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Harry James Potter looked in confusion at the device in front of him. When it had been offered to the seventh years to return to Hogwarts and repeat the year he had accepted it gratefully. The year's absence from the place that he called home had made him realise that he was not ready to leave the crumbling yet mighty castle yet. During this year he had decided to explore the castle with Ginny and try and learn many of its secrets. It was due to this aim that he was now standing in the Chamber of Secrets staring at the hourglass in his hand wondering how he came to be in this predicament. To him it never made sense that Salazar Slytherin would have built a great chamber just to house a snake. Following this hunch he had ventured into its cold depths (without Ginny as the place brought back too many unpleasant memories) intent on exploring it more fully - the fact that a horcrux and basilisk had tried to kill him had severely limited his searching time on his first visit. Upon discovering a door at the foot of the intimidating founder he had found it to be a library. Naturally his Gryfindor-ish nature had taken over and he plunged in without thinking of the consequences. Now he cursed this rash nature as the hourglass began glowing a bright green, illuminating the dank library more than the candles could ever hope to. Looking in its glowing depths he felt a compulsion to turn it twice. After he complied and image started to form in front of him. Flickering the figure looked up, the bald head and the long, white beard that spilled down his ancient looking robes seemed familiar.

Harry gasped as his mind thought back to the statue on the other side of the door. Why was Salazar Slytherin in Hogwarts?

As if reading his mind the apparition said -

"No doubt you are wondering why I am here young one? You see you have activated the Hourglass of Te Nosce, this shall send you back to the time your heart most longs to be in. I found it on my travels and installed an image of myself to explain to my heir what this was as, by the time I had discovered its potential, Godric was very close to sending me away," his voice took on a bitterness here, "therefore I had no time to write instructions. Do you have any questions?"

"How do I get back?" asked Harry worried about being stuck forever in the past.

"You will be sent back when you have experienced all your heart desires." answered Salazar patiently.

"How will I fit in? Surely they will know I'm a time-traveler!"

"You will take on the identity of someone who will allow you to witness the events you want to. You shall keep your same appearance and name yet others will just accept this and not view it as odd unless their bond to you is extremely strong."

"What if I need something from the future?"

"Just picture it in your mind and it should come to you. Your basic needs will already be there."

Harry was truely panicking now as he saw that this was real - he had been fostering a hope that he was dreaming or in some state of delusion. Seeing Harry's anxiety Salazar smirked enjoying Harry's discomfort.

"Stupid bloody snake" thought Harry savagely. Just then the hourglass glowed brighter and the light began to engulf Harry.

As the light faded Harry looked around. Seeing the familiar castle he thanked his lucky stars he was still at Hogwarts. His thanks was cut short however as he saw his mirror image coming towards him.

"Professor Potter?" yelled the young man.

"Yes?" Harry yelled back.

"Professor Dumbledore asked me to come early to show you around" explained James Potter, a look of confusion flitted over the boy's features but was immediately dispelled.

"Ah excellent, and who may you be?" asked Harry. Inside he was reeling at meeting his father but outwards his demeanor remained cool and collected.

"James Potter, Head Boy sir" answered the boy. Harry now saw how everyone compared him to his father. James looked exactly like him except with hazel eyes and no scar.

"Where is my trunk?" asked Harry finally thinking practically. He swore that if Salazar lied to him and he had to spend God knows how long living of something Dumbledore picked out the founder would pay... somehow...

"The house-elves have taken it to your rooms sir" answered the young Potter before gesturing that they should head into the castle. Harry breathed a sigh of relief at this and followed the eager boy up the stone steps.

After showing him around - everything was the same as in Harry's time except newer - James led Harry to the Great Hall to await the arriving students. Sure enough they came quickly and Harry was startled when Sirius bounded up to them.

"So Jamesie I guess you couldn't wait for school to start long enough to arrive the normal way."

"Shut it Padfoot, Dumbledore asked me to." said James whacking grinning boy.

"Ow. First you leave me on my own to get the train and now you assault me. I'm wounded James!" said Sirius in a tone of mock hurt, his eyes doing and excellent impression of a puppy.

"Hey you weren't on your own! We had to enjure two hours of you whining about not being able to wait for the feast" said Remus coming up behind Sirius followed by Peter.

"Well just because I like my food is no reason for you to mock me!" exclaimed Sirius.

"It is when you become obese" joked James.

"Me? Obese? I could never do that to my adoring fans" said Sirius winking at a passing group of sixth year girls who giggled furiously. At this Harry gave a snort of mirth turning the groups attention on him.

"Oh, right I forgot sorry, this is Professor Potter the new DADA professor." said James sheepishly running his hands through his hair.

"Pleasure" said Harry.

"Excellent a newbie. This year is going to be fun" whispered Sirius to Lupin who snickered at Sirius's awful attempt at subtlety.

"Er sorry about them Professor" said James as they walked into the hall.

"Its fine, I've heard a few things about the Marauders so it should be interesting indeed" replied Harry watching James's eyes widen as he recognised the challenge before heading to the Gryfindor table.

"Ah welcome Harry" said Dumbledore warmly as he approached the staff table, "Everyone this is Professor Harry Potter our new DADA teacher."

As Harry sat down everyone began introducing themselves. The staff mainly comprised of those he had had at Hogwarts except instead of Snape, Slughorn was the Potions Master.

Sitting between McGonagall and Flitwick, Harry surveyed the students. It felt strange being in 1977 and yet as he dug into his steak and kidney pie he felt contented. It was almost as though he was meant to be here. After making small talk with the teachers he found that Minerva was less strict and more fun loving in this time, reminding him fondly of Hermione, and that Flitwick had a devious sense of humour bringing many chuckles to the time-traveler's lips. All in all he was enjoying himself immensely.

After the feast Harry followed the way James had shown him to the bottom of the astronomy tower and entered his chambers. Looking around he saw there were a couple of comfy looking armchairs on either side of the roaring fire - courtesy of the house-elves. The carpet was a pale blue and fluffy gving relief to his well worn feet and there were wide windows looked out on the lake - knowing that this was impossible Harry guessed they were enchanted. Entering the adjourning rooms he catalogued a spacious bathroom with a giant bathtub and sea side theme, a comfortable looking bedroom - the mahogany colours of the wall panels matching the warm colours of the furniture creating a pleasant atmosphere - and a study with many shelves just waiting to be adorned with books. His tiredness catching up with him he quickly changed using the trunk supplied and climbed into bed barely able to keep the a smile at bay.

Back in 1999 Headmistress Minerva McGonagall stared at the parchment in front of her. In red ink it said Harry James Potter DADA Professor 1977-1978.

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Te Nosce means "know thyself" in latin - finally I'm using that latin qualification!