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A/n everyone asked me nicely, so here's the teams reactions to Reid and JJ's news. Thank you all for your support of this little story.

Reid flipped his phone shut and tossed it on the gold velvet upholstered chair. He faced JJ with the biggest smile she'd ever seen on his face. "I take it that went well." She asked as she closed her phone after calling Garcia.

He answered by hurrying to the bed and leaping into her arms. His lips devoured her mouth in a fevered frenzy. She wound her arms around his neck pulling him in tight. His long, lean body betrayed his eagerness and happiness as his mouth left off ravaging her mouth and moved down her throat to her heaving chest. She couldn't seem to get her breath but it didn't matter because his mouth worked its magic on one of her breasts.

"Spence…" She sighed breathlessly.

He had the most incredible mouth second only to his long fingers brushing her skin the setting it on fire from the crown of her head to the ends of her toes.

She barely noticed when his lips moved to suckle the opposite aching nipple because his fingers found their favorite place between her writhing legs.

"Spencer… "

He released her breast and moved back up to gaze into her eyes. He never joined his body to her without stopping to stare into her eyes as though he needed to see something in her face. As always, she quaked just a little, thinking that he wouldn't see what he had to see. He hovered over her for a long time, his eyes filled with desire for her and happiness.

When he saw what he had to see in those few moments of staring at her face he moved fast. She didn't know if his conversation with Morgan had anything to do with the way he slammed into her, but it didn't matter because she couldn't think of anything, the new job she'd agreed to take, leaving her BAU family or Spencer's unhappiness at their day to day separation. The only thing in the universe that mattered was the waves of pleasure breaking over her again and again. If anyone were close to their room or if the walls were as thin as other hotels in other cities, they may have kept someone from sleeping for a couple of hours.

When Spencer finally moved from her and lay gasping on the expensive sheets, she found she could think properly only by taking a few seconds to breathe deep and get her bearings again.

"I don't think I can't feel my legs." She said after a long time.

He snorted laughter, as he lay twisted up in the sheet on his stomach with one long leg hanging off the bed. He lifted his head and the sheet that only partially hid one of her breasts from view. "They're still there." He informed her.

"That's very good to know."

She snuggled up to him in the fading light of the candles. "Not that I'm complaining or anything, but what brought all that on."

"You should've heard Morgan. He didn't believe me at first. He thought I was drunk."

JJ burst out laughing. Reid pouted at her. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because Morgan should know you better than that; you don't get drunk."

She shifted so she could see his face. His beautiful eyes were thoughtful now as he stroked her arm from shoulder to wrist. "You okay." She asked.

"I was thinking about my medallion." He said softly as weak candlelight danced over his face.


"It's okay." He smiled his beautiful, not often seen smile. "Nothing's going to dampen this moment. Thank you." He said suddenly.

She lifted up to an elbow. "Why are you thanking me?"

"For loving me and putting up with all my insecurities; you could've left when I told you about the Dilaudid, but you didn't. You helped me through it."

She lay down and kissed his chest. "I love you too Spence."

Reid sighed. "I know that tone. What do you want my love?"

"Garcia wants us to get together with the rest of the team tomorrow night at "Jade" for dinner."

"They'll all want to laugh and tease." Reid sighed as he gazed up at her pleading eyes.

"Of course they will. Garcia said she'll make Morgan behave at work tomorrow if we agree to meet them."

Reid laughed again, this time the tone was distinctly incredulous. "Garcia is going to make Morgan behave."

"Don't ask me. You know as well as I do that she has ways of making you talk." JJ said in a mock Russian accent.

Reid shivered. "You don't have to convince me." He agreed.

JJ pecked his cheek. "Let's get some sleep, we'll worry about it tomorrow."


"Where's Rossi?" Morgan asked as he entered the private dining room at the back of "Jade."

The Chinese Restaurant boasted décor that ran to jade, emerald, and gold. There were dragons on the walls and statues of dogs on pedestals near the door.

They gathered around the long oval table set up by Garcia's friend Madame Choi. Garcia made a point of planting herself right next to Reid so that they trapped him between her and JJ. Morgan sat on the other side of Garcia with Emily to his left. Hotch positioned himself next to Emily leaving one space open on the other side of JJ.

"I don't know. He said he'd be here soon. I think he's sulking in the throes of writers block." Garcia said.

"You'd be sulking too if your neighbors construction was never ending." Rossi said from the arched doorway.

"Bout time Rossi," Morgan chided.

"So why are we here again?" Rossi asked as he took his seat.

JJ pointed at Garcia. "It was her idea."

Rossi glanced at Garcia then stared down Reid. "So you two decided to come clean now that JJ's not working with us anymore." He said.

The rest of the team besides Hotch just stared at him. "How did you know?" Reid squeaked going very pink in the cheeks.

Rossi sighed as the server came in. "It wasn't that hard to figure out."

They all stopped to order enough food to feed a small army, and then resumed staring at Rossi as the server left the room.

"Alright," Rossi admitted. "I walked past JJ's office one night last winter. You must have been exhausted. You had your head on your desk and I heard you talking in your sleep about Reid."

Everyone except Hotch, Reid and JJ laughed. "I don't know what you're talking about." JJ said, but she couldn't look Rossi in the eyes.

Rossi simply smirked at her.

"What did she say?" Morgan asked.

"Shut up!" JJ snarled through her teeth.

"Let's just say that I know more about Reid's 'talents' than I ever wanted to know." Rossi said making quote marks with his fingers at the word talents.

"Way to go my man…" Morgan exclaimed.

"Shut up Morgan!"

Reid's face had reached levels of scarlet that even JJ didn't think existed for him.

"Be nice," Hotch said around a very small smile.

"You fooled me," Emily said. "I had no idea anything was going on. Who knew you would act that well."

'Especially Reid," Morgan inserted. "You're sleeping with a very hot FBI agent and you don't say anything for three years." He finished utterly astounded.

"Hot…" Reid stuttered.

"Yeah, or would you prefer some geeky word like "Aesthetically pleasing," Morgan teased.

"Actually, JJ's Golden Ratio is the most perfect I've ever seen." Reid piped up.

"Golden Ratio," JJ said her eyebrows going up.

"Hey, didn't you explain that to us when we had that nutty professor in the BAU a couple years ago?" Garcia interrupted.

"Can we leave Henry Grace out of this conversation?" Rossi asked.

Everyone went silent for several awkward minutes.

"I knew all along." Morgan piped up as his or her server came in accompanied by another server. They passed out plates of food.

"You didn't know anything." JJ said to Morgan. "Just because Rossi figured it out first…"

"Can we talk about something else?" Reid squeaked as he expertly manipulated his chopsticks.

"No, and since when do you know how to use chopsticks." Morgan demanded pointing his chopsticks at Reid.

"I taught him, among other things." JJ said sweetly.

Reid promptly dropped his chuck of Moo Gai Pan. "JJ…"

"Sorry honey," she rubbed his arm.

Morgan and Garcia stared at him as if he was a new form of life. "We don't want to hear the details." Rossi said.

Emily swallowed the last of her fried prawn. "Speak for yourself." She said.

"Guys," Reid squeaked.

"JJ," Morgan began. "How did my man charm you into his bed?"

"Keep it up Morgan and I'll introduce you to the business end of my gun."

Hotch choked on the teriyaki chicken he ate. "JJ…" He warned.

"I don't have to listen to you Hotch. You're not my boss anymore." She winked at him and took a sip of the green tea she drank with her meal.

"True, but I am a lawyer. Do you want an assault charge on your record with the Pentagon?"

JJ gave him a smile one would describe as belonging to a shark. "I think a jury would understand my provocation."

Hotch regarded Morgan for a few seconds. "You're probably right." He agreed.

"Thanks Hotch."

Everyone including Rossi laughed at the discomfited Morgan. "You can dish it out but you can't take it." Emily chided.

"Shut up Prentiss."

"Well I don't think it's nice at all that my two best friends didn't tell me they were sleeping together." Garcia pouted. "You know I can keep a secret."

JJ reached over Reid who had just popped the last of his ham-fried rice into his mouth. She very nearly knocked the chopsticks out of his hands just to smack Garcia on the wrist. "Stop pouting, PG."

"We had to keep it a secret from everyone. We couldn't risk our jobs." Reid said.

"Do you really think you fooled Hotch?" Emily said as she wound the pasta from her Lo Mien around her fork.

Everyone looked at the unit chief who was in the act of biting into an egg roll. He chewed as they all waited with baited breath and expression ranging from boredom, curiosity and apprehension. He swallowed and put down his egg roll.

"Why are you all staring at me?" He asked in his very best former prosecutor's tone.

"Everyone's pretty much lied or freaked out about us." JJ said to the chagrin of Morgan and Garcia who began to protest. "What do you have to say?" She asked over them.

Hotch stared at them until they quieted. "I'm going to exercise my right to remain silent." He said.

"Come on Hotch…" Morgan complained.

The unit chief glowered at Morgan until he looked at Reid instead. "I gotta say I'm impressed kid."

"Morgan," JJ began to say.

"Hey, don't assume the worst JJ." Morgan said. "I'm very happy for you both."

Reid narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Are you sure you're Morgan?"

Emily snorted and the others laughed except for Hotch who smiled for an unprecedented second time.

"So do we get to hear how you to got together." Garcia asked eagerly.

"Well…" JJ began. "That's a very long story."