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This is set to season three.

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-Sire?" the guard asked, stepping to the room respectively, but it was obvious that he had been running.

Arthur turned around to face the man. -Yes?"

The guard's face was something between scared and worried. -We...we have found Merlin. " he said with a shaky voice, and Arthur's heart skipped a beat.

He had to swallow, then took some support from the chair nearby.

Then he took a deep breath. -Is he...?"

The guard shook his head fiercely. -We don't know yet. The knights are just arriving at the gates."

A wave of uncertainty, a wave of fear.

Arthur looked up, and had to took another breathe as slowly, slowly the anxiouness took him in. -Th-thank you. Dismissed."

The guard bowed and left. When he was alone, Arthur collapsed to the chair. He sat there, staring numbly forward. He stared the perfectly organized boots next to the fireplace, as it was done some random nameless servant. Because everyone was random and nameless right now. Everything that mattered was Merlin.

Things were easier if you knew. If you know what happened, why it happened, and where. But the uncertainty was the worst. Sitting around in the chambers, training the knights, but mind hazel because everything he could think about was Merlin. He had almost lost hope. Almost.

But if there was one thing he owed to Merlin, it was the hope. He wouldn't ever give up on him, each and every day he had been missing, sending some search parties to find him.

Arthur put his healthy hand upon his injured one, his left arm which had been dislocated and partly broken. Three weeks.



It was the coldest time of the winter. How could anyone survive out there? How could...

The temperatures had been dangerously low for the lower town peasants. It was too cold...

Merlin. How could you even be alive? How is it even possible after all that...blood?

The prince took once again a deep, calming breathe. He didn't know what to expect to see. He didn't know if he wanted to see. Please Merlin, be alive. Please.

But he knew how unfair it was to ask something like that. It was unfair, because as the crown prince of Camelot, he shouldn't. But as Arthur just sat there, feeling the absence of someone so important in the room, he wished at the bottom of his heart. Just because he wasn't missing a servant, he was missing his lost best friend.

Three weeks.



Arthur held his hand above his eyes for a minute, gathering his strength. He looked outside to the freezing winter air, as the blue cold light surrounded him. A fist was crushing his heart with icy grip.

Then the prince slowly stood up, and headed to the physician's chambers.