This is my first story, so thanks for reading ! I'll try and update once or twice a week, or more if possible. Hope you like it !

It was year 902 and my army was fighting a horde of Vikings from Sweeden. One night, after a particulaly gruesome battle, I went back to camp and found my good friend Godric staring at the flames of one of the camp fires.

' Sigrid, I was starting to wonder when you'd be back. How was it today ? ' he asked, sounding glad to see me.

' It was weird. For the first time in my life, I regret killing someone. ' I said, sitting down next to him.

' Who ? And why ? ' He sounded worried.

' I don't know who he was, but I think he was a prince of some sort. Once he was on the ground and I moved to kill the next man, someone came running and screaming at me. When I looked up I saw this tall, blond Viking and he was crying, and screaming in rage at me because I'd killed his brother. It broke my heart Godric... His screams were so... Painful. I've never seen someone so broken. ' My voice broke off as tears blurred my vision.

' Sigrid, this is war. You can't stop and regret or you're going to be killed. It's a shame this man lost his brother, but you cannot let yourself feel like this. Most of the men you've killed had brothers, or sisters. You did nothing wrong, don't feel bad about it.

' I know, but I've never had to face people's reactions before. I've got this sick feeling inside, like it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. '

I woke up with tears in my eyes. I hated having flashbacks, especially ones involving Godric. The plane was about to land, and from there, I'd have to find my own way to Bon Temps. I'd heard a human-fairy hybrid was living there, and if that were true, I'd have to help him or her before anything happened. I'd lived for just over 1100 years and not once had I met another like me, so I had to find this person. I myself were a full Fae, but I had been bannished from the Fae Kingdom long ago.

Once landed, I called a taxi and threw my suit case in the boot, then got in.

' Bon Temps, please. '

' Anywhere in particular missy ? '

' I've never been there, so anywhere nice would be great. '

' I'll take you to Merlotte's, the owner of the bar'll help ya. His name's Sam. '

The trip seemed to last forever, though it was really short compared to the flight I'd just had from Berlin. Eventually, we pulled up in front of Merlotte's, and if the inside was anything like the outside, then the guy was right, it was a nice place. I payed and thanked the taxi driver, took my suitcase, and walked in. And boy, was it mad in there.

The two waitresses, a short blond and a skinny red head, were virtually running around, and were shouting orders to the kitchen and to the barmaid, a tall black girl, who looked like she was going crazy with all the work.

I suddenly felt like turning around and coming back when things were calmer, but before I could the red head came and told me where to sit. I did so, ordered an iced tea and waited. After all, I was only there because I was told the owner could help me.

Eventually, everything calmed down, but there was still no sign of this Sam. So I walked up to the bar.

' Excuse me, I'm new in town, and I'd like to speak to Sam Merlotte, so do you - ' But before I could finnish the blond waitress came up to me with a big smile on her face.

' Why hello there ! My name's Sookie Stackhouse. Sam ain't gonna be in today, but I'm sure I can help ! '

I paused, rather taken aback at her sudden arrival. I wasn't used to people being so open.

' Um, hi. I'm Sigrid. I'm new here, and I'm just looking for somewhere to stay for a little while. I was told Sam would be able to help, but I'd be so grateful if you could. '

' Of course I can ! There's a hotel just down the road, if you like I could phone and see if they got a room for ya. '

Before I could answer she was already behind the bar dialing the number. The barmaid looked at me, having obviously noticed the look on my face. ' She's always like that ya know. Don't worry, she wouldn't hurt a fly. Not unless the fly asked for it that is. ' We laughed, and she told me her name was Tara, and that Sookie and her had been friends since forever. Eventually Sookie came of the phone and told me she'd booked a room for me, and she gave me the adress of the motel.

I stayed a little while longer, and talked to Sookie and Tara who were barely working, as it was mid afternoon and everyone was either working or at school.

I eventualy left, after having called another taxi, that took me to the hotel. I checked in, dumped my bags in the corner, and lied down. I had no idea flying was that tirering. Before I knew it, I was asleep, and by the time I woke up, it was dark outside. I took a quick shower and thought I'd go back to Merlotte's, as it was the only place I knew.

It took me 20 minutes to walk there, and when I arrived, Sookie was outside talking to someone. A vampire. I could smell them way off, as they smelt different to humans, as do weres, shifters, witches and any other supernatural beings. ' Sigrid, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Bill. '

He held his hand out, and I took it. ' Nice to meet you Bill, my name's Sigrid. '

' That's not a very common name. Would you mind my asking where you are from ? '

' I'm from Scotland, my name means beautiful victory in old Norse. ' I lied. I wasn't Scottish. I was Fae, from the Fae Kingdom. But it was a Norse name, so I had to find some plausible explanation.

For some reason, having an old Norse name didn't seem to please him, but he smiled anyway. He turned to Sookie. ' We have to go, Eric is expecting us, and we're already late. ' She seemed rather annoyed at that, as if she didn't want reminding. I didn't know who Eric was, but he couldn't have been very nice.

' I have to go, will you be around tomorrow ? It's my day off work, I'd love to give you a tour of Bon Temps ! ' She seemed so sweet.

' I'd love that. Meet here at around 11 tomorow ? ' She agreed, and sped off with Bill. I walked in, and Tara wasn't working. Great, I was alone. Again.

I had dinner, and left rather quickly. It was too noisy in there. I walked outside and figured I'd have a walk. I could run as fast as vampires if I wanted to, but didn't enjoy it. I much prefered walking, taking in the night air, the coolness, the freshness, and most of all, the calmness. I walked for ages in the forest, letting myself get lost among the branches.

I was thinking about Godric, about how much I missed him. We first met when I was only 18, and I had just been bannished from the Fae kingdom. I was a bloodthirsty, angry teen, and picked a fight with just about anyone. Anyone, except Godric. With him, everything had always been different, since the very first time our eyes met, and we had travelled together for nearly 100 years.

I suddenly felt a presence, someone - or something - in the forest with me, watching my every move.