. What would you say to a public alliance?"

Harry looked at the goblin as if he were crazy. High Lord? Alliance? "Give me a minute." Harry responded, and then fell back on the couch in a dead faint.

"Shame." Ragnok said, looking at the new High Lord now resting on his couch. "We really need to work on that fainting problem of his."

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