Chapter One


Alice POV


"Mary-Alice, it's time to take your pills." The nurse in her navy blue and white checkered dress came into the room with a small plastic cup and a larger one filled with water.

I cringed back into the corner, holding my teddy right under my chin as it was the only thing I could put between myself and the doctors. Not that it protected me at all.

Instantly, tears started streaming down my face. The pills didn't help; they gave me horrible nightmares and heart palpitations. No matter how often I told them all that, they just didn't care. About that or the fact I was obviously terrified of the drugs in the first place.

"Please, no, I'll go to sleep, I promise." I pleaded as she came closer.

"It's not to make sure you sleep, these will help your conditions go away. Surely you know that no one is trying to hurt you by now?" She set the containers down on the steel bench and I knew I was about to be pinned down and half suffocated until I opened my mouth.

"I do know that. I never said anyone was." I whimpered fearfully when the second nurse came in followed by an orderly.

"That's what you say today, dear." She nodded condescendingly.

The other two surrounded the single bed and on a signal I missed the man pinned me down and the two nurses grabbed my head, forcibly yanking my jaw open to tip the two powdery capsules in.

I choked down the splash of water they poured in, struggling against the man's grip to push his immense weight off my tiny body, so I could breathe mainly.

The two nurses left almost instantly and the orderly finally lifted himself off my body. His hands however did not move off me. He held my right hip with one and slid the other between my legs, roughly pressing into me with his cold, sterilized, offensively probing fingers.

"You've still got a bit of fight left in you," he said coldly, but sounding pleased. "That should make for a much more interesting chase."

His middle finger shoved up so hard it almost entered me through my clothes. I gasped in pain but didn't scream, something told me not to.

"You're so little, I can't help but... wonder," Quick as a flash all contact was removed and he was walking over to the door.

"Get some rest, darlin'. You'll definitely need it." he said darkly just before he reached the partially open door.


I sat paralyzed.

It was my first and only human memory, and now I knew why my brain had suppressed that portion of my life. I recognized his unchanged voice before I matched his silhouette.

My eyes managed to move across the room to where Emmett and Jasper sat on the couch while playing the Xbox. A loud explosion rang out on the screen and Jasper groaned, letting the controller fall the couple of inches to his lap.

He looked over to me then, face twisting in concern as he instantly rose.


I didn't respond, or move, or breathe.

"What's wrong? What did you see?" He reached out to touch my arm, causing me to jump fifteen feet across the room in less than a second.

"L-leave me al-alone." I stammered. Tears that were unable to escape in this body started burning the inside of my eye sockets and cheeks.

He continued to stare at me incredulously, remaining in the same position with his arm still out stretched.

"Alice?" Emmett asked uncertainly.

I looked towards him in my peripheral vision, even without moving my eyes I could still see the clearly painted expression of confusion and worry.

I made a half step to the right then a full length one in the same direction. The next one was the first of my sprint and in the second after that I was outside, running as fast as possible in whatever direction my feet carried me. So long as it was away from Washington, I didn't care.