One week after everything went down at Geneva, Logan took off from the school on his motorcycle. He really wasn't sure where he was heading, or where he would end up. He just knew he needed to get away from the school…he couldn't describe why he just needed to leave. It was just the way he was.

Currently in Alberta, Canada, he slowly got off his bike and headed into a rundown bar that was vaguely familiar. Logan walked through the door and walked further in he suddenly heard the cocking of a gun.

"Heard a noise." Said a voice. "Thought it might be an animal."

Slowly turning his head, Logan looked back at the man who had a shotgun. As they made eye contact they knew. They both knew that they had seen each other before. Logan then smirked a little as he remembered this was the bar he first met Rogue at.

"I remember you." The bartender said. It wasn't something you exactly forget…a man his claws coming out of his knuckles.

"Yeah?" Logan responded.


He then lowered the gun and Logan walked towards the stools and took a seat as the man walked around to the bar.

"Kitchen's closed."

"All I want is a beer."

The bartender took out a bottle and opened it before handing it to Logan. He then stared at him for a moment before taking out a rag and began wiping down the counter.

"I saw you on the news." He began. "They say you're a hero."

"A hero?" Logan smirked.

He nodded.

"So, you headed home?"

Logan looked at him for second before nodding.

"Something like that."

While Logan was heading on the road to see where it would take him next, Rogue…or Marie now was heading up the steps to Alcorn State University. She was normal now, no longer a mutant. As she reached the top stair and looked at the building and at the other students that were going there also, she knew she should feel happy but at the moment she couldn't help but feel she made a big mistake.

Nothing could change it now, she was a human now. She should feel happy

She looked at her hand, a hand that no longer needed a glove. A hand that couldn't absorb the life force of anyone she touched and knew she should be happy, and she was.

It was just that the mansion had become her home, the team had become her family. She was apart of something, she was for better or worse, a mutant. Holding her head up, Marie continued on into the school, knowing that it was far too late now. She wanted a normal life and this was the start of it.

Elsewhere on a private plane, Ororo Munroe had gone through with her plans to retire after dealing with Jean and she had followed through on it. She had said her goodbyes to the students and to Scott and missed them already but it was time for her to go. Sitting next to her was a fully healed Kurt Wagner who asked to come with her to Kenya.

She smiled at him as he continued to look out the window when the small plane came to a land on the strip. The two of them then got a ride to the village Ororo had stayed at until she was a teenager when it was attacked and she was recruited by the Professor. She had been gone for so long, Ororo wondered if the people there would remember her.

But once she got reunited with the tribe leader, Achmed el-Gibar and the rest of them fell to their knees to honor 'the weather goddess' she looked at Kurt who smiled back at her, they remembered all right.

Back at the mansion, Scott headed down to the dressing room to see the remainder of the team, Iceman, Gambit, Pyro, Colossus, and Shadowcat suiting up for a Danger Room session. It was going to be a little different today as they were going to be guiding Jubilee, Siren, Cannonball, and Quicksilver through their first training session.

"Alright guys, listen up." Scott began as he got their attention. "As you know, Logan is gone and we knew someone to lead the team. If anyone is interested, I'll certainly be as of objective as I can in picking a leader."

"Well, I think it's obvious who the new leader should be." Pyro responded.

Scott frowned a little. He certainly didn't want John as the leader…he reminded him too much of Logan.

"It should be Bobby." The pyromaniac finished.

Iceman looked at his friend in surprise as did the others. Scott himself was pleased by the suggestion and since no one seemed to object he approached the younger mutant.

"Well, Bobby? How about it?"

"Yes." Iceman answered.

"Alright, make me proud today son."

As Scott turned to head out, Bobby quickly went over to John.

"I can't believe you suggested me."

"Come on, Bobby." Pyro responded as he placed on his mask. "He was going to make you the leader anyway."

As they continued to get ready, Iceman's chest puffed up with pride as it began to sink in a little. He was the new leader of the X-Men. While Scott headed to the control room to watch the session he ran into a blonde, older man out in the hallway he didn't recognize at first but as few seconds went by, he knew who he was.

"Scott." The man greeted. "How longs it been?"

"Sean Cassidy." Scott smiled as he hugged the former X-Men. "It's been a few years. What are you doing here?"

"Come on, you didn't think I'd miss my daughters first Danger Room session did you?"

"You are more than welcome to watch."

As the two men headed into the control room and took a seat, Sean was the first to speak up.

"Did you see Hank's inauguration yesterday?"

Scott nodded. Hank had been appointed President McKenna's new vice president after his old one stepped down. The mutant registration act had also been done away with by a unanimous congress.

"Of course. I never would have missed it."

"You'll never believe what I saw this morning." Sean continued. "You remember James Hawkings?"

Scott nodded. He was the mutant child who stayed here for a little while before being pulled out of by his father. His powers were the catalyst for the mutant cure. With his green skin and yellow eyes he wasn't that easy to forget.

"I saw him the other day at a bus stop with other kids around him. They were getting along fine, they treated him like he was normal."

"That's great. I'll also noticed the protest groups against mutants have stopped." Scott responded.

"Yeah, it's kinda like what the Professor wanted. I wish he was still around to see it."

Scott didn't answer as his thoughts drifted back to Jean and was thankful that Sean hadn't brought her up. He must have remembered their relationship back when they were teens.

He thought about Jean, and how she had planned this. By attacking places all over the world, killing humans and mutants alike by the thousand…by getting them to unite against her, the greatest threat to humanity. When the whole world watched a mutant strike her down, save them all it finally turned a corner. Mutants were no longer looked at as freaks or dangerous. The team was known, Wolverine was known they were labeled heroes by the media, by the President, by the United Nations. Scott only hoped that it would last.

The two men then watched as the doors to the Danger Room opened up and the team led the new recruits in. Sean smiled as he saw his daughter and the room inside began to change and the training began.

Scott looked on as a proud headmaster, the new face of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and hoped that Xavier was looking down upon him now, proud of him and how he was running things. As he watched Iceman, the new leader of the X-Men he thought back to the days when was just a kid and was proud of the man he became.

He didn't know how long the peace would last, or what awaited them in the future. But whether it was terrible or wondrous he did know one thing. Charles Xavier's dream was alive and well…

And it was in good hands.

The End.