Pokemon Lord

Chapter 5

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"Human Speech"

'Human Thought'




Pidgey and Bellsprout gasped for breath, both inwardly cursing their lord and trainer who sat in a tree watching as they ran like the devil was chasing after them.

Behind each of them was an clone, both made to look almost exactly like one of the pokemon only a little more shadow-like. The shadow-pidgey had a darker shade of brown then the real one and shadow-bellsprout was a darker green and yellow. Not only that but they both had sharp eyes that scared the two other pokemon.

Pidgey flapped her wings as hard as she could to escape the clone but couldn't shake it. Bellsprout ran in and out of the tree line trying to escape, tricking it one time by hiding his legs in a bush and looking up, imitating a wild flower almost perfectly, only to ruin it by laughing as the clone ran by.

Naruto crossed his legs and chuckled at that, Bellsprout had some creativity, he'd give him that. He would have never expected him to think of something like that.

Their training was to build up stamina and muscle, both clones were immensely more powerful than the real pokemon but they wouldn't do any real damage. They knew that but his threat of what they would have to do should they be caught was all the motivation they needed. They didn't know but there was another way they could get out of this. He had told them that they would keep running until he said to stop but if they worked together to take out the two clones, he would let them off early, seeing as this was technically team training... and punishment.

While they ran, he pulled out his Pokedex and looked at the information he had on his Pokemon. He didn't listen to the small speech it made, he only wanted to check the levels that they had. Pidgey was now at a respectable level of 16, a real improvement from the lowly level eight she was thanks to her previous trainer. Bellsprout was now at level seven, three levels higher than he was before.

The blonde couldn't help but be proud of the two pokemons improvement, but then again, their teamwork could use improvement.

Another hour passed before he felt his clones dispel, sending him their memories.

He hummed and slid off the tree, landing on the grass with a small thud before walking over to his two pokemon who were both passed out from exhaustion.

His clones had caught them but it wasn't their fault, they kept it up for as long as possible until they could go no more. Their bodies failing without warning and sending them to the ground.

Shadow Pidgey had saved the real Pidgey from a crash landing but Bellsprout was able to continue for just a few moments after Pidgey gave out. While Pidgey was older and had much more training, Bellsprouts special ability helped him a lot. After all, being able to absorb sunlight to run faster and produce energy was a real advantage. When he grew up some more, he would be able to teach Bellsprout to harness that energy to heal himself from most injuries, even to the point where it would be second nature.

Taking out their pokeballs, he decided not to go on and heal them like he normally would but let them enjoy their rest. He knew from personal experience that nothing was better than going to sleep when you were extremely tired.

They went into their balls without a fight, not like they were in any condition to argue, and Naruto stored them away, "Good work you two," he said while patting them in his pocket, "I believe that it's time to challenge our first gym leader,"


Time skip

A few weeks had passed by and Naruto was now the proud owner of a Pewter city gym badge. The battle itself was pathetically easy, not even worth mentioning as the true leader was gone, traveling with some trainer who beat him. The stand in wasn't too tough to beat, Pidgey and Bellsprout made a fool of him during the battles but afterward, the guy didn't waste any time saying that if the real gym leader was there, he wouldn't have lasted one round.

Naruto blew him off and took the badge before leaving the town with his proud pokemon sitting on his shoulders.

That was two weeks ago and now other trainers were more inclined to battle him, seeing as he now had an official gym badge to prove he wasn't one of the many weak trainers who didn't take it seriously. It also made him more of a target to said trainers, who could never win a badge and wanted to prove that they weren't weak and their battle was rigged.

"Rattata use bite!"

Naruto shook his head and watched as one of said trainers ordered his pokemon, a large purple rat with a set of large front teeth and a curled tail.

It jumped towards Bellsprout with a hiss, who nimbly dodged around the larger pokemon.

This trainer was obviously dim, no wonder he couldn't win a battle seeing as he was always using bite.

"Bellsprout, use vine whip," the blonde called in a bored tone.

The Rattata squeaked as the smaller plant pokemon smacked him in the side with a vine growing from one of his leaf-like appendages, then was hit again by another from its other leaf.

The pokemon fell to the ground after a few hits to the head from Bellsprout, causing its trainer to groan and recall him.

Bellsprout ran over to Naruto, leaping around and full of excitement at winning another battle.

Naruto laughed and picked him up, "You did real good, I'm proud of you," he said while placing him on his sholder and checking his pokedex, which flashed, telling him that he had revived the normal pay for winning a battle between trainers.

When trainers battled, their pokedex automatically sensed it and when one lost, it took an amount of their money from their account and sent it to the winner. this insured that trainers would have at least a small amount of income to live off of.

Turing and walking away from the brooding trainer, Naruto continued his travels towards his next gym battle in a town called Cerulean City.

And once again, that book he had proved to be extremely useful. The Cerulean city gym was basically a water-type gym, just like Pewter was a rock-type and like the previous gym, Naruto had no doubts that it somehow gave the gym leader some kind of advantage. After all, Pewter city gyms battle ground was a large open area with boulders in different areas, giving there rock-types a slight environmental as well as the home court advantage.

As such, Naruto gave serious thought to finding himself another partner, a water-type to be exact.

He could see why people would choose to be a one type trainer, usually because of their environment like a living on a beach or in a forest. It really didn't give you much of a choice in what you could find and capture to train. Although, there were a few others who wanted to prove something, like to be the best whatever type trainer.

But Naruto wasn't like that, he only had one thing and that was to be the best and as such, he would have at least one of every type so that he would be ready for any type of battle... that he didn't have to fight personally.

But where to find a good water type?

He asked himself that question for a few good minutes then stopped, nearly throwing Bellsprout, who had been idly swinging his feet while daydreaming, off of his sholder with a small yelp.

He looked at Bellsprout with a smirk, "How good can you swim?"

Bellsprout looked at him in confusion which only served to make the blond smirk harder.

"To the ocean!"

Bellsprout questioned him nervously.

"Not exactly,"


Naruto winced as Bellsprout screamed in fear and used vine whip to tie himself to the blonds head, nearly choking him in the process.

"Oh calm down, Bellsprout, what's a little water?" he asked looking around him in all directions.

He laughed as the young pokemon yelled at him.

"I told you we were going to the ocean, didn't say anything about being on the beach." Naruto said while standing in the middle of the open sea and kicking the water with his sandal.

Bellsprout chattered at him again.

"Well if you really don't want to, you can go back into you ball."

After Bellsprout was safely stored away with Pidgey, who had been sleeping through this whole ordeal, Naruto looked around again and hummed, trying to think of a way to attract a water pokemon.

Once again an idea hit him and he suffered a quick flashback...


Naruto laid in the forest by a river in his beast form, watching as Kyuubi captured each kit one by one and cleaned them like a mother would. It was an adorable sight to see, especially when she had them all in a cage made from stone and would use her tails to reach in and grab one, causing the captured kits to scream and try their best to escape their bath.

He chuckled as one or two called for him to help when they were caught then glared at him for laughing once Kyuubi released the freshly groomed kit, its hair slick from their Kaa-san's cleaning.

He was so amused that he never noticed one of the more playful and sneaky ones carefully dip the tip of his tail into the water, just enough so that he wouldn't notice it until...

Naruto's eyes widened and he jumped high into the air with a scream, sailing over Kyuubi and her kits as well as the tops of a few trees.

Kyuubi saw this and giggled as she saw a large orange fish attached to her mate's tail.

Naruto landed with a roll and slung the tail like a whip, sending the offending pokemon flying through the air while it screamed 'Magikarp!' before landing in the river with a splash, wetting a few of the kits standing nearby


He never did find out which one had done that to him, but knowing how cute Kyuubi thought it was, he wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

Letting one of his tails out, Naruto stuck the tip into the water and waited.

And waited...

And waited...

Too bad no one had told him that most of the pokemon in the open ocean these days were a lot larger than a simple Magikarp.

His eyes widened as something grabbed his tail and yanked him underwater with a curse.

The light faded as he was dragged deeper into the water and seemed to be consumed in a dark quite abyss. He struggled slightly against something smooth as it wrapped around him tightly and squeezed.

The attacking pokemon felt it's body warming up, looking at it's prey it's eyes widened as it found a pair of sharp glowing red eyes looking directly into its.

The water around started to bubble and suddenly, it screamed out and was thrown away by a bright red blast of energy.

Naruto hissed underwater at the pokemon and propelled himself towards it. While he needed air to live, he could hold his breath for around five to ten minutes, depending if he was struggling or not, plenty of time to beat the shit out of whatever just attacked him.

Grabbing it's tail, he yanked it back towards him until he was able to reach it's neck and strangle it. Both stubbled underwater for a few good minutes, Naruto with his arms wrapped tightly around the pokemon and the pokemon wrapping it's body around him again, trying to constrict him again.


By the time it went limp, Naruto was blue in the face and quickly swimming to the surface where he broke the water and gasped for breath.

Coughing up some water, he waded the water for a minute and wiped his face with his hand, "Whew, what a rush!" he yelled just as a blue serpent like body floated up beside him.

"Looks like I found my water pokemon,"

Grabbing the unconscious pokemon, Naruto pulled himself out of the water, using chakra to keep himself up.

The pokemon was larger than his others. While Pidgey and Bellsprout were small, this one looked like a large blue snake with small light blue wings on each side of its head.

Holding it up out of the water by its tail, Naruto roughly estimated it to be around six feet long and pretty light considering its size and strength. He already knew how strong it was physically, as it had been able to pull him underwater when he had been standing over the water, which took quite a bit of power to do.

The water under him swirled and engulfed him, teleporting him and the pokemon back to dry land.


Reappearing in a dense forest with a whirl of leaves, Naruto gently placed the pokemon on the forest floor as it slowly came around, the strange feeling of teleporting causing it to slowly regain its senses.

It raised it's head and looked around before seeing him standing not too far away. Naruto looked at its large eyes and found them to be somewhat cute.

It tensed up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Naruto said lowly, his eyes flashing crimson.

The pokemon growled something and tensed up even more,

"I assure you that this is no trick," he said while looking at it, "and the reason why I brought you here is simple,"

Naruto pulled an extra pokeball from his soggy coat pocket. "I need a partner like you, a strong water type, I already know just how powerful you are physically,"

It spoke louder this time, its voice a soft angelic tone, sometimes speaking its name.

"Well Dratini, a good reason to work with me is that I can teach you more than any other trainer ever could."

It muttered something, making Naruto sweat drop.

"I see..." he deadpanned, "Well I'll accept your deal, but I got to ask, you don't seem too surprised that I can understand you... why is that?"

It looked at him lazily and simply stated... Too troublesome.

Naruto blinked with wide eyes. He looked into it's eyes and it looked into his.

"I have a perfect nickname for you... Shikamaru."

it's eyes narrowed and it hissed at him harshly.

"I take that back then, I didn't know you were a girl,"

Dratini's large eyes narrowed even more and she lunged at him in a fury, screaming at him about not knowing she was a girl.

Naruto leaped back and tried to use his tail to catch her, but she got around it, forcing him to reveal the other eight to try and stop her. After a few minutes, Naruto had her wrapped up tightly in his tails while she hissed and growled at him, cursing him and trying to unleash her female rage.

She suddenly stopped and looked at what was holding her, one... two... nine tails? She looked at him with calculating eyes and spoke.

The blonde nodded, "Correct,"

Dratini nodded slowly.

"You took the fact that I'm the Pokelord rather well,"

The lazy look she gave him said it all.

"Oh... yeah... too troublesome,"


A few days passed since Dratini joined Naruto and she proved to be a nearly as lazy as his old friend Shika from his childhood. But unlike Shikamaru, she would turn into a whole different pokemon when she got motivated, Much like when Naruto called her a boy.

She opted to sleep in her ball most of the time, only coming out for training, meals, or the rare battle. Pidgey got along with her easily enough, she didn't really bother her and they left each other alone. Bellsprout seemed to see her as a lazy big sister. He spent any of his free time trying to get her to play with him or trying to prank her if she didn't give in. He usually ended up getting sprayed in the face by Dratini, which sent him tumbling away from the lazy pokemon.

The first time he had seen her do that, Naruto got worried for Bellsprouts safety, but stopped when he sat up laughing and ran back up to the dragon.

He shook his head as he watched Dratini send Bellsprout into a soft patch of grass, a hint of a smile on the dragons face while the young pokemon giggled, shaking his bulb-like head to get some of the water off.

How Bellsprout found being thrown across the forest clearing by a jet of water fun he'd never know. But he had a good feeling about them, he knew that under his guidance they would be great.

Sitting against a tree with Pidgey on his sholder, Naruto hummed softly. This trainer thing wasn't bad at all, he would never understand why some people thought it was a tough life.

He yawned and started drifting off to sleep, deciding to take a quick nap before continuing his travels. Instead of counting sheep,Bellsprout being thrown over a fence took it's place.

To be continued...