"You've got to be kidding me mum there's no way i'm going if she's goes"

"Spencer honey you're being ridiculous Ashley's a lovely girl I don't understand why you don't like her"

"You don't understand why I don't like her? she's a bitch and we have absolutely nothing in common"

"I don't know what's got into you Spencer you're used to be such a lovely girl"

She's right I used to be lovely, but Ashley brings out another side of me.

"Well I guess Ashley brings out the worst in me"

"I'm sorry Spencer but Ashley's coming and you're just going to have to figure out a way to get past whatever issues you two have"

"I don't have issues mum I just don't like her, i'm sure there's people you don't like"

"It's alright miss Carlin"

"No one asked you to talk Ashley, this is a private conversation"

"THAT'S ENOUGH SPENCER! I want have you ruining this trip"

"Miss Carlin if you think it's best I don't come I'll understand. I know how much you, Mr. Carlin and my parents have been looking forward to this trip"

"Ashley don't be ridiculous you're coming and Spencer will just have to get over it"

I really can't stand either of them right now. Ashley always acts like she's an angel and it bugs me because Ashley Davies is a lot of things but I would never call her an angel. I should probably fill you in. My mum (Paula) and my dad (Arthur) have been best friends with the Davies since I was little kid. We do everything together and today we're driving to San Francisco to board a cruise to Alaska. I had it all planned out, it was going to be the trip of a lifetime everyone was going. My best friend Aiden scored an invite because he's dating Ashley's sister Kyla and she somehow convinced her parents to let him come. My brother Glen is going and because Kyla was allowed to bring Aiden he's bringing Madison his girlfriend, who happens to be best friends with Ashley and a massive bitch. Obviously my parents were going and the Davies parents were coming so that made nine. But now it's going to be ten because bitchface over there decided she wanted to come.

This trip was organised ages ago, last Christmas we all sat down for dinner and mum decided we should go on a cruise to Alaska. Christine loved the idea and when we finished eating they jumped on the net and booked it. Ashley told them she'd just stay home, apparently she wasn't keen on floating around in the middle of the ocean for ten days. That's what she told them, she's and idiot who wouldn't love a relaxing cruise to arguably they nicest place in the world. It suited me I didn't want her there, I already had Madison going that was more than enough bitch for me.

"Come on Spencer it will be fun we get to spend the next ten days together"

"Shut up Ashley i'm already sick of you and we haven't even left your driveway yet"

She's been leaning on her Porsche this whole time just smirking. We've been waiting for the others to get the rest of there stuff so we can go.

"I know you don't mean that Spencer"

"I really don't know what goes through that crazy head of yours Ashley, but I want you to listen to me carefully. I can't stand you, you're disgusting and you're the most pathetic excuse for a human being i've ever come across"

She walks over to where i'm standing and leans in so she can whisper something in my ear.

"Spencer when I had my fingers inside of you and you were screaming my name you didn't find me disgusting. Actually if I remember the night correctly you were practically begging me to fuck you and I know you loved every second of it"

"Fuck you Ashley"

"Alright girls everyone's ready lets get going"

If I could go back and change what happened I would, I let myself get sucked in and then I gave her something I can never get back.

"Glen and Arthur are driving, we're obviously taking the two Range Rovers that's why we put all our stuff in it"

"ha ha honey that was cute"

It was lame, that's what it was.

"Okay, so as I was saying we're taking two cars Arthur, Christine, Raife and I are going to go together and Glen's going to drive the rest of you. It's probably going to take about 7 hrs to drive to San Francisco so we'll call and let you know when we're pulling over for a pit stop. Have you set the GPS system up Glen?"

"Yer mum it's all set, let's do this"

"Alright honey make sure you drive safely"

"I always do mum, can we just go already... Spencer get in lets go"

Glen and Madison are sitting up front and Aiden and Kyla are cuddling in the middle, which means Ash and I are stuck in the back. I can tell this is going to happen a lot, they're going to be all coupley and I'll get stuck with the bitch.

"Spencer are you alright back there?

"I'm fine Madison you don't need to worry about me"

"Okay cool well I just wanted to ask you to refrain from killing Ashley, she's a really good friend of mine and I kind of like having her around"

"Madison do you even know how to spell refrain?"

"Of course I know how to spell Spencer, I know you're a big nerd but i'm more than capable when it comes to spelling"

"Well come on Madison don't leave us hanging, please show us all your incredible spelling ability"

"Refrain, R-E-F-R-A-N-E

Everyone in the car just starts laughing.

"Wow Madison I sure am impressed I would've never pegged you as a spelling genius, but you proved me wrong.. and I'll try my best to refrain R-E-F-R-A-I-N from killing Ashley just for you, you little spelling bee"

I should probably fill you in. Ash and I used to be friends, we were never best friends but we got along pretty well. She fascinated me, she was so confident and she didn't care what people thought about her. I guess that's why people loved her, she was easily the most popular girl at school.

It was Thanksgiving last year and we'd been drinking all day. We always spent Thanksgiving together and it just happened to be at the Davies house this yer. Kyla, Aiden, Madison, Glen, Ashley and I were watching movies and by ten o'clock we were well and truly wasted. Glen and Madison had decided to leave early and Aiden and Kyla had gone upstairs.


Even though everyone else had gone, we were still sitting so our legs were touching. We could've easily moved over there was plenty of room but I liked being close to her and I had known for a while I wanted more from her than friendship.

"Can I ask you a personal question Ashley"

She pauses the movie and turns to look at me.

"Sure Spencer what do you want to know?"

"Why don't you ever date"

She just laughs

"No Ash i'm being serious, I know you sleep around but why don't you ever stay with the one person"

"I just want to have fun Spencer, I don't want to be stuck in a relationship it's just not me"

It wasn't really what I wanted to hear.

"I just always wondered"

I reach over and grab the remote switching the movie back on. It's only playing for a second when she hits pause again. She runs her hand through my hair and leans in connecting our lips.


It all happened so fast we were making out and then she lowered me down on the couch. She was an amazing kisser, I was so caught up in the moment I didn't even notice her unclip my bra. I had wanted this for so long, so I didn't hesitate when she undid the button on my jeans. She was gentle and when she entered me for the first time, it was uncomfortable. I'd never had sex before, I'd had boyfriends but it never got that far. It was over in minutes, we were drunk, there was no foreplay and when it was all said and done she left.

It was like I was some random girl she met at 'Grey', she fixed her clothes and told me she was going to bed. I tried to act like I didn't care, but when she left I cried.

When I saw her the next day she was making out with some girl at the pier.

"Oi Spencer get up we're stopping for food"

I'd been listening to my ipod, I didn't realise we'd stopped.

"Don't touch me Ashley, I don't want any of your diseases"

She's so irritating. After Thanksgiving I started to hate her, I'd see her making out with random girls and it pissed me off. I never told her what that night meant to me and to this day she still doesn't realise she stole my virginity and then just left.

We're in some diner waiting for our meals to arrive.

"So we only booked five rooms and there's ten of us so that means everyone has to share a room. I'm obviously sharing with Raife and Paula's sharing with Arthur, but we need to sort out the rest"

"Mum you promised I could share with Aiden, remember?"

"Oh yer so that means you four have to pair up"

"Well Christine I only think it's fair I share with Madison, she's my girlfriend and it wouldn't be fair to let Kyla and Aiden share and then make Madison and I sleep in different rooms"

"Wait no you guys can't share then I have to share with Ashley"

"Spencer I think it would be good for you two if you shared, maybe you could sort out your differences"

"I think that's a great idea Glen... Alright so it's all sorted Kyla and Aiden in one room, you and Madison together and then Ashley and Spencer get the last room"

I don't even bother arguing it want get me anywhere.

"Ashley just stay out of my way and we want have any problems"

"That's the spirit Spencer"

"Seriously mum i'm not in the mood"

We were back on the road when everyone finished their meals. The minute I got back in the car I just forced myself to sleep and now as I sit here listening to my ipod we're practically here.

"Hey baby can you tell me what the address is for the hotel we're staying at?"

"Where exactly would I find that..."

"Glen it's just over there to your right where it says Four Seasons"

"Spencer do you have to be such a smartass"

It's been such a long day, I really just want to sleep.

"Alright everyone here are all your room keys., make sure you're all ready to go and down here by 12. Don't be late we have to be at the ship by one"

I don't even bother waiting for the others I just grab my stuff and head for the lift. When I make it to the room I grab the best bed and hop in the shower. When I get out Ashley's watching TV.

"Love the PJ's Spencer they're hot"

"Ashley I'm really not in the mood to argue with you, can you just shut up so I can sleep?"

"Alright I'll let you sleep, you really need to loosen up"

"Fuck you"

"What right now i'm a little tired"

I don't even bother responding, she's not worth the energy.