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They are getting bolder, was her first thought when she dodged the shuriken aimed for her throat. It hit the brick behind her chipping off a piece and falling harmlessly to the floor. She back flipped into the alley before letting out a cry of shock. There was an enemy nin behind her. She widened her eyes but it was too late.

She fell to her knees when she finally landed from being kicked and thrown. Her knees felt the pain from the shock and she panted looking up. It was raining and she had stopped to take shelter, that was all the time they needed to catch her. She placed her hand against the cement road and pushed herself up. Why did they follow her here? Ninja were given specific orders never to show themselves in a city. She should have been safe.

She summersaulted to avoid a kunai thrown at her and started to sprint down the road, she didn't want to fight them. They would leave if she got to a populated place. Blinking, she was shocked by the man who appeared next to her and slammed her into a wall; she let out a cry as it slammed against the black and blues she had from before. She slummed down and prepared for them to strike her again but suddenly she heard a voice, a familiar voice.

"Are you okay?" Kasumi looked up to see a man she recognized from dead or alive,

"Elliot…" she said in her daze before her head snapped up and she pushed him to the side.

Elliot was ready to yell, what was wrong with her, when suddenly he seen two knives hit the wall. His eyes widened as he turned around. He had almost died just now. The injured woman got up and flung her arm to the side.

"Leave now!" He wanted to, god he wanted to, but this woman needed his help. Suddenly ten men jumped from the shadows that he had not seen before and he let out a startles gasp. The woman however simply jumped in between them, and started fighting them.

Elliot wanted to help but he had no idea how. He grabbed one from behind and double palmed him, then another had been double kicked. By the time he had taken care of two of them she had knocked out the rest. He turned to her and took in her condition. She was soaked from the afternoon rain and covered in dirt, and blood his subconscious supplied. He let out a breath as she looked towards him. She was so young. She was his age, not a woman, but a teenager. She took two steps towards him and he spoke

"Who are you?" She paused, deciphering his words.

"My name is Kasumi" she finally said. He blinked. Was she the same Kasumi from the tournaments? Before he could ask her however, she slumped and fell against him. He kneeled holding her and didn't know what to do. There were so many bodies here. He lifted her up and turned.

"Master Gen Fu" Elliot called out as he approached the house.

"Why," he heard the disgruntled man's voice. "are you shouting this late at night?"

His master walked out of the door slowly before seeing him and running over.

"Bring her to the living room!"

As Elliot ran in Gen Fu could not help but feel saddened. He remembered the young woman, she was a worthy opponent in the Dead or Alive tournament and a beautiful and mannered young woman. He ran in after them hoping he could help her and wondering why she was so injured in the first place.

When Kasumi awoke it was to Elliot changing the bandages on her leg.

"Elliot san?" she asked as she came to.

"Hai Kasumi chan" he replied in Japanese. She sat up and noticed she had a different set of clothing on, shorts and a t shirt, someone changed her.

"Mother changed you, master Gen Fu bandaged you." Elliot said in his native tongue and Kasumi nodded.

"Thank you. You saved my life." Elliot shook his head saying she repaid her debt when she saved him. She stood slowly after he was done and personally thanked his mother and Gen Fu for their help. She then asked for her clothes back. When they asked her why she had once again thanked them for their hospitality and informed her of her intention to leave because they were still after her.

"Nonsense." Gen Fu said as he descended the stairs. "You will stay here, at least until you heal. You will be fed and provided shelter and in return you will look over Mei Lin and assist in cleaning the house."

"I couldn't…" She started "I would be putting you in danger."

"It is my request that you stay. It is the least you can do after putting Elliot's life in danger. It is the way you can repay us for our hospitality."

Kasumi bit her lip. She couldn't say no to that, she had her honor and now a debt to repay, but the longer she stayed the more danger she put them in. Kasumi looked down and she then bowed.

"As you wish."

Gen Fu nodded with a smile on his face. She really was a kind girl and this was the only he could get her to accept his help. Kasumi looked up and let her hair fall over her shoulders and Elliot just watched her. She seemed so… graceful.

Elliot hadn't paid any of the girls much attention before because of the fact that their lack of discipline was appalling to him. He had felt that they were all spoiled in a way and immature but Ieto Kasumi, as Gen Fu had told him her name was, was already so different. He briefly wondered if it was because of her culture or her personality. She followed his mother into the main house and Elliot watched her. She was beautiful when not covered in dirt and blood, her skin was so smooth and flawless and light. Her hair was so bright and unique and her figure was so lean and built.

He had seen so many scars when he was replacing her bandages as was filled with anger, who would want to hurt a creature so pure? Just now he felt his heart ache at the thought of being as alone as she was. Gen Fu had pulled him aside and spoke to him about her. Apparently she was a hardened killer who could take life in a manner of seconds, and was an outlaw that was currently being hunted by her brother and sister. Elliot had trouble believing that but Gen Fu had simply shook his head and said it was a sad world out there and that she was a victim.

Gen Fu walked by him and he followed knowing it was time to start training. After all if he didn't want to be knocked out before the second round this year he would have to get much better.

The housework was easy and Mei Lin was a charm so she felt like it was not even close to being a fair trade, her housing for her labor. Elliots mother, Mei (Making it up) was a sweetheart as well and was so nice to her. She felt welcome here, and it bothered her. With the majority of her wounds being various cuts and slices she could be on her way before the end of the week and then she would not feel so wrong.

"Mei chan" Kasumi started and Mei looked up to her. She paused before handing the other some peppers.

"Why… is Gen Fu san making me stay."

"He's worried about you." She said taking it. It was true, Kasumi had been a concern of his after the first tournament and he had told her about the kunoichi on multiple occasions. Her beauty however, was something he had left out.

"sou ka…" Kasumi mumbled and Mei rose an eyebrow.

"My apologies Kasumi, but I do not speak Japanese like Elliot and my father." Kasumi smiled softly

"I was talking to myself," she said "I feel as if I am imposing is all."

"Not in the least, besides, I rather enjoy your company."

Kasumi had been sent to retrieve the male family members and walked into the temple slowly. She could gradually hear the sounds of their fighting increase and stopped at a distance as they sparred. Elliot was panting and Gen Fu was simply standing there waiting for him. Kasumi walked forward silently but before she could grab their attention Elliot let out a battle cry and lunged for the elder. Kasumi shook her head as she watched Gen Fu easily block him and counter. Kasumi herself had seen four openings in his first kick alone.

After the round was over they both noticed her standing there watching them. Elliot felt embarrassed that she had seen him but she seemed unfazed by it. 'Dinner.' Was the only word she said. After dinner Elliot asked Gen Fu to tell him more about her, he nodded and told him all he knew which was not much, but one thing stood out.

She's never lost a fight.

Elliot looked to Gen Fu in shock. That little dove, a killer, and an undefeated fighter?

A week later and the little dove had left in the middle of the night. She had written each one a letter thanking them for their hospitality and explaining that she had to leave because she really has overstayed her welcome and left enough of a track for them to find her here. Mei had nodded understanding and so had Gen Fu, who was just happy he got her to stay that long. Mei Lin had cried at the loss of her friend, but Elliot was angry. How could she leave so soon? How could she leave before getting to know them all? And why in the world did she feel like she was better off alone?

Kasumi had climbed to the mountaintop overlooking the temple and watched the sunset. She would take off at daybreak again and go down the other side of the mountain. But Ayane had figured out where she was, and was climbing up that side of the mountain at that very instant.