The next few weeks went pas rather quickly. Godric bought a house just down the road from Fangtasia, and Eric asked me to move in with him. The first time I walked in, I was gobsmaked. His house was a mixture of extreme old and extreme modern. My favorite part was the fireplace : it was made out of stone with this really primal feeling to it, and in front of it he had laid out rugs made out of cow and sheep skins. I know that in this day and age it's considered inhumane, but when I was young, it was all we had, and I loved it.

Eric and I adapted our lives to each other : I was up from 3 pm so I could have my own bit of life, which considered mainly of looking for a job, buying food, and hanging around Merlotte's making sure Sookie was alright ( I had since then discovered she was the Fae I had come looking for ) and talking to Lafayette who became quite a good friend. By the time it got dark, I was back home with Eric. Sometimes we stayed in together, or we saw Godric, and sometimes we went to Fangtasia. At around 4 am I went home and went to bed, while Eric stayed at Fangtasia to look after his vampire business. It all worked out fine, and we all seemed to be happy.

Every once in a while, I let Eric drink a lot of my blood, and we spent the day under the sun together, often in the woods where we played with swords and any other old-fashioned weapons we could get our hands on. We were like little kids when it came to Viking warfare.

I was still pregnant, and for some reason our baby was now growing at a regular pace, which reassured us all. I was now five months pregnant and with only four months left, we needed to start getting ready for it's arrival. Everything usually went alright, Eric and I quickly agreed that he or she would have the room opposite ours, and that we would install black out blinds incase it turned out to be more vampire than fairy. But when it came to the name...

" I like Lorena. " I said. " It's beautiful and elegant and... "

" No. " Answered Eric. We were in bed, and I was sitting in between his legs, with his arms around me.

" Why not ? " I whined.

" Bill's maker. And who's to say it's a girl ? I want a son. Alfred, like my father. "

" But I don't like Alfred. It's so... I dunno. I picture this short guy, with curly, greasy brown hair, wearing huge thick glasses spending all day on a computer and... "

" Ok, ok, no for Alfred then. Peter ? "

" That's gay ! "

" And Lafayette isn't ? " he teased. I stuck my tongue out at him. " Luna ! " I suddenly exclaimed. " Luna Fae Northman ! " I smiled, as did Eric.

" Luna was my sister's name. " he said. " Yes, Luna. But not Fae. How about... Sol ? It's Spanish for Sun. Luna Sol. "

I kissed him. " Luna Sol Northman it is. "

" If it's a girl. Alfred Sigmund if it's a boy. " he said.

" But... " I started, but Eric cut me off with a dark look. I rolled my eyes. " Fine. But Sigmund Alfred. "

He paused, thinking, then smiled. " You have a deal. " He took me into his arms.

" But it's going to be a girl so it doesn't matter. " I teased him.

He nibbled at my neck, whispering something like " no, it will be a son " but I didn't take much notice as his hands started to undress me...

Three and a half months later, I proved him wrong : Luna Sol Northman was born. And than god Godric was there, is all I can say.

That's the end ! I hope you all liked it.

I've started writing the sequel, I hope to have the first chapter up in the next couple of weeks. School is taking up so much of my time, it's unbelievable ! So I'm sorry I'm not writing as much as I did at the begining.

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