Pokemon Lord

Chapter 1

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"Human Speech"

'Human Thought'




In recent news, explorers have discovered ancient ruins further north of Orre. Many of the local residents believe that they have found the keep to the legendary Pokemon Lords tomb. To those who don't know the legends it tells of a mythical creature that's power dwarfs all others. Through the ages, many trainers have tried to seek out the creature in hopes of capturing it and using its power to become masters, others seek to use that power to cause harm to the world.

Other Legends of just how the unseen tomb was created have led researchers to believe that the pokemon willingly built it with heavy hearts after their Lord's death and that some still protect it from those who wish to desecrate it.


"Sir, We'll need to blast our way through, the tunnels blocked by rubble"

"Then do it"


"Today we have Professor Samuel Oak in our studio to talk about this recent discovery. Professor how are you?"

"Oh I'm doing great Amy." he answered, sitting down on the armchair beside hers. He wore kaki pants and a red polo under a white lab coat. His hair was a brownish gray, lighter than his tan skin.

Amy was relatively young, curly purple hair, glasses, a nice curvy body. She was exactly the kind of person you'd expect to see on the TV to keep the people watching just to see her.

Amy cleared her throat, "Professor, I understand that you've done some research on this 'Pokemon lord' before."

"Why yes I have."

"Could you explain some of this to our viewers please."

"Of course, I'd be happy to." the man said, "Over the years, we've found many old scrolls written in a nearly dead language that described a single being. It described the being as a humanoid creature with the power to flatten mountains or cause tsunami's with the flick of a wrist." he told her.

"Wait you said Humanoid, so it looks like a human?"

"Yes a few of those scrolls have drawings in it and with your permission, I'd like to show them to everyone"


Screams echoed all down the cavern walls. Everyone near the entrance stopped what they were doing and turned to see the men and women explorers get thrown from the shadows by huge pokemon that were soon recognized as Onix.

"Oh my god" one exclaimed running towards the injured group, followed by others to help take them to the medics.


"As you can see, the creature in all the drawings look almost exactly alike and since these were found all over the world, we find it hard to believe that these were drawn by the same people." Oak said pointing to a collection of pictures that were on a projector.

The all showed the same manlike being in the pictures. It stood on two legs and dressed in clothing from ancient times, it had fangs, claws, catlike eyes, whiskers on each cheek, and spiky hair that covered the sides of his face and head. Behind him was multiple fury tails and on top of his head poked out a pair of cute ears. He pratictly emitted a feeling of peace and harmony.

Many of the females in the audience and the ones watching on the TV sighed dreamily at the handsome figure.

"The scrolls also had a few places in it where it described a time where the being went into a rage and changed... I think the picture's... ah! here it is."

The picture changed to show the same man covered by a strange aura, pratictly changing him to look like a monster. His chest was bare showing off muscles and scars, even markings that looked like tribal tattoos.

"Amazing" Amy said, "What are his powers."

Oak chuckled, "Many have asked me that question over the years and to tell the truth, I don't know the full extent to his power. One of the ancient scrolls that we translated had a few stories telling about a few of his powers and that's all I know. But it's said that he has power over fire, water, air, and earth in their raw forms. Meaning that he could make a river change directions if he wished or pull water from the air, stop the wind from blowing, keep a fire burning without air, heat, or fuel, or raise walls of earth to block attacks."

"Amazing" she said again.

"I agree" Oak stated. "I myself have searched for his tomb once. Imagine, if we were to somehow harness his power, pure water could easily be shipped to anywhere in the world for free. instead of having to process salt water all we'd have to do is bottle it."

"So you believe that he's not dead but just... sleeping or something." Amy asked with a small look of confusion.

"No, a being of such amazing and terrifying power wouldn't fall to time, we have many other pokemon believed to be hundreds of years old so I find it hard to see him dying of old age" Oak said with a laugh.


The search for the Pokelord's tomb has been put to a halt today as a group of Onix and Steelix have been discovered in the caverns. It is unknown why they are furiously protecting the cave but many clam that they are protecting their masters final resting place. Explorer Wesely, the head of the expedition has sent out a call for any trainers and promises to pay them to help them rid the caverns of the pokemon.


Deeper within the caverns a large stone cathedral with a large tower in the middle sat, seemingly unaffected by time. Any who saw it would be amazed at haw such a amazing structure could be underground in a huge hollow cave and how the cavern top hadn't caved in yet.

Through the front was a large open room with a single throne against the wall near the back. It was made from stone and crystal, fashioned to jut into the air in three spikes.

(The place will be described later)

On the throne sat a single figure, lazily stretched back with his head upon his fist. He had on a small gray chest plate that protected mostly his heart and lungs, gray forearm protecters, and matching leg armor over a black turtleneck and cargo pants with sandals. Over his whole body was a faded black trench coat. Multiple blonde tails wrapped around him like a blanket, covering from his waist up to his chin. His face was handsome, three perfect whisker like marks on both cheek. His hair was vary long, reaching passed his neck and stopping near his lower back but atop his head peeked a pair of twitching ears.

Suddenly a rumble reached him, and for the first time in years a silted blue eye peeked open.

Naruto Uzumaki, the legendary Pokemon Lord, was awake.


(I really don't want to go into detail on why the both Ash and Gary (Plus their groups) show up along with three other trainers, but just go with it)

"Gary did it" cheered a group of girls as an Onix slammed into the ground.

A young brown haired boy smirked, "Piece of cake" he sneered tossing a pokeball at the dazed pokemon only for another Onix to bat it away with it's tail.

Everyone gasped as the pokeball flew back and conked the boy in the forehead, never opening to capture the pokemon it touched.

The defending Onix took it's fallen brethren and fled deeper into the cave.

The boy groaned as he sat up holding a bump on his forehead while the cheerleaders tried to help.


Everyone turned to see a black haired boy rolling on the ground beside a girl with orange hair wearing blue shorts and a yellow tank top holding a small Togepi and a dark skinned boy wearing a green vest.

"Shut up" Gary yelled instantly standing. "At least I can beat a Onix unlike you Ashy-boy"

"Will you two shut up" Yelled the girl holding the Pokemon.

The head explorer Wesley, a extremely wealthy looking old man, agreed and the large group of trainers, explorers, and researchers traveled deeper into the earth, battling any Pokemon that attacked and so far they had fought, three onix, a small group of geodude, and a golem before reaching a opening that lead to an underground lake.

"Wow" Misty said looking around with starry eyes.

"Amazing, with all the fresh water down here, one would think that the dessert above would be flourishing," gawked a researcher.

Surprisingly a single Tentacruel attacked, ensnaring almost half the group until it suddenly backed down, releasing it's victims and diving deeper into the water, disappearing in a maze of tunnels.

"Does anyone else think that was strange?" Misty asked looking around.

Brock nodded, "A tentacruel wouldn't just leave like that" he stated.

"Probably ran away before I could beat it" Gary intoned while his cheerleaders nodded

While Ash and Gary started arguing, Misty asked Brock to hold her bag with Togepi in in and went to break up the fight.

Sensing something, Togepi woke up and climbed out of its bag before happily waddling away. Minutes later it's small voice echoed too all.

Misty spun around, leaving Ash and Gary holding each other in fear of her hurting them and gasped. "TOGEPI!" she cried causing everyone to look at her then to what she was pointing at.

Their sat a Ninetales with Togepi hugging onto it's leg at the far end of the path.

The pokemon looked up from the little togepi hugging it's leg and growled at the group before wrapping it's tails around the little pokemon and picking it up, much to Togepi's joy.

Being a hero, Ash got up, "Put Togepi down," he yelled, only for the Ninetails to growl louder before turning and running through a large tunnel.

"Stop" he yelled rushing after the Pokemon.

(I need to tell you all this, in the group, there is 2 explorers, 3 researchers, Ash, Brock, Misty, Gary and his 6 cheerleaders, and 3 other trainers that aren't important enough to name.)


Naruto Uzumaki sat up on his throne and stretched, the bones in his back cracked and popped as he bent in ways that no human should be able to. Looking around, he snapped his fingers causing torches to ignite, bathing the room in their soft glow.

How long had be been asleep? A year, hundreds, millions? Time had no hold on him, it's grasps had long since slipped, ever since that day he took the Kyuubi and tricked it into giving him its power... just before he enslaved it, who knew that the great Kyuubi-no-Kitsune was a girl.

A small voice brought him from his thoughts as a Ninetails ran towards him holding another pokemon with her tails.

"What do we have here" he questioned in a slow slightly scratchy voice, due to years of disuse. He wasn't talking about the little Togepi, he was looking directly at the Ninetails.

"Even after all these years, your sprit still serves me... I thought you'd pass on by now" He said looking it straight in the eyes.

Your presence here gives us the strength to continue on, even in death. Even after all those years ago when you took me in and raise me as your kit, I pledged to help you anyway I could. Everyone else did too, but out of all us all, only 12 remained

Naruto smiled sadly as the ghostly ninetails set the Togepi down and faded away.

Master, a group of people have infiltrated your keep. This Togepi was with them.

Naruto frowned, "I know about them, but you know I don't like kidnapping pokemon and using them like that" he said narrowing his eyes.

The Ninetails reappeared beside the smiling Togepi, who said it's name in surprise and fell back with a loud giggle. I know that Master, but he waddled up to me while I was watching the group get toyed with by that overgrown squid till you called him back, mind if I ask why?

Naruto didn't speak but smiled as Togepi waddled up the three steps to his seat and held it's tiny arms up to him, wanting to be picked up. Saying its name again and again, Naruto bent down and picked the little pokemon up making it chant its name in glee. "They were lucky enough to find the entrance to my keep and woke me up, It would be impolite to throw them out, besides... I've slept for... how long?"

Since the last time you went back to sleep... around 800 years, the ninetails sprit said.

Naruto's eyes widened and he nearly dropped Togepi, "800 years!" He repeated, "Wow I missed a lot huh?"

The sprit snorted, Master you said that you once slept through a nuclear holocaust and you question why you slept through 800 years? besides all you missed was advances in technology, new breeds of pokemon, and pokemon trainers becoming a profession. You could easily rise back to your former glory and reclaim your title, Trainers these days are arrogant and dumb always trying the capture us and become pokemon masters.

Naruto sweat dropped at the speech, "Ok... well, I just woke up from 800 years of sleep and feel up to messing with my guests." he said before holding Togepi up to his face, "How about you? you want to help me?" he asked with a grin.

Togepi chanted his name,

"I'll take that as a yes"

Naruto laughed, unknowingly causing echoes to bounce down the tunnels, growing darker and more evil the further away they got before disappearing in a swirl of shadows.


Reappearing on a ledge above the underground lake, Naruto smiled as he saw a dark haired boy wearing blue jeans and a vest with a hat on his head, crawling out of the cold water. The small walk way above the water was old and as he found out, weak near the edges. A girl with orange hair grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him from the water.

"Ash stop messing around" she yelled making the whole group step back.

Naruto blinked and also felt like backing off but shook his head, clearing it. Those people interested him, maybe he should skip the toying and go straight to the main event. 'Nah'

'Oi Ninetales, there about to reach the door get ready to meet them,"

"Sorry little one, but these people have proven to be... too interesting to toy with too much" he apologized before disappearing again.


Explorer Wesely gaped as the group stopped at a pair of black doors with gold trim, All the researchers started taking pictures and notes of how the door looked while one of the five trainers walked up to the door,

"I bet this would be worth a lot" he said picking at some of the gold only to have a researcher slap his hand away.

"These door is hundreds of years old, don't you dare mess it up" she scolded. "Something this old belongs in a museum where everyone can see it, from the details and style, I'd say this was over 900 years old."

923 to be exact

Everyone jumped and looked around for the voice only to find each other and nothing else.

You humans aren't the brightest in the world, up here

Looking up they saw the vary same pokemon that took Togepi laying on a ledge above the giant door, lazily waving it's tails around.

"Hey your the one that took Togepi," Ash yelled pointing at the lounging pokemon, "Where is he?"

The Ninetails chuckled, a feminine laugh that made some of the males hearts flutter. My, my, you certainly are a loud one aren't you, It said making Gary snicker, Although, I'd rather deal with your loud mouth that that stuck up punk over there , It finished pointing a tail at Gary

The main researcher, Tammy, the same woman who scolded the boy from before, stepped up, "Who or what are you" she questioned.

Ninetails chuckled again, Well the best way to describe it would be... dead.

The whole group paled and took a step back until Gary scoffed, "Yeah right, there's no such thing as pokemon ghosts haunting a place after they die" he sneered only to gasp and scream like a girl as Ninetails instantly appeared floating by his face.

Oh poo, I didn't even get to say boo she intoned with a laugh.

Brock gaped, "How can you continue living even after death?" he asked while the others leaned closer to hear the answer.

Hmm, let me answer your question with one of my own, has any of your pokemon been acting strange lately, maybe refusing to come out of their ball or fighting reluctantly. Ninetails asked.

Ash took out a pokeball and looked at it, "Yeah, Pikachu went into his ball just as soon as we stepped in, he hates being in that."

That's because of Masters aura, most pokemon don't like fighting against a dominate and he is the very essence of dominate Ninetails said with a grin, His vary presence fills use all with power to use and allows us to live on...

"He?... you mean the Poke...lord?" researcher Tammy asked only to blink as the ghost faded away.

Loud creaks and slides echoed from the door, making the whole group look at the large work of art just as it slowly opened to show the most amazing building any had ever seen. It looked like a Cathedral seen in old large cities, made of pure white marble it was at least two stories above them with a long flight of stairs and judging from the size of the building, it was at least three stories high. Large basins ignited, bathing the steps in a soft red glow.

"Ok, now that was freaky" Brock said only to be ignored by the whole group.

Tammy motioned for her assistant to come over. When he did. she reached into his backpack and pulled a small metal case out. Inside was a old tattered scroll which she opened with the utmost care, as if it would fall to pieces with a strong breeze.

"What's that?" Ash asked trying to look over the taller woman's shoulder and failing.

Tammy, who enjoyed teaching smiled at the chance to explain something and showed him the inside. "You see this mark," she asked making him nod. It was a faded spiral with strange marking branching off at different spots.

"Yeah It looks like a pollywogs stomach" he said making the woman slowly nod.

"Well... I guess you could say that, but no. This mark is said to be the Legendary Pokelord's, look up at the door, it's on there too, I believe that his tomb is in there"

"hehehe" Wesley laughed, "HAHAHA, Finally, after years of searching, the ultimate power is within my grasp" he said with a crazed smirk. "I'll finally be able to catch the greatest Pokemon ever"

"Wesley what are you talking about, the Pokelord died years ago."

"Fool," Wesley sneered walking up the steps with his assistant behind him, "Do you really believe that the Pokemon with the power to control all others would just die. I've searched for years to find this place and finally done it, with his power at my command the wold will be mine to control with my soon to be army of Pokemon"

Ever the hero, Ash was about to try and stop the crazed explorer only to find that the man's assistant came armed with a pistol.

"Hahaha you wont stop me, this is my destiny, but I'll need you all to battle him so I can capture him, I'm not sure if a Master ball will be enough for him" Wesley said, before going up the steps with his assistant forcing them to follow.


Naruto frowned as he had heard the whole thing from his seat. Togepi was peacefully sleeping in his arms snoring lightly form his egg-like shell. He hated people who used others for their own gain, They always harmed others and usually ended up killing many people, made him glad that he had forsaken his humanity long ago. Although, he really couldn't talk about killing people, Around 10000 years ago, he had been called the bane of humanity when he awoke to a nuclear wasteland and decided to be evil for awhile, killing hundreds of the surviving people and looting towns. But hey, that's a story for another time.

Naruto snorted, He knew he had a few mental problems, probably due to the large doses of radiation and other ungodly amounts of chemicals he had played with or maybe he was slightly insane from living so long.

He shrugged, not even looking as the large double doors to his throne room swung open and in strolled an elderly man followed by a less than happy group of researchers and trainers being held at gun point.

"That's weird only one room," he heard the old man say. He had gray, nearly white hair and wore what looked like a safari suit.

Naruto stayed still as if he was sleeping with the Togepi curled up on his lap, snoring contentedly. Watching with narrowed eyes, he watched as the humans finally noticed him.

"Finally... I can't believe it, my dream's coming true" the man said before turning to the group, "I thank you for getting me this far, I thought that he would be awake so you'd have to fight him but I see now that's not the case. You see, over the years I've come across an object that will force the so called 'Pokelord' to grovel at my feet and pledge it's loyalty to me to get it back."

Naruto was tempted to kill the man then and there but felt curiosity to find out what the man possessed, after all, he had lost many things over the years and wouldn't mind getting some of them back.

Wesley pulled a small bundle from his pocket and untied the string around it before pulling a thump sized green crystal that practically screamed 'valuable'

"Besides, he's no normal Pokemon, don't you see just how human he looks? Most of the legends only tell of his power but only one tells how what he truly is..."

"And what prey tell did a book say I am?" Naruto spoke cutting him off and staring at him with his ice cold gaze.

Wesley and the rest of the adventurers were speechless as the Pokelord seemingly woke up and questioned them. The small egg in his lap shook and opened up to reveal the yawning Togepi who chanted it's name.

Misty saw her Togepi sitting in the mans lap with a happy look on it's face and almost cried thinking that he had abandoned her. Naruto noticed this and stood up, keeping the Togepi in his grasp, and seemingly glided down the steps, "Is this your Togepi?" He asked the orange haired girl who nodded.

Togepi turned and saw Misty standing just a few yards away and seemed to feel her sadness as he started to reach out to her. Naruto stopped at the bottom step and held the pokemon out to her as she quickly made her way over and took him in her grasp.

"Now," he started turning his hard gaze to the old man, "I believe you have something that belongs to me" Naruto growled cracking his neck.

"Sure you can have it back. Just as soon as you pledge you undying loyalty to me Hanyou" (I think that's right) Wesley smirked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "You dare call me a half demon?" he asked before grinning, "Hahaha oh that's rich,"

He faded away and reappeared next to the elderly man with his arm around his neck. "I'm greater than a demon, you see. I'm not bound by my word, I could say that I promise to let you live then kill you once I'm done" he said plucking the crystal from the wrinkled hand.

Shoving the old man to the ground ten feet away, Naruto held the crystal up to the fires light, "Ah how long has it been since I've lost this? Had you just returned it, you'd have been greatly rewarded. After all this is worth enough to by three mountains," he said making everyone gape at the statement. "But to me I'd pay enough to buy ten as a reward" he finished making some of the unimportant trainers have money signs replace their eyes.

Suddenly Naruto leaned back so that his back was parallel with the ground as a gold and white ball flew over him. Craning his neck, he saw the elderly man standing while holding a red and white pokeball.

"I've come too far to be beaten now" Wesley screamed throwing the pokeball, "Go Sycther!"

The pokeball opened in the air and released the mantis-like pokemon with a while beam of light. Wesley growled and pointed at the blond, "Attack"

The large green insect-like pokemon seemed to hesitate.

"Come hatchling, show me what you got," Naruto spoke holding out a hand and making a 'bring it' gesture.

In a flash the Sycther was on him, trying and failing to slice him to pieces while he leaned out of the way or sidestepped all together.

"Wow!" "Amazing!" "So cool!" the trainers murmured watching the spectacle. The researchers stared with gaping mouths while Tammy pulled out a camera and taped the one-sided fight.

Naruto stepped aside and pushed the pokemon's bladed arm off course with a finger, "Hatchling, are you holding back?" he intoned before pushing it back, knocking it off balance. "Your stance isn't strong enough, you need to be prepared to move and regain your barring if an enemy gets too close."

"No way," Brock stated with a slack jaw, making them look at him.

Misty asked, "What's wrong?" while keeping a firm grip of the excited Togepi

"He's lecturing the Sycther during a battle and talking to it like it was a child,"

You forget human, compared to Master, most pokemon are hatchlings, pups, or kits the sprit of the Ninetails stated, reappearing by his feet and lazily watching as her master corrected the Sycther's stances and swipes.

The sound of ripping fabric reached their ears and they all looked to see a happy looking Naruto studying a large gash in his chest while the sycther looked about ready to faint.

"Hahaha, pretty good hatchling," he laughed, "Try this on for size,"

Naruto threw his head back and took a deep breath until his cheeks bulged, making him look like a angry child before snapping his head back down and sending a jet of water rocketing toward the surprised pokemon. Unable to dodge, it was hit head on and sent rolling back,into his elderly trainer who hit the ground with a pained cry.

"I forgot that you humans aren't as strong as us," Naruto spoke with a bored tone, "You aren't used to pain like we are, especially one as old and frail as you"

Naruto blurred out of sight and appeared right next to the old explorer, sitting with his legs and arms crossed while looking down at the man. "You know, I should thank you, if you hadn't come to capture and enslave me you would've gotten off a lot easier but seeing as it is in your nature to be greedy I'll give you two things," he said before smirking and holding up his hand which grew claws instead of fingernails, "Your life and this nice set of scars,"

The screams of the old man echoed and caused the onlooking trainers and researchers to tremble as the blonde straddled his prey and carved four long gashes across his face before standing up and leaving the wailing man on the ground, holding his bloody face.

Then he turned towards the assistant who leveled his pistol at him.

"Don't come any closer," the man demanded, pulling the hammer back.

Naruto took a step forward, "Or what human?"

The gun went off and Naruto's whole body seemed to slide out of the way without moving, allowing the bullet to his the stone wall beside him.

"You missed," Naruto droned boredly with a smirk, "My turn,"

He sped forward again and hit the younger man in the chest with a open palm thrust, sending him flying out of his throne room and tumbling down the steps where he landed in a heap with swirls in his eyes.

"Pathetic," he droned.

Naruto finally looked to the trainers and researchers who stiffened as his eyes studied them, "You all... are free to leave," he said dismissively, snapping his fingers and making a powerful gust of wind appear from nowhere, pushing them back.

"No wait!" Tammy yelled, frantic at losing the chance to learn more about this creature.

Seeing them struggle against the wind Naruto swiped his arm towards them, "BEGONE," he yelled. Almost instantly, the gale doubled then tripled in power, picking up the explorers, researchers, cheerleaders, and trainers and sending them all safely down the tunnels where they were deposited in a pile surrounded by destroyed excavation equipment and research tents.

They all stood up slowly.

"Wow," Brock said, looking at the destruction.

"This is obviously the work those Onix, they must've waited until we were deep in the cave and appeared, destroying everything and scaring the others away." The nameless researcher said.

"Quickly!" Tammy yelled, "I must speak with-"

She stopped as she turned towards the cave entrance only to stop, there was no entrance... hell half of the stone wall was gone, replaced by loose soil.

"No..." she whispered, sinking back down to her knees after all that money spent, she was back at square one.


Naruto gazed at the ghostly forms of his pokemon sadly, each and every one of them were like his vary own children. He had raised them by hand, trained them... house broken them. They had lived by his side for years and ultimately, died by his side.

"My children," he spoke to the twelve, "For years you served me even in death. For too long your souls have lingered around. Pass on and be with your mates once more, I will miss you all. Tell those that passed already that I hope they found happiness in the place where I can not go, tell them that I do not hold their actions against them, tell them that I understand and wish them well."

The Pokemon hung there heads as their ghostly bodies started to float upwards and shined before flaking away.

"Go and be free my children, be happy."

All but one shined brightly and disappeared, leaving Naruto and the Ninetails alone in the room. In another flash, the fox turned into a ghostly woman.


The woman smiled, Naruto-kun

The great Kyuubi-no-Kitsune had died within his mind but was reborn on the outside. Naruto had sensed that and taken the Kit in and raised it before allowing it some of her power back. Allowing her to regain her lost memories. The others didn't know this, but the real reason she stayed by his side was because she loved him dearly and knew that they would be forever separated if she died. Then she would be devoured by the shingami and never be able to claw her way out of hell like before.

"Kyuubi-chan, your free now..."

But Naruto-kun...

"I know my dear, your sins bar you from the heaven and condemn you to the Shingami's stomach... that it why... I had absolved you of your sins years ago and damned my own immortal soul for you,"

The ghostly woman's eyes widened with fear and shock Koi! You know-

Naruto cut her off again and reached out, as if to touch her ghostly cheek, "I know dear, but I am Immortal and the chances of dying are slim for me. Besides, I think Kami can overlook the fact that your taking my place, I don't think she likes me anyway," he told her, frowning as his hand went through her.

Your wrong Naruto-kun Kyuubi said to him sadly, ghostly tears streaming down her face, You were just dealt a bad hand in life

"Maybe... but I think it's your turn to live happily ever after in paradise,"

With that said, Kyuubi started to fade away much like the others had while franticly trying to grab hold of Naruto.

No not without you, there is no happy ending without you she tried to scream but froze as the process of crossing over started. Tears poured from her eyes as her vision faded from Naruto's solum face to a rapidly approaching light at the end of a long tunnel.

Naruto stood and watched as the sprit passes over to the next life just as he had done with many others over the many years, "Goodbye my dear,"

The caverns were silent, empty of all other life. Naruto sighed at the stillness of the caves and couldn't help but compare it to the emptiness he felt now that they were all gone. The blonde held out his arms and concentrated on the surrounding stone. those researchers already knew where his home was and he refused to let them defile it, not out of selfishness but because of the fact that his friends had guarded it for years while he slept.

The tunnels leading to the cavern collapsed, the sparkling pools of fresh water slowly disappeared. Naruto felt his heart ache as he destroyed a true part of history and one of his connections to his friends.

He then centered on his doors, the black and gold symbols on the door broke off and flew towards him, his spiral symbol slowly spinning in the air in front of him before the rest of the large metal door turned to stone.

One last wave of power exploded off of him and the stone above him started to crumble. Just as everything was buried, he, along with some of his stuff disappeared in a whirl of green leaves, which were then crushed under a ton of rock and dirt.