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Little Nymph

'How do I get myself into these messes?' Joey wondered anxiously, stumbling on some roots. Once he regained his footing, he continued his mad sprint for safety somewhere.

How was he supposed to know that a satyr had just finally convinced a wood nymph to have sex just before he'd accidentally stumbled upon them? It wasn't his fault that nymphs and dryads were flighty and that she had instantly turned into a tree at the sight of him! It was really their faults for having sex in the woods! And he shouldn't have to pay for spoiling the satyr's fun with his own ass!

"Ah!" Tripping over a rock, he yelped as his palms were scraped open. He tried to get up and run again, but his knee throbbed painfully, and upon closer inspection, he saw that it had been scraped open as well.

All of this because he'd wanted to pick some stupid berries!

Joey gasped as a large hand grabbed his ankle and yanked him across the ground, letting out a frightened cry as the satyr began yanking at his robes. "No! I didn't mean to disturb ya! Please let me go! No!" He cried out again as the hairy half-beast ripped his robes opened and grabbed his knees. "Gods, no! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

He yelped as his thighs were finally pried apart, then let out a helpless sob. "Gods, no! Please-!"

Apparently, the gods were with him, because suddenly the rough, careless hands were gone. He kept his eyes closed for a moment, afraid to believe he'd been saved, then slowly blinked them open. He sat up and looked around, then paled when he saw the satyr's limp body lying on the ground, blood oozing out of a festering wound on his shoulder that he knew hadn't been there before.

He hadn't been saved. Now he was in the grasp of something even more dangerous!

"I don't know what you did to piss him off, but I can certainly see why he wanted you."

Joey bleated in surprise and turned sharply, brows furrowing together as his eyes landed on an unfamiliar creature. "Wha-?"

It—he?—had a pale human torso, with a face so handsome that it was actually indicative of a monster. Its brown hair fell neatly despite its obviously fast movements, and his sharp blue eyes seemed to glow in the shade of the trees. From its hips down, however, was serpentine; it looked like a snake tail, with beautiful, pearly white scales. It appeared, for all intents and purposes, a land bound siren.

"I said you're really pretty," the brunet stated, crossing his arms. "Are you deaf?"

Joey flinched, instinctively shrinking at the annoyed tone the creature spoke with; that was the tone his father usually used just before he hit him. "I… I'm sorry…"

"…I… suppose you may have been suffering from a little shock," the creature replied, frowning. "I shouldn't have snapped at you."

"Wha—" Joey cut himself off. He knew that being rude to magical beings could get him killed. Too bad he always had to talk without thinking, because now the brunet was eyeing him curiously. "…I-I don't wanna be rude, but… I've never seen anything like you. What… what are you?"

The brunet tilted his head slightly, still eyeing him in a curious manner. "…I'm a naga. I've just recently made a home here. I'm originally from India, but things are pretty stagnant there, so I came here for a change of scenery."

"Oh. Um… You're a man, right?" The human blushed at the offended expression he received.

"Do I look like I have breasts?" he spat, glaring at him, then sighed when the blond cringed. "I've never met a nymph like you. Why didn't you just turn into a tree, or jump into a river?"

Joey tilted his head in confusion, then blushed a little darker, surprised, but also somehow pleased that the naga thought him attractive enough to be a nymph. "You—You think I'm a nymph?"

The brunet raised an eyebrow. "You're not? …Hmm." The naga eyed him for a few silent moments before his lips twisted into a smirk. "Well, little human, how do you intend on repaying me for saving your life?"

"My life-? I woulda been fine! It was just my virginity I was worried about—" the blond began, scowling, only to gasp as the white scales suddenly flashed, and the long, white tail was wrapped around him, trapping his arms at his sides. "Ah!"

"Then you should thank me for saving your virginity; after all, that satyr tasted quiet nasty. I shouldn't have had to taste him at all." The brunet traced his cheek lightly with his fingers, drawing the sharp nails across his skin to show just how dangerous he was. "I could kill you right now and be well within my rights."

Joey shivered as the naga's claws trailed down his neck, biting his bottom lip as goose bumps broke out across his body. "Nn…!"

"So will you show proper gratitude, or are you offering to be my next meal? I was just about to go hunting when I came across you," the brunet hissed, eyeteeth extending into long, sharp snake fangs.

"Please-!" The human squirmed against the hard, unyielding coils restraining him, then fell limp, panting. "I'm sorry! Yes! I'll give ya whatever ya want-!" He whimpered as the naga's coils tightened. "…Please… stop…!"

Abruptly, the grip loosened, and he sagged against the naga's serpentine half. "Ah…"

"You'll give me whatever I want?" The brunet's eyes narrowed as he smirked smugly. "Anything I name, you'll give it to me?"

Joey trembled a little when he saw the hungry expression stealing onto his face. "…Y-yes?"

The snake-like tongue fluttered out of his mouth for a moment before he leaned closer. "…I want what he wasss trying to sssteal from you."

The blond screeched like a little girl and squirmed. "Oh, gods, no! Ya just kept it from happenin' and now you're gonna do it?"

The naga chuckled and sat up straight, slithering out from around him. "I just wanted to see your face. I actually want you to show me around, show me where human towns are so I can avoid them. Your debt will be paid to me then. Just… try not to piss off anymore satyrs, alright? I may not always be there to save you."

"…Y-you bastard!" Joey roared, glaring at him. "Scarin' the crap outta me!"

The brunet raised an eyebrow at him, still smiling a little. "Is it my fault you're so cute? I just want to see all of the expressions you can make."

The human blushed. "…S-shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!"


"You really should ugly yourself up a bit." Seto played with some of the human's straw-colored hair lightly. "At least we know why everyone keeps trying to seduce you now, though."

Joey huffed and settled back against the naga's chest more comfortably. "Stupid Ma and her stupid nymph blood!"

"See? I know a nymph when I see one." The brunet chuckled and nuzzled his neck lightly. "I couldn't believe I'd been mistaken when you first told me you weren't."

"Yeah, yeah, you're always right. I get it," the human—well, half-human and half-nymph, now that he'd learned about it from his father—grumbled. "Ya get a real kick outta bein' right all the time, don't ya?"

"Yes, actually, I do," Seto replied, curling the end of his tail around the blond's leg. "And I was right about you becoming more attractive once you were halfway through puberty, and I'm probably even right about how you'll go into a sex frenzy soon, as your body finishes changing. I'll protect you from anyone wanting to take advantage of you, of course," he added, patting the blond on the head.

Joey huffed again, pouting a little as crossed his arms. "Sex frenzy, psh. Well, you've been right about everything else, so why not this?"

The naga frowned at the bitter tone and leaned around to look at him in confusion. "…Is something wrong? Did I… offend you?"

"…No." The blond hunched his shoulders, frowning. "…Why haven't you ever tried t' get me in bed with ya?"

Seto tilted his head, slowly replying, "Because I don't have a bed…?"

"I mean—why don't you ever try t' seduce me?"

"I don't particularly find nymphs attractive," the brunet answered.

Then, every alarm in his brain and body began screaming, 'Wrong, wrong, wrongwrongwrong!' And he knew his instincts were correct when the half-nymph stiffened, then slowly relaxed, bowing his head.

Joey hugged himself and sighed shakily. "Oh. …I see." He bit his bottom lip to force back a whimper and got to his feet. "I… I think I'd better go home now."

Seto hurried to slither up beside him. "That came out wrong. I mean, yes, nymphs are obviously attractive—they're nymphs—and since you're part nymph, you're quite easy on the eyes. It's just that I, personally, don't find myself wanting to have relations with them like most humans and other creatures." When he heard a soft keen from the blond, he sighed. "That came out wrong, too. What I mean is—"

"Just… just stop while you're ahead," Joey whispered, curling in on himself even more. "You're makin' it worse."

The brunet came to a stop and frowned, brows furrowing together in concern as he watched the younger boy walk away. He realized that he'd basically said he didn't find the half-nymph attractive, but since when had Joey cared? He'd never given what people felt about him a second thought, so why was he so worried about what he thought?

Unless… Joey thought he was attractive and didn't mind the idea of sex with him, despite his snakelike tail and serpentine tongue.

Seto covered his face and groaned. He'd just told his friend that he didn't think of him in a sexual way, not realizing until it was too late that that was the exact opposite of what he wanted to hear. He hadn't even been gentle about it!


"…He hasn't come back," Seto murmured, frowning, as he slithered in circles around his cave.

It had been two weeks, and Joey hadn't been back. He was getting worried. Joey's body was going to finish changing soon, and his hormones would be going off the wall; he'd want to have sex with anyone that would have him, and if he knew Joey—which he did, after all of the days they'd spent together over the past few months—he would regret it, feeling used and unworthy of anyone he might love, because he had the human ideals of sex being something special.

Hmm. Joey had shown him where he lived, luckily near the edge of town. If he was careful, he could peek in on him.


"Eh… P-please…" Joey turned his head weakly as he panted, lifting a hand to his mouth and squirming a little. "…I can't…"

A thumb brushed over his nipple, making him whimper and flinch. He wanted so badly to push the other man away, but his touch on his overheated body felt too good to ask him to stop. He just wished he could close his eyes and make everything go away…

He moaned in frustration as the man's body moved away and turned onto his side, panting quietly as he slid a hand down his stomach. He was so hot, he only wanted to get a little relief—

Joey mewed as a hand grabbed his wrist tightly and squirmed, then groaned in relief as he felt something cool against his skin. He cuddled up to it greedily, trying to take in the chill as his feverish body protested. "So hot-! Help!"

He felt a cool hand on his cheek, and he leaned into it as he felt himself being lifted. He couldn't bring himself to worry about that, however, because he was being held against something cool that felt good against his overly warm body. He vaguely felt himself being carried somewhere, but didn't care about that either when he felt himself being immersed in cold water.

Joey felt okay there. The water not only soothed his feverish body, but calmed any struggles he might have had. Moaning quietly in relief and huddling close to the sand, he sighed and allowed himself a small smile. He was sure lucky that someone had seen fit to help him.

His smile faded at the thought before his face twisted into a pained expression. The only one he wanted didn't think he was attractive. Hearing that he had no chance with the person he'd come to admire and respect—and, eventually, become attracted to—had really, really hurt, especially when he realized that he could sleep with anyone else except the one he wanted.



Seto turned his head sharply, then slithered over to the blond as he sat up and looked around like a frightened animal. "Are you feeling better?"

Joey looked up at him, breath already speeding up, before lunging at him and yanking him into a rough kiss that was all teeth and tongues.

The naga hissed and had to consciously retract his fangs so he wouldn't poison him. He wanted to push the blond away, to force him to see that their bodies were just not compatible, but the half-nymph was kissing him so desperately that he couldn't stomach the thought of seeing the broken expression on his face when he rejected him.

Instead, he eased the younger boy back onto the blankets that had once been wrapped around his nude body and slid his hand down his body. "Joey, we really shouldn't…"

"I don't care!" Joey whispered, wrapping his arms around the brunet's neck. "If I can't have you then I'll just go find someone else!"

Seto hissed again, infuriated at the thought. That he was angry that the blond would go have sex with someone else despite the fact he'd regret it later came as sort of a surprise. However, when the half-nymph whimpered and squirmed beneath him, he was determined to keep him safe—even if it meant having sex with him so the blond wouldn't feel too ashamed of himself once this crazy lust passed.


Joey moaned and shivered as he felt something running through his hair, then opened his eyes slightly and peered upward. "Uhn… Seto…?"

"Hmm. You're awake." Seto smiled awkwardly. "How do you feel?"

"…Sore…" the blond mumbled, letting his eyes fall shut again. He frowned for a few moments, then gasped and sat up quickly.

The naga winced as he let out a howl of pain. "You shouldn't move so fast—"

"Oh, gods! Why does it hurt so bad-! I didn't have any—" Joey paused before his eyes filled with tears. "…I did? Who did I do it with?"

"Just me." The brunet cupped his cheek, frowning. "You never left my cave; no one else had a chance to touch you."

The half-nymph looked up at him in confusion. "…But… but I thought… I thought ya didn't like me that way?"

"I just wanted to keep you safe," Seto replied. "I knew how you'd react once the fog lifted, so I sated you as best I could. Of course, since you're a nymph, you were quite voracious, so even when we weren't having sex, you were writhing and humping me. …I'm surprised you didn't die from exhaustion," he mumbled, rolling his eyes.

"You… sated me?" Joey blushed a little, then looked away, frowning as he thought about what he'd heard. Then, he hunched his shoulders and hugged himself tightly.

Seto knew how he'd react after the fog of lust had left him, so he'd had sex with him just to keep him from feeling like too much of a complete whore. He was still unattractive in the naga's eyes; this was just a favor for a friend, trying to keep him from feeling too badly about himself.

They'd had sex more than once—his only chance to be closer to the other boy—and he couldn't remember any of it!

Seto frowned as the blond's body shook with sudden, violent sobs and reached out to touch his shoulder gently. "I thought you wouldn't mind. You're attracted to me, aren't you? I only wanted to keep you from hurting yourself. …Was… was I wrong?"

"It's not fair!" the blond ground out, lifting his hands to rub his eyes and wipe away the tears falling even as more formed in his eyes. "The one time ya have sex with me, I'm too—too out of it t' even remember! It's not fair!"

"W-what-? You're upset because you can't remember the sex?" the naga sputtered in disbelief.

Joey cringed away when he saw the brunet's disgusted expression, then stood shakily, tucking the blanket around his body. Now he understood why he didn't appeal to Seto; nymphs were insatiable whores, so of course Seto wanted nothing to do with them. He was more respectable than that.

"Where are you going?"

"…Takin' a bath. 'nd goin' home," the blond mumbled, holding the blanket closer as he made his way toward the mouth of the cave. "I've imposed on ya too much already. I'm sorry."

Seto tilted his head and eyed the retreating back thoughtfully. "…I'm always willing to help…"

The half-nymph bit his bottom lip before carefully answering, voice tight. "…I know."

He hurried out of the cave and was grateful that the naga didn't follow him. That gave him time to cry in peace, because the brunet always wanted to fix his problems. All he wanted to do was sit and cry for a while, wallowing in his misery.

Seto had never looked at him with outright disgust before. He'd realized the naga didn't necessarily like nymphs (he'd once called them 'fickle little able-bodied sluts'), but he'd hoped that he'd be the exception, because he was only half nymph and he'd been raised as a human.

But he wasn't. Seto had looked at him in disgust; he'd seen the contempt in his eyes when he'd said he was upset he missed out on remembering the sex.

Joey sobbed helplessly and sat down in the small pond not far from the brunet's cave. He couldn't remember their coupling, and their relationship was going to have to end on that sour note: Seto had only had sex with him because he felt sorry for him, and he couldn't remember it anyway, so he didn't even have the memories to hold onto where he could pretend that perhaps maybe there'd been a chance…

It didn't matter. He wouldn't be coming back, anyway. He'd never noticed how much the brunet really disliked him, but now that he realized it, he could see that Seto had only been nice to him because he'd felt he owed him for saving him from that satyr and had kept coming to pester him for something more he could give in return besides just showing him around. He wondered why the naga had put up with it for so long.

Well. That was one problem solved. The best thing he could do for the other creature was to leave him alone. He could consider the debt paid, as the brunet would most likely be thankful that he didn't have to deal with him and his babbling anymore.

Joey couldn't help but cry harder at that; he wished Seto wouldn't have led him on like that, giving him hope for something he had no intention of ever giving to him. …Then again, it was probably his fault for being so oblivious.


Seto crossed his arms and scowled, the end of his tail lashing a little in frustration. He'd expected Joey to come back and say goodbye, but he hadn't, so he'd just stewed in his cave, worrying and waiting. When he'd finally realized that the half-nymph had probably gone home already, he'd given him a few days so he could have his space, guessing that he was still a little ashamed or embarrassed.

But he hadn't come back. He was certainly high-maintenance. Seto wondered why he put up with him sometimes—

"—Really is a shame, Renny's son running away like that."

"I always knew he was going to get his heart broken one of these days!"

"Mae! Don't say that!"

Seto turned his head slowly, frowning. After a moment, though, he glided closer to the voices, peering through some bushes to find a group of nymphs and dryads gossiping away near the bank of a river. Well, all but one little water nymph, who sat silently and braided lilies into her hair. He turned his gaze on the older nymphs and dryads and focused on their conversations again.

A green tree spirit, her sea-foam skin wrinkled from age, frowned and tilted her head. "It really is sad, though, poor little dear. He didn't even know he was part nymph until his father yelled at him about Renny being a whore."

"She is a whore," a blue nymph stated bluntly.

"Yes, but to yell that at your son, who had no choice in deciding what race he'd be? Despicable, I say."

A softly colored yellow dryad shrugged a little. "I just wish I knew who he'd slept with when he came of age. That's what really hurt, I think. He said his partner felt nothing but disgust for nymphs anyway, which just makes it worse."

The old dryad huffed. "Did he tell his partner how abnormal he is, even for half-breed standards? Giving birth to male children, ha! You know that Renny dabbled in dangerous substances, don't you? Obviously, the boy is a result, and she didn't care how much he suffered when he came of age; male bodies aren't meant to go through that! She probably hoped he would be ashamed of letting men just use his body and kill himself!"

"No!" another dryad gasped, this one pale pink in color. "But he's only ever been nice! Oh, poor little Joey!"

"Hmph! Good riddance, I say. The sooner he gets away from that toxic person, the better," the blue nymph stated, tossing her hair over her shoulder and huffing quietly. "It would only bring him pain to be nearby, anyway! It's better that he start a new life elsewhere!"

Seto felt his blood run cold. Joey hadn't just left his cave; he'd left the area completely! All because he believed that he wasn't wanted, that Seto felt disgusted by him—

"…I wish my big brother had said goodbye first," the little nymph whispered, frowning. "I don't know when I'll see him again."

A little sister. Joey had a little sister. A little sister that he'd left behind to get away from him!

He had no idea Joey had believed he didn't like him! …Then again, he'd never really given him a reason to.

Making snide and sarcastic comments when the blond had been fishing for a compliment—probably to heal whatever damage his father had done that day to his self-worth and ego. Teasing him during times when they had had basic comfortable silences, even though the blond looked content to just stay silent and enjoy his company. Even threatening him when he was in a bad mood and wanted a power trip, frightening the blond into submission.

He hadn't realized he'd been forcing all of his dislike of nymphs onto the blond in the guise of friendship, torturing him like a regular friend wouldn't.

He was a bad friend. And now, his little nymph was gone.