Hi all! This is my first Inuyasha fic featuring this pairing. I'm a little nervous since I've never wrote with this pairing and not really like this either, but I've been in contact with my beta-reader Falling Tenshi, who's amazing, so I hope you'll like it.


Inuyasha was hiding. Well, not hiding per se, just waiting out the night of the new moon in a safe space where no one could find him. No, absolutely not hiding.

Though hanyou, or perhaps because of it, he knew his strengths and weaknesses very well. The new moon, the one night where he was at his weakest, finding a tree tall enough that no youkai prowling the ground could reach him was a priority.

Of course, the damn tree had to be covered with leaves and branches, preferably, for the airborne youkai to miss him. That made the tree choosing business very annoying. Inuyasha often ended up in a tree he'd previously occupied some months prior, and in winter it was a downright pain in the ass to find a decently covered tree branch to hike on.

It was summer right now though, a damn hot summer, making the midnight hair cling to the face of the human in the tree and making the haori stick to his back. He'd have to peel the shit of his back just to wash them, the hanyou turned human grumbled to himself.

His eyes, usually a rich amber color, kind of like the sun had mixed itself with fire and trapped itself on the hanyou, were now shining blue as they surveyed the landscape under him.

The night was calm thus far, and the only sound his weak human ears could make out was that of a wolf demon howling. Why, he didn't know, as there was no moon; a fact he was acutely aware of each month.

Suddenly his senses, though dulled, picked out the even sound of footsteps making their way through the forest. He knew he was hard to spot on his branch, but these steps had a familiar quality to them. Like he'd heard them often before. That made him nervous because there was only a handful of people whose steps he would recognize and most of them had already left him.

Kagome, the only human he could claim that had gotten under his skin almost completely, had left through the well once their mission of getting rid of Naraku and getting the Shikon no Tama was over and done with.

Sango and Miroku had also left after the final battle. They had set out toward the old Taijiya village. They were probably trying to revive the place and start their own family. Kirara and Shippo had gone with them.

The only one left was his bastard of a half brother, the arrogant Taiyoukai of the western lands. Heir to the great Inu no Taisho. Also a hater of Inuyasha's existence. But why would Sesshoumaru come all the way out here? The western lands were as far away as hell from there and the only civilization nearby were the small villages where youkai and hanyou alike were hated.

Of course, the silver haired youkai hated humans about as much as they hated his kind. But for as long as Inuyasha had known him, Sesshoumaru had never let that fact hinder him from just walking through a village if it lay in his way.

The footsteps grew closer and closer, but Inuyasha was confident that the youkai, that just couldn't be his older brother, was going to pass by and leave him to his fate. After all, he didn't smell of hanyou any longer, only a human smell. Since he'd never gotten to smell himself as a human, he didn't exactly know if he kept any of his real scent during this time, but he supposed it would disappear with the sun that took his other hanyou features with it.

Suddenly the footsteps stopped, and while Inuyasha was placed very high in the tree he had a clear view down to the ground. He chanced a peek. Right underneath him, several meters down, stood a silver haired shape with a white fluffy thing tied to his shoulder, sniffing the air subtly. Inuyasha felt panic trying to break out. This night was his most closely guarded secret. No one was supposed to find out about it, it would get him killed.

He sneaked another peek and was startled to see two burning amber eyes staring straight back at him. He righted his position, but overbalanced, slipped and started to fall to the ground. Wonderful, just what he needed.

He prided himself of not acting out on his panic in difficult situations and this was no different. He gripped after branches to stop his fall. Never mind that his head went "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" while he fell to an almost certain death.

Just as he could feel the ground coming up to meet him, he grasped something smooth and silky, and just gripped it with all his strength and curled around it, hoping it would at least break his fall a little.

His meeting with the ground never came. Instead, he landed on something very hard and spiky, while the thing took the fall for him. A quiet, surprised "oof" could be heard from the thing.

While Inuyasha lay still, feeling for any fractures or broken bones in his body, the thing beneath him moved suddenly.

"Filthy human, remove yourself from this Sesshoumaru or you will find yourself without a way to do so in the future."

Yeah, that was his beloved older brother, indeed. This day, or night actually, sucked. Figuring that the youkai hadn't recognized him as his half brother, he quietly and quickly untangled himself from the silver hair, almost identical to his, that he'd had in a death grip and scrambled to get of the powerful tyrant.

Inuyasha knew that his voice would be a dead give-away. He was also known for his mouth just running of with him and getting him into trouble. And he also knew that Sesshoumaru would be able to tell who he really was. Inuyasha was many things, but he was at least smart enough to not underestimate his brother.

"Humans must be more stupid than I thought, if they insist on climbing too tall trees and then falling out of them, pathetic."

Even though he knew he'd be discovered if he opened his mouth, it was damned difficult to keep it shut. It was not in his nature to shut up and take it, especially not when insults were thrown his way. It took massive effort, and a silent promise to himself that he was going to kill the stuck-up youkai when he was back to normal.

"Have you no ability to speak, human? Or are you merely terrified? I am not surprised. Humans are inferior in all ways to youkai, it is right for your kind to fear me." The youkai sneered at the feeble little human groveling at his feet.

"Shut up, you fucking bastard! You know nothing about humans or their abilities so just shut the fuck up!" And there he just proved his stupidity once again by not keeping his fucking mouth shut. He stayed down on the ground, mostly due to the fact that he'd sprained his ankle and couldn't risk getting up without embarrassing himself and facing more insults.

"Inuyasha?" That sounded faintly surprised, Inuyasha thought with a small sting of pride. There wasn't much that could surprise his brother.

The hanyou turned human could feel the sudden scrutiny. The identical set of golden eyes roamed over his body, taking in all the changes of his appearance. The black as night hair, the dark blue eyes, the ears were less prominent in human form, making them less noticeable than usual.

"I must say, little brother, this human shape becomes you and your feeble strength." The words were said mockingly and were followed by a nasty little holier-than-thou smirk on his arrogant face.

Inuyasha saw red. He pushed himself up on his knees and thereafter his feet, subtly favoring his hurting ankle, hoping the youkai didn't notice. "Well, what the hell do you care? You've never cared about anything concerning me before, don't pretend to fucking start now, asshole!"

That earned him a glare. A very hot glare that made him feel like he was on fire. It was probably because he was human at the moment

The human Inuyasha glared right back. "You know what? I don't care, just beat it! I don't want to spend any time with someone that hates my very existence, so just get the fuck out of here, you bastard!"

Suddenly Inuyasha found it very hard to breathe, as his throat was neatly encircled by five long fingers with pointy claws and his back pressed painfully into the bark of his previous hiding tree. He cursed the fact that Testsuaiga was worthless during this night and just rattled weakly in its sheath at his side as he was jostled around.

"I wonder if you value your life at all, hanyou. I would assume since you insist on constantly insulting this Sesshoumaru, the answer to that answer would be negative." The claws dug their way further into his neck. The kotodama rosary crunched when they came into contact with the youki that leaked from the fingers.

Inuyasha struggled weakly against the grip that held him securely against the tree. The bark was poking him in the back and ass, which felt plain weird and damn painful. His human throat produced a weak sounding growl, sounding pathetic in his state. For the thousandth time in his life he cursed his human body.

"I wonder what you plan to do in this state, little brother. You are too weak cause harm to this Sesshoumaru, and I could easily kill you if you chose to try to escape by foot."

The hanyou understood his chances of survival were slim if he should get away from the bastard in front of him, something that was impossible as it was. Even though he knew it was futile, his struggles only intensified, he'd never dealt well when pressured and reacted mostly on instinct. Right now his instincts told him to do what he could to get out of the hold and as far away as possible from the dangerous youkai in front of him.

Said youkai growled warningly and tightened his grip even more, making it hard for the hanyou to draw breathe. His hands wrapped around the wrist of the demon, in a useless try to lessen the pressure around his neck. "Cease your struggling, Inuyasha. As much as I'd like to tear your throat out I have another agenda for coming this way."

Inuyashas dark blue eyes shot up to meet the golden ones in front of him. Something in those eyes told him that Sesshoumaru told him the truth. His struggles faded and died away.

The hand left his throat, but the hands around the pale wrist held on, without the hanyou noticing. "Then why mess with me? You could have just walked past and left me alone."

An annoyed sigh left the tightly drawn mouth of his half brother. The warm breath briefly ran over Inuyashas face. "I would have, but you insisted on falling down and taking me with you. This was most unfortunate. I am now late. This Sesshoumaru is never late."

"Late for what?" For all Inuyasha knew of his brother, he'd never have appointments. His hands tightened around the pale wrist. It looked damn suspicious to him, but he kept his mouth shut for now.

"Not that it has anything to do with a filthy hanyou like you, but I fear I will be held back even longer. This Sesshoumaru has been challenged for the lands he commands. I must defend what is rightfully mine. Now, would you please let go of my hand so I might get there in time for the fight?"

Inuyasha dropped his eyes to his hands and, noticing he was gripping his brothers wrist like a love struck girl, let go like Sesshoumaru had a catching disease. His eyes made their way back up to his brother's eyes and just stared, searching for an answer to a question he wouldn't ask.

Another put-upon sigh from the youkai. "If I am not in time I automatically admit defeat and fathers former lands are his until I challenge him for it."

"That doesn't sound so bad. So you miss the fight, and the chance to really tear the idiot a new one, but you can always just challenge him and beat his ass to the ground to get them back, right?"

Inuyasha felt relieved that it wasn't any more serious and was about to draw a relieved breath when he saw his brothers face. A great frown made his normally beautiful, yes beautiful, even Inuyasha could admit that, face to contort in an ugly grimace.

"You think like a human, just like you were raised. When a youkai gets defeated in challenge or neglects to answer the challenge, the right to challenge for the land back is restricted to the next generation."

"Wait, what! So you're saying that only your brats can get the land back? What kind of messed up rule is that?" To say the hanyou was infuriated was to put it mildly.

The youkai looked taken aback at the hanyou vehement response. "This Sesshoumaru does not understand why a hanyou like you would care about youkai lands or rituals."

Inuyasha glared at him. "Asshole. That's none of your fucking business. Now get moving so you make it and beat the shit of the asshole that challenged you. Only I can be the one to beat you in a fight, bastard."

An irritated growl could be heard from the youkai. Inuyasha was pleased, only he could make the bid bad lord of the western lands growl like that. He turned around even though he knew it was a bad idea. It wasn't easy to protect his back after all. He looked up at the tree and wondered how the hell he would get back up there with his bad foot.

Suddenly there was a weird sound, kind of like a bird flies by right beside your ear, and he could not feel the ground under him of the tree beneath his hand. Before he had time to think anymore, he and Sesshoumaru landed on the branch he'd previously occupied.

"What the hell, asshole! What do you think you're doing?" It wasn't until now he noticed the long, strong arm covered in silk that was wrapped around his waist securely.

"Since you are the only one who will defeat me as you say, this Sesshoumaru would like to ensure your continued existence until the time comes to show you who will defeat who." With that, he smoothly let go of the hanyou, turned into a little ball of light and zoomed away through the forest.

Inuyasha was alone again. He'd thought it would be a relief to be left alone after meeting the powerful youkai when he himself was as weak a baby, but it really felt kinda lonely. "Keh. Why would I miss that bastard? He's nothing but trouble." With that thought, he curled up into his customary position and arranged Tetsuagia so that it would poke him in the cheek, just enough to make it too uncomfortable to even think about going to sleep.


Some days later, Inuyasha was lounging around near the well, where he usually spent his time. The villagers were still wary and hostile towards him, even though their old miko Kaede was openly treating him as a friend and citizen of the village. She employed his greater strength when it came to lifting, pulling and pushing heavy things. Heavy as in would-take-ten-humans-to-do-this.

The children of the village were of course scared shitless of him, thanks to their parents blabbing all kinds of shit to them. They would play in an open square in the middle of the village, and sometimes he could see how they just stood and stared at him. He didn't know if it was the concept that he was a hanyou that made them so fascinated with him, or that he was helping the village in spite of his kind, meaning youkai, being vicious and hateful toward humans.

Not that he gave a shit. Let the fucking kids be scared of him, it was less of bother that way. 'Cause there was no way he was feeling lonely. Nope, all his friends had abandoned him and left to continue their own lives. That everyone had left like there was a youkai holding the pointy end of a sword to their asses once Naraku was defeated meant nothing.

The well was as usual dark and quiet. Nothing there anymore except a dark hole in the ground.

Inuyasha knew it was foolish to hope, but he couldn't help himself and jumped down every time he went there. Always, disappointment waited for him when there was no blue light or weird smells attacking his nose. Afterwards, he sat on the wooden walls surrounding the well, staring at nothing and wishing he had someplace else to go.

But the village was all he had. He had been pinned to a fucking tree for fifty years, and both before and after that he'd had connections with the village. First with Kikyo and later with Kagome. Both names stung a little in his chest, mostly since he hadn't been able to give them what they had wanted.

Thus, even though the villagers hated him and wished him as far away as possible from their little village, he had nowhere else to go and this was home to him, in a weird way where no one wanted him.

Before he became depressed like a little kid, he shook of the crappy feelings and rose, preparing to back to the village, see if the old hag needed something done or whatever. Otherwise, he'd just go to a tree and make himself comfortable on a branch.

He was just on his way when he caught a familiar scent and growled instinctively. The scent seemed to be coming from the vicinity of the village, so he picked up his pace and arrived in seconds. What he saw made him stop and stare dumbly.

There, his youkai brother was fighting with the men of the village. If you could call that fighting, he was really just tossing them on their bony asses as they kept coming. He hadn't even unsheathed Tokijin and none of the poison shit was leaking from him.

Inuyasha had seen enough. He stormed over, pissed as hell. "What the hell do you think you're doing asshole? Leave them the hell alone!" He planted himself right in front of the youkai, deliberately stopping both sides from attacking temporarily. He was not certain that either the humans or Sesshoumaru would attack each other through him, but he chanced going in obnoxious. If nothing, he'd saved the humans lives for a few seconds anyway.

"Inuyasha, I suggest you remove yourself before I do it for you." The youkais eyes glinted like golden steel and he was tenser than Inuyasha had ever seen him before.

"Like hell. Not until you tell me why the hell you're attacking the people of this village. They haven't done anything to you!"

A growl rose from the throat of the bastard. "Little brother, these humans have done this Sesshoumaru wrong in an inexcusable way. They have kidnapped my charge and are currently hiding her from me. This is punishable by death. My revenge will not wait, now move Inuyasha."

The words were spoken in his usual smooth monotone, but Inuyasha could easily hear the disturbance underlining them. Worry? For what? The small, irritating human girl he always had trailing him and worshipping his every step? Inuyasha pushed down the feelings welling up inside him vehemently, worried about what they might make him say or do with his brother so close.

He turned towards the villagers, glaring at them, and his glare was just as effective as Sesshoumarus. "What the hell! Is this true? If so, I'll fucking let him kill you, idiots."

The villagers looked both angry and fearful at the comment. One man stepped forward. "The poor child was obviously affected by travelling with that abomination. She was spouting nonsense about his supposed kindness. We have left her somewhere where he cannot go, to help her recover her senses. She will soon be cured and ready to go home with a family." He looked smug that they'd managed to outsmart the youkai.

"The fuck! You idiots, you're just asking for death at this rate. Stop interfering with youkai who can crush you with his little toe, damn it!"

The men tittered among themselves. "Yeah, this bastard standing behind me? Lord of the fucking western lands. What does that tell you?"

Sesshoumaru sighed behind his back. "Probably nothing, hanyou. Human brain capacity is notably low. This Sesshoumaru could rule these lands and those living here would probably not know it until I chose to reveal it."

"Take a hike Sesshoumaru!" The hanyou looked meaningfully at the bastard, not believing what he was about to do. "I don't want to see you here again, or you're gonna find yourself beaten a second time."

The youkais expression darkened, but Inuyasha could almost see the wheels turning at break neck speed inside his skull. Sesshoumaru managed to keep his pride from speaking and slowly turn around. "This Sesshoumaru will be waiting in the forest for the rematch, little brother. Be sure to not keep me waiting."

Translation: whatever you do, do it quickly and I might spare your life. Meet me in the forest for a dressing down like no other.

Inuyasha didn't need anything more than that. "Listen idiots. Either you tell me where the hell that girl is and live with only a beating, or you don't tell me anything and don't live at all. What's it gonna be?"

Not too long after that, the hanyou made his way into the forest, pleased with the way he'd mopped the ground with the villagers faces. He hadn't hurt them too much, nothing broken. Mostly shaken the lot up pretty good. They would be thinking twice the next time they refused him anything.

Seeing no hint of his older brother he sniffed the air until he caught the specific tang that was exclusively Sesshoumaru. Trailing the scent, he found his brother sitting against a tree, looking like usual imposing self. Inuyasha grinned. He'd come upwind, so Sesshoumaru had probably not smelt him coming, and judging by the way he'd not even looked toward him, he'd not heard him either.

Making sure to hide his scent, the hanyou crept nearer. His ears were alert and listening for the slightest noise from the youkai. When none came he leaped up in the air and came down hard on top of his brother. The unsuspecting victim vanished immediately after contact was made and Inuyasha found himself on the floor being poked by Tokijin on the side of his neck.

"Hanyou, what is your intention for attacking this Sesshoumaru?" Though Inuyasha couldn't see him with his face pressed into the ground, but he could feel the golden eyes roving over his body, checking for any hidden weapon no doubt.

"If you don't let me up I can't answer asshole." His voice came out muffled and he got a mouthful a leaves and dirt for his trouble but he felt the tip of the sword move from his neck and rolled over on his back. However, when he made an attempt to sit, the cold tip was back at his neck.

Inuyasha spit out most of the shit in his mouth but he really needed to gargle. "You will explain yourself or suffer the consequences." The sword cut a shallow wound in his cheek, probably meant to scare him but only made him furious.

"I don't have to explain anything to you. Now let me up damnit or you will never get the kid back." Though this was nothing unusual about the brothers' meeting he really didn't feel like exchanging insults right now.

The sharp tip slowly, distrustfully, disappeared from his body and Inuyasha rose from the ground, irritated as hell. "Seriously, killing my good mood. Fucking damnit."

"I suggest you stop the use of foul language and tell me where to find Rin."

The hanyou looked at his half brother. His features were drawn and his whole body was tense and seemed on edge. The bastard must be furious, knowing he couldn't get the kid without Inuyashas help.

"Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. She's safe for the moment and she aint going anywhere." He brushed himself of, feeling a lot of dead leaves fall off his body. He suddenly felt a crinkle inside his ear cavity, making him freeze.

His fingers reached up and tried to get it, but it was wedged in a place where he couldn't get it without seeing properly. He swore softly under his breath and tried to not wiggle his ears and lodge the damn thing even deeper inside the ear.

He tensed as long fingers made contact with his sensitive ear, fingers that didn't belong to him. They deftly dug into his ear and plucked the offensive leaf out, brushing the most sensitive spot on Inuyashas body, just to the left of his ear.

A low growl sounded, Inuyasha was embarrassed to realize it was him. The fingers hesitated and then returned, scratching softly and then more firmly when the growls continued. Inuyashas eyes grew heavy and his body relaxed as he instinctively leaned into the pleasurable contact.

A displeased sound rose up in his throat when the fingers abruptly stopped and disappeared altogether. When the hanyou managed to get his body to respond like he wanted to again, he looked up at his brother. Sesshoumaru was looking at his hand like he'd never seen it before. Then he seemed to come to some kind of conclusion and glared at it before dropping it back to his side.

"I have waited long enough. You will tell me where my charge is so I can fetch her." His voice was hard and Inuyasha felt it was serious this time so he decided to answer the uptight youkai.

"She's at a place not far from here, a small village, built for healing. The good thing is that it's a place for healing, so fighting is not allowed there. It's a strict rule which everyone around the village seems to respect as well. The bad thing is that it's impossible for you to get the kid back on your own. The place is so fucking warded that you'd probably get fried if you tried to enter."

Sesshoumaru growled, mightily displeased. Inuyasha could understand that someone like his brother, who'd always done what he pleased and never needed the help of other people, would find the situation utterly humiliating. The concept of asking someone for help was probably as unheard of as the prospect of losing a fight against a hanyou.

"You will take me there, hanyou. There is nothing that can hinder this Sesshoumaru." The arrogant bastard sounded so bloody sure of himself in that moment that it pissed him off. There had probably been nothing that went wrong for the bastard before, everything had probably been handed to him on a silver platter.

"Yeah, it's not that easy. That village is supposed to lay on an island outside the coast to the east. I have no idea how to get there."

The lord of the western lands looked thoughtful. Secretly, Inuyasha thought he looked dignified. A fact he'd never confess too. "I do know what island you are talking about. The youkai in charge of the eastern lands could be a problem though."

Inuyasha frowned. "How can he be a problem? Have you met him before?"

Sesshoumaru sighed. "The fight you almost managed to make me late for was with him. Banteki, like his name insinuates, is a barbarian. He does not hesitate to rip the intestines from prey and youkai alike. Of course, this Sesshoumaru has never lost a match against him."

He looked very pleased with himself as he said it, and Inuyasha understood that feeling perfectly. The wonderful feeling of beating an opponent stronger and more cruel into the ground. "But the chances of running into him is pretty slim right? It's not like he'll be hunting for us as soon as we set a foot into his lands, is he?"

"Unfortunately, that is likely. Banteki has had a grudge," said with great distaste, "against me since childhood. He is determined to beat me in a fight and will not stop at using dirty methods and cheating. This Sesshoumaru is not easily beaten of course. Underhanded fighting is dishonorable and may only be used in battles of life and death."

"So, basically this guy hates you and won't hesitate to come after you as soon as you make a move on his lands. Wonderful. Like my life wasn't difficult enough." The hanyou sighed. "Let's go. Even if he's going to attack, there's two of us and one of him. He's bound to lose. I could beat his ass on my own, but being two means it would take less time."

Sesshoumaru took lead and started to walk. Inuyasha joined him, but not behind as followers do. He took the place beside his brother, marking them as equals for those who came across them.

That did not sit well with the youkai. He snarled viciously and flung out a hand filled with sharp claws in Inuyashas direction. The hanyou ducked, but in the next moment he had his back pressed against a tree, again.

"What the hell! Stop trying to mince me, asshole!" The claws at his throat tightened and but the snarl calmed down a bit.

"You are not allowed that position, hanyou. Only those this Sesshoumaru consider worthy of it may walk beside me." For some reason, the youkai seemed unnaturally mad for Inuyashas gesture. Much more that ought to be needed in youkai society.

"I will walk wherever I damn well please, asshole. Now let me the fuck go." Amazingly the claws left him and he could peel himself of the tree.

"I wonder if you are ignorant or simply stupid, hanyou. Not even you could miss the significance of the position beside the leader." The youkai may have let go of the hanyou, but his glare continued to shot fire at him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, bastard. And you're not the leader. There is no leader here, but if anyone should be one it's me."

Sesshoumaru growled, loudly. "You are weak, young and of small stature. You are not fit to be a leader when this Sesshoumaru who is many times stronger and more capable of leading is here." As if to demonstrate his greater strength he punched his half brother right in the stomach. Hard, not holding back as was the usual with Inuyasha.

Inuyasha curled in on himself, intent on protecting his sensitive belly from more abuse. "Keh, asshole! What the hell did you do that for?" The words, hateful as they may be, were strained.

The youkai said nothing, only continued on his way. He'd only gotten a few meters when he heard a thud behind him. He turned to see Inuyasha slumped over in the grass, holding his stomach and clenching his teeth.

"Hanyou, stop that this instant. You should be able to recover smoothly from that, otherwise you are much weaker than I thought. Now get up."

When the hanyou didn't answer, Sesshoumaru sighed and crouched down beside him. He told himself he only wanted to inspect the injury and was not worried at the slightest. As soon as he was in touching range of the hanyou a closed fist came out and punched him squarely in the jaw.

Stunned, the youkai fell back on his ass, a hand cradling the jaw. His eyes widened minutely in surprise at the action. Inuyasha was currently rolling around in the grass, alternately holding his stomach and his hand, which had bruised with all the force he'd put into the single punch.

"Ow, ow, ow, owfuckit. What the hell is your skin made of? Or do you have an invisible barrier covering it? I think I broke my hand. It's gonna take the whole day to heal."

Sesshoumaru was enraged. Only the filthy hanyou could invoke so strong feelings in the youkai. Not only had he managed to cut off his arm, now he had taken a cheap shot at his face and connected, utterly absurd. Sesshoumaru wondered how many times he might suffer injuries caused by the hanyou.

"Hanyou, I am willing to overlook your underhanded actions only because I do not trust the humans in that village to care for Rin properly. I must hurry, and you are to help me." The last sentence was choked out like it hurt to say it, which Inuyasha assumed it must.

"Alright, alright, I'll come. Just give me a moment to let my stomach settle." Carefully he stood, righted himself slowly and damn painfully. He stood upright and took a couple of steps before sinking back to the ground. "I think you hurt something important, asshole. I don't think I can walk for a while." The words were groaned out around the pain in his gut.

Sesshoumaru frowned. He had thought the hanyou would be more resilient. In all the fights he'd observed or been a part in Inuyasha had always seemed to not be hurt at all by the various wounds he'd acquired. Then again, the youkai hadn't stuck around to see him after the battle.

If Inuyasha was this affected by wounds, it was a wonder he'd survived this long by himself. It seemed like Inuyasha was quite lucky to be alive. He wondered if it was mostly due to luck and not skill at battle that had made his half brother survive for this long. Coming to think about it, he suddenly realized that even though Inuyasha behaved brazen and full of confidence, he was still very young and had not had a third of training at battle Sesshoumaru had had the privilege as a child.

Also, Sesshoumaru had had access to both his parents as a child, for however short a time, whereas Inuyasha had only had his mother for some years. A human mother that knew nothing about youkai traditions or life in general. An unknown feeling rose in the youkai. A feeling he didn't care to name.

"Are you able to make progress today?" The worst bite was gone from Sesshoumarus voice.

"I don't think so. Boy, you sure don't hold back." The hanyou was still semi-curled around his mid-section. He had undone his haori and was currently undoing the shirt under.

Sesshoumaru was amazed at the sight that met him at the sight of skin. The stomach area was massively bruised, a nasty green-yellow. Where his fist had made contact was the worst of the damage. The skin was twisted and the bruises were more reddish-black, indicating a lot of bleeding under the otherwise flawless skin.

"I did not know hanyou skin bruised so easily. I did not intend to cause serious damage."

Inuyasha looked up sharply. "Serious? This isn't serious. This is nothing, heals in a day at most. Serious is an arm cut off."

Sesshoumarus face darkened. "You should be proud hanyou. There are very few youkai that has managed to damage this Sesshoumaru. Not one of them caused as great a damage as a certain hanyou."

Inuyasha smiled ferally, his fangs showing. "You don't have to tell me, I'm damn proud of that."

The youkai sneered. "I'm sure. However, right now you are the wounded one. Since you cannot travel any further today, we will make camp here and continue tomorrow."

With that, the youkai turned and disappeared from the small, very small, clearing. Inuyasha figured he was of doing whatever it was he did all day and focused on sitting still 'cause moving hurt like a sonofabitch.

Sometime later, as the sun was setting, Sesshoumaru returned with an armful of firewood. Without saying a word he began to make a fire. From somewhere, Inuyasha had no idea where, he pulled two rabbits, freshly killed and smelling freaking delicious. As Inuyashas stomach growled, which made him curl around it again, he realized that he hadn't eaten anything since that morning.

Sesshoumaru tossed one of the rabbits at him. "I happened across these. Enjoy."

"I'm starving. Haven't eaten in too long." He reached for a nearby branch lying on the ground, cleaning it and making it a smooth stick. He quickly gutted the rabbit and cleaned it out before spearing it on the stick and stuck it in the ground near the fire, waiting for it to cook. He noticed the youkai staring at him, still holding his own rabbit, though he had sat down across from him.

"What are you doing?" Inuyasha could hear how bewildered Sesshoumaru sounded.

"What, I'm cooking my food. It's natural. It's disgusting to eat it raw." Inuyasha wondered if it was some youkai trait, not cooking the food. He always got sick if he ate too much raw food, and right now he was starving and not caring for throwing up his next meal.

"Raw is how food is to be consumed. This cooking must do something unfortunate to the meat. It is shrinking on the stick and leaking fluids. It must be human tradition."

Inuyasha sighed. "You know what? I'm hungry, tired and in pain. I don't really feel like arguing so please just shut up and eat your fucking rabbit."

Surprisingly, the youkai obeyed, though that's probably not the right word for it, and stayed quiet. In seconds, he had devoured his rabbit and was tossing the scrawny remains into the forest. It took way longer for his own damn rabbit to be ready, but when it was it took only minutes before it was cleaned and he too threw the carcass into the woods.

"Ah, that hit the spot." He yawned hugely. He was dead tired, but he didn't trust Sesshoumaru as far as he could throw him, which required him to get close enough to do so. He was settling down for a long night of not sleeping when a voice cut into his conscious.

"This Sesshoumaru does not require sleep. I will keep watch tonight. You may sleep."

Inuyasha stared a long time at the youkai, who didn't return his gaze, before deciding to just sleep. His nose could not make out anything threatening about the words, and his nose told him the youkai was telling the truth. He trusted his instincts and knew he would wake up at the first sound of danger.

"Whatever. I'm going to sleep. Have a good time watching the vegetation grow." With those words he closed his eyes and drifted off.


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