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Chapter 9

Bella POV

My mouth was coated with a sickening copper taste…Jason. Dear God. I looked at the wild eyed psychopath staring at me with crimson eyes and realized that the bronze hair boy I feel in love with in Biology class was gone. How could Edward do this to me?

"Why, Edward? Why did you do this to Jason?" I stuttered.

"Because you were planning on marrying him, my sweet," Edward said with a snicker. Then he shook his head in wonderment, while I looked at him in shock. "But how love did the taste of his blood not send you into bloodlust? Normally, Carlisle and I would research this odd occurrence, but it seems he is a bit put out with me."

"Really, Edward you're telling me you are surprised that Carlisle is upset with you? You spit on all of Carlisle's morals! My god, man you killed my fiancé and fed him to me! Are you seriously telling me that isn't fuc…" I began saying, getting up wrapping the bloody sheets around my body. Sheets bloodied by my dear Jason. I started to gag.

"Watch your language, my sweet love. Any wife of mine needs to mind her tongue. You are too delicate to sound like a dirty whore." Edward coldly looked up and down my body. "Drop the sheet and let me see all of you. Now that you gave me a taste I need more. You truly belong to me now, Isabella."

"Obviously you need to back the hell off! I am not LIKE you! I am not in a blood frenzy, Asshole! Give it up!" I screamed at him on the top of my lungs.

Edward approached me, ignoring my screams. "If you won't remove that offending sheet allow me…"

"Hell to the no, Jack ass!" I flung myself at him, sheet dropping to the floor.

Edward looked at me, a satisfied smile enveloping his face as he took in my naked form. He began to say, "Glorious…"

I proceeded to rip off his arm. He began to scream in pain and clutched his armless right shoulder. Most people would have fled to the door, while their captor was incapacitated. I, however, took it upon myself to whack him repeatedly on the head with his bodiless arm.

"Ouch! Stop! Calm down! Isabella, please!" Edward pleaded.

I just screamed, "Will you just die already? Hate you! Hate you!"

That's when the door burst open and Emmett barreled through, followed by the rest of the Cullen crew. Emmett stopped and starred at me his eyes wide. "Honestly, little Bell, this is the best sight I have ever seen! Here you are beating up Ed…naked. Awesome, Girl! Payback for Charlie was never so sweet!"

"What the hell are you talking about Emmett McCarthy Cullen?" I stopped whacking Edward, throwing his decapitated arm across the room. I snarled at Edward, "Go fetch, idiot."

Carlisle chimed in, "Bella do you remember what happened before the change?"

"Not really. Everything is either a blank or covered by a fog. I can't tell you what is real anymore. All I know is that he fed me…my…my… Jason." I looked at Edward and let out an inhuman growl. It felt strange coming out of my throat. I quickly grabbed the sheet back up, wrapping it around my body.

I heard Jasper gasp and whisper to Alice, "He's gone too far, Ali. That's sick."

"Yes it is, Whitlock," I said. I felt tears well up, only they wouldn't come out of my eyes. "Will somebody please enlighten me to what other messed up fiasco that Edward has thrust upon me?"

Emmett snickered, "That's the problem, Edward did this all because he wanted a 'thrust'."

"Shut your dirty mouth, Emmett!" Edward yelled from across the room, where he was trying to shove his arm back onto his shoulder. "No one tell her anything!"

"Oh yes, tell me all," I said angrily. "What else did this monster do to me?"

Alice moved over to me slowly, reaching out her arms. I threw myself into her arms and she enveloped me in a tight embrace. "It's going to be okay, sweetie. I promise to keep you safe!"

"Ali, he killed him!" I buried my face in her shoulder. "Jason and I were going to have the perfect life. Kids, a Prius, a fluffy Australian Sheep dog… the American dream. It's all gone! Jason's dead and he made me into this. I'm a monster."

Alice moved back slowly. "Honey… the change was my fault. He… he…you were going to die! Edward was going to suck you dry! Jason came in…he…that sweet man…saved you. Edward got distracted and I rushed over and finished the change. I couldn't lose you. Em and Rosie tried to save Jason, but Edward ran off with him. We would have changed Jason for you! Really! Who cares about Edward!"

Edward growled as I clasped Alice's hand. "You are truly my best friend. Thank you all for trying to save Jay. I do appreciate it. This the worst of it, right? Edward was going to kill me?"

"No, Bell," Emmett said, the joyful light that normally permeated his eyes dimming further. "It gets a whole lot worse, Kid."

Esme walked over and took me out of Emmett's arms. She smiled gently. "Sweetheart, let's get you dressed. Emmett it can wait for a bit."

I looked at all of these golden eyes staring at me trying to come to grips with my reality. Then I turned to the one person that I always thought would protect me, staring with crimson eyes. Without a doubt I knew, Edward Cullen ripped my heart out tonight.

Emmett POV

Yep tonight was one big bag of shit. The kind I…I mean school kids leave on their neighbor's front door at Halloween. Edward already lost an arm and the way this night was going, little Bella was going to castrate Michael Myers and bury him with the fishes.

I glanced at my little sis… actually; I couldn't bring myself to call her that. She was always a pretty thing, but now she was just hot. No, beautiful would be a better word. Obviously, Rosalie thought the same the way she was licking her lips at Bella. It was weird being attracted to the same girl as my wife and brother, but it was the strangest night I've had in about fifty years. My feelings didn't matter ultimately, because standing before me was a sexy, but broken girl. She loved that Jay guy and Edward ripped him to shreds. Now she knew that more was being kept from her and it wasn't fair. Edward was the poorest excuse for a mate I ever met. You protect the one you love even if you don't agree with their choices. If he left well enough alone, the pull between them would have brought her back. He resorted to a twisted violence and I don't think she could or should forgive him about that.

Alice stroked Bella's hair. "Em, I agree with Esme. Let's get her dressed first. We can talk about it downstairs."

"I'll help her get dressed!" Rosalie exclaimed quickly.

I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Rosie back off. Feeling her up right now won't help anything."

"What?" Edward snarled looking at Rosie.

Rose let out a laugh. "I can give her what she really needs. We already know that you can't get it up enough to pleasure…"

"Rosalie, if you don't explain the twisted words coming out your putrid mouth then I will not hesitate to remove it."

"Good luck with that missing arm, Edward," Rosalie said with a snarl. My wife, or is it now ex, is a firecracker. "Bella and I have the deepest of connections. I can pleasure her more then you ever could dream. My love for her is greater than you can ever imagine."

I slung an arm around Edward tightly. His body was getting all tensed up to leap at Rose. "Here's the thing, Ed. The mate thing is getting all jumbled up. It seems there happens to plenty of potential hookups for our Bella here. I guess my polygamy jokes weren't all that off the…umm…mark. "

The way I had to tighten my arms to hold Edward back from Rose made me happy that I didn't include my own interest in Bells. Edward snarled, "Keep your body parts off of my love, you bitch!"

Rosalie threw herself at him, yelling, "Who you calling a bitch, you pussy!"

Before they could tear each other apart, and I in the process, brave Bella flung her body between the three of us. I couldn't help staring at her. She was so pretty. Son of Sam tried to move closer to her bare shoulders his tongue darting out. I yanked him back as he was attempting to lick her. He was such a weirdo.

Bella yelled and it broke my own obsession of her shoulder, "Stop it! I don't want ANY of you! Everyone downstairs! Listen up people; you all have so much more to tell me about what's going on here. I just need quiet. I need to think. Jason… I…"

Alice glided over to Bella and grasped her hand. "Would you like me to stay Bella? I don't have to."

"Please stay," Bella whispered sadly. Those words broke my heart. I wanted to be the one to comfort that sweet lady. I would, unlike Ted Bundy, respect her wishes and go downstairs. I could only hope that when Bella was ready we would all have the strength to be able to support her. If only I could get rid of Ed.

Edward POV

My angel ripped off my arm. In her rage, she had the audacity to mutilate her master. Does Bella not realize that I did this all for her? That pathetic man thought he could protect her? He was a stupid human. She should have enjoyed tasting his blood, but Bella was as always a conundrum. Maybe, the blood had gotten to cool in my journey home. My love should have been thankful for all the hard work and will power it took to drain him for her. Instead she willfully disobeyed me. That's okay. Bella's naughty behavior will bring spiciness to our lovemaking. But she will ultimately obey and bend to my every desire.

I heard my sweet ask us quietly, "Just let me get dressed with Alice. We'll be down to discuss this. I just need time. Please Carlisle."

"My pet, allow me to be with you and soothe your soul!" I pleaded vehemently.

"I highly suggest you get your revolting face out of my line of vision, Edward," my precious hissed. Alice could barely hold her back. "Next time I rip off that smug head of yours!"

I laughed, "That passion, sweetheart, not anger talking. Your lips are aching for mine."

Rosalie, who at that moment was obnoxiously hovering over my darling, stalked towards me. I have yet to figure out what had happened that would make her gain a twisted affection for my Bella. Couldn't Emmett control his mate? Obviously, all that animal blood was making her delirious. I would be kind now for she was my sister, even though, I thought she was a raging bitch. However, if she even sniffs at Bella I would take an ax to her pretty and vapid skull. Sniffing, my angel is my job.

"Edward..." Carlisle cautioned as my darling, Isabella growled. How I wanted to quiet her with my lips.

"Fine, Father," I spat. I shook my arm in the air at him. "Angel, get dressed with Alice. I suggest something tasteful, Mary Alice. I know how you tend to veer towards he whorish looks."

Alice started to stalk towards me as Jasper grabbed her. He said forcibly, "I suggest you watch yourself, Edward. You are really skating on very thin ice."

"That remains to be seen, Private...excuse me Major Whitlock," I laughed at the fool. "I'll get this arm reattached and we can discuss the important developments downstairs."

"You being bat shit crazy, Freddy Krueger?" Emmett, that moron inquired. His constant name calling made me more and more certain of his untimely demise.

"No, Emmett, the wedding between Isabella and myself, of course." I chuckled at their shocked expressions.

Isabella screamed, "Never, you hear me! I will never marry you! How about I rip out your legs instead? I would just love seeing your leg less torso try to hop down the aisle!"

"Oh Sweetness, I wouldn't suggest you try anything of the sort. You see on my travels to dispose of that pitiful man you had attached yourself to, I invited some esteemed guests to the nuptials."

Carlisle looked at me in shock. "Edward, you wouldn't! Please, son tell me you didn't do this!"

"Why, Father? Aren't they dear friends of yours?"

Esme, my poor clueless mother, grabbed Carlisle's arm. "Carlisle, what is he talking about?"

"The Volturi are on the way," I answered chuckling, as I walked out of the room with a smile gracing my face.