This is a response to Arcadia's "Prank" question. I decided to place the story in my, "What Would Diana Do?" universe. I think it will be between three and six chapters long. We'll see.

The Prank

Chapter One

It's For My Wife. It's For My Sister.

It had been two months since the chalky white, rock faced clone of Superman had terrorized the citizens of New York City. Tiffany remembered being on her way to the lingerie store she had just started working at. "Just Call Me Aphrodite" was the most popular lingerie store in the city. Sales were high year round and employee's were treated well and could move up quickly. Tiffany had planned on applying for a manager's position soon. She had been a block away from the store when she had been scooped up and flown high above the city and then dropped. It had all happened so fast that she had not had time to scream until she was falling. Strong arms had caught her before she hit the ground. Instead of hanging onto her or setting her on her feet, her rescuer had placed her face down on the sidewalk.

Standing over her, he had laughed heartily and said, "Pretty woman am not look funny! Bizarro am not just save you. You am not fall a long ways. You should am not be more careful in the future. It am not dangerous to fall from so high. Do you am want to fall again for me to am not rescue you?"

"NO!" she had screamed.

"HaHaHaHa! Funny woman am not fun! Bizarro am not save you again!" With that the strange Superman had again carried her high into the sky and dropped her screaming back to earth. Only this time she had been saved by the real Superman.

Once she had been set down and could again comprehend what was going on around her she saw Superman and the bizarre looking Superman deep in conversation. It was the strangest conversation she had ever heard. The words were English but it made no sense to her. She did get the impression that she was not the only one that the strange Superman had dropped from the sky.

After a few more minutes of gibberish, Superman and scary looking Superman had disappeared into space.

Tiffany came back from her sudden memories slowly. She was standing behind the cash register looking out into the store. Her memories of the Superman incident had been triggered by a nice looking customer.

The man was very tall. She placed him somewhere between six foot five and six foot six but she wasn't sure because he had a slight slouch. His hair was jet black, just like Superman and he had a very kind face. Nothing else matched though. There was the obvious clothes difference. Why in the world would a man with Superman's body ever wear anything that didn't show off his muscles? No, it would never happen. Then there were the glasses. Everyone knew that Superman didn't wear glasses. He had super vision for crying out loud. This big, nice looking guy she was looking at tended to squint and push his glasses up on his nose a lot. He also seemed to be a bit clumsy and bashful. She had heard him say more than a few "pardon me's" and "excuse me's" since he had walked in. Tiffany wasn't sure, but she thought she had seen him stumble a couple of times to avoid bumping into another shopper.

Tiffany chuckled to herself. After a few minutes of watching him she wondered how in the world he had reminded her of Superman. She soon became busy with purchases and forgot about the tall, clumsy, kind man with bad eyes in her store. Until he was standing in front of her with a pretty, red, silky nightgown.

"Seems a bit small for you, but the color somehow seems right," she teased.

The man smiled nervously and chuckled at her joke. Pushing his glasses up, he cleared his throat and said in a quiet yet very masculine voice, "It's for my wife. It's one of our favorite colors and I love the way she looks in red."

"Oh, that's sweet. How long have you two been married?" Tiffany asked.

"Just over fourteen months," the big man answered with a very happy and shameless grin.

"Well, just so you know. There is a special on these night gowns. If you purchase three of them you get the fourth one for free.

The big man seemed to ponder this for a moment. "What other colors do you have?"

"There's black, white, blue, pin…" she started.

"Say no more!" He blurted. He dashed, surprisingly nimbly for a man his size back to the rack where he had found the red silky night gown. When he returned he had a blue, a black and a white gown.

"These are very pretty and comfortable. I'm sure your wife will love them. Have a nice day, sir." Tiffany said as she completed the purchase.

"I'm sure she will. Thank you and you do the same, ma'am." The big man had smiled happily and left.

A little later that day Tiffany had been moved over to the more erotic/gag section of the store. Here there were much more kinky items for purchase. Whenever there was a bridal shower, this part of the store had plenty of sales. Spring and summer were the biggest sale times of the year and it was still the middle of the summer.

Tiffany had been stationed at the cash register for just under an hour when she saw a strikingly beautiful girl and a very nice looking red headed young man walk into the store holding hands. The girl was tall, almost as tall as the young man. She placed her at five foot nine. She had long, thick, raven black hair, an impossibly beautiful figure, blue eyes that sparkled with life and mischief and the face of a Greek goddess.

She noted that the red headed young man was maybe five foot eleven maybe five foot ten. He looked very fit and strong. His face was very young and pleasant and like his companion his green eyes sparkled with mischief and wit.

The two joked and laughed and giggled a lot as they walked through the store. Stopping at the panty bin, the girl gasped and said something about the panties being perfect for…Tiffany didn't hear the name.

The lovely young couple stepped up to the counter with a box of red vibrating panties.

Tiffany looked at their beaming faces and couldn't help herself, "Somehow you two don't strike me as the couple who would need these."

The beautiful girl answered between giggles, "Oh no, we don't at all!" They were looking at each other adoringly, "They're for my sister. Just between us, she doesn't need these either. In fact, I don't think she'll ever need anything like this! This is simply as a joke for her. She won't know what she's wearing!" With the last statement the young girl began to cry she was laughing so hard.

Tiffany found herself laughing as well. She completed the purchase and waved goodbye. Somebody was going to have some fun in the near future. She smiled to herself. Life was good. She was having an interesting day. She wondered how the young ladies sister would react to the surprise.