Oh, yes, the damn disclaimer: seriosuly, do we really have to do it? Because, Jeez, if I'd own them, I'd not be here writing it, I'd be the writeer of a TV Shows and, well, we'd have the LIsbon romance for real...meanwhile, I just "write, draw, create, dream, hope and believe in Bruno, waiting for him to be blessed bu the light of reason..." (No, this discalimer isn't mine, it belongs to one fo the girls who wite Mentalist fiction on the italian site efpfiction, but don't tell me many of you don't share this vision...).

Based on a picture by the great PetiteJ, nicknamed by her "sleeping Jisbon"- look for her on , there should be a link to her twitter, with there a twitter to her deviantart account, where this amazing picture has been posted. I loved it so much that i simply HAD to ask her to use it for a fanfiction... and then, she suggested to do a second part of it...and, well, I ended up making it a three-shots... menaing: this is over!

"Lisbon, I just want your safety and happiness. For this reason, I'm asking you to not wait for me."

He knows he has been the one insisting, that he has forced her to make that promise, but there was, still is, a part of him that wanted her to forget about it and wait for him, or maybe… he had decided to wait until Red John was dealt and done with to propose, to tell her he was ready to start anew with her, but now that Red John is done and dealt with it's too late, because now she has someone else, someone else come into the picture and he has every intention of staying.

Mashburn had come back into the team's life, her life, as the suspect of a murder, just to come out innocent. If, when Lisbon accepted to join him for dinner, Jane wasn't worried, he got worried when one date turned into two, a flirt of few weeks into a story of months, an adventure into an engagement, and, before he could realize it, Lisbon was, is walking at Tommy's arm toward the aisle, where Walt is waiting for her, wife-to-be number four, magnificent in her long white dress, the one he has hoped she was going to eventually wear for him, him, who, instead, for some twisted joke of the fate, is at Mash's side, as his best man, smiling happy fro a couple, yes, but his eyes betray his smile, showing the picture of a defeated man, a man who has lost all his hope, his only reason for living, who has give up his only reason for living, serving it on a silver plate to another man who isn't worthy cleaning her shoes, figures marrying His Teresa (and making her happy).

But there's nothing he can do about it, all hope is gone because he has been too much of a coward, because he has allowed Red John to win, to steal his happiness from him again, because Lisbon's too radiant, too happy, to steal that from her- if she'll still be happy in the long run, it's a completely different story. So, he is going to look at her marrying another man, and he'll not do a single thing about it. Because she is happy (for now, and when she'll eventually be happy any longer, he'll be the one at her side conforting and higging her), that's what really matters, doesn't matter if he'll be miserable for the rest of his life… he closes his eyes and his fists, hoping that it will go away, that when he'll open them again, everything will be done and dealt with...

Apparently, yesterday evening Jane forgot to close the blinds, because the light of the early morning sun in disturbing his precious sleep, forcing him to open his eyes. "Ehy" he murmurs, or at least, tries to, since Teresa, already up, maliciously bites into his lower lip while they kiss good morning. They are both in the same position they've been when they have fallen asleep the previous night, just few hours before, actually- her on top of him, limbs entangled, her head in the crock of his neck, his chin on her hair, her hands on his chest, his around her waist – but, somehow, she has managed to put on something, to at least try to look decent.

"Patrick, you are sweating! Do I have to be worried or disgusted?"

He smirks, closed eyes, tightening the grip around her. "Geez woman, I'm not a pervert! I just had a nightmare, sort of…" he doesn't need to look at Lisbon to know she is worried, that she is scared he is revisiting his old nightmares, once again. "No, no, it's not like that, I just… I just dreamt you… you did it, you know? Marrying Mashburn, I mean."

"Patrick Jane, you silly idiot, I'd run off from my wedding with you every day!" she laughs as she gives him a soft punch on his naked chest, giggling like a teen.

"You know, you are right. I mean, Mashburn was a billionaire, but there's no way a woman can resist my charm!" as she sees the hint of malice in his blue eyes, Teresa rolls her own, hitting him playfully in the same spot as before.

"Tell me, Mr. Jane, are you ever tired of being so sure of yourself?"

"Woman, you hurt my feelings! Are you implying that there are occasions in which I could be way over my head and even wrong?" looking at his false hurt statement, Teresa can't help but collapse into laughs, her lips on the same spot she repeatedly has hit, and, soon, she is joined by Patrick's crystal laugh. He laughs with her, cuddles her like that night almost two years before. "I love you so much, Teresa" he suddenly says, serious, looking at the brand new silver band on his left ring finger.

"I love you more" she says, giggling, her arms around his neck and her hands busy playing with his soft, blonde curls "and I'll love you even more if you'll change Alex"

When, minutes later, he is looking at his newborn son, already again asleep, makes a silent promise in his heart, renewing an old vow he made a long time ago. If, years prior, he has promised to be always there for her, to always save her, to never intentionally hurt her, now he premises that he'll always be there for them, to always save them, to never intentionally hurt them….for better or worse, until death does us apart.