She opened her eyes, but it was still black, was it nighttime or was she still blinded? She raised her hand. Or did she? She couldn't feel it move, not that she thought about it she couldn't feel the ground under her, or anything for that matter.


It came out hopeful and she wanted to nod, she wasn't sure if she did. He took in a sharp breath and she heard him move but she wasn't sure what he did.

"Do you feel this?"

She shook her head. She tried to focus her vision but she couldn't see him, she closed her eyes and sunk into the bed.

"Hey, look at me."

"I can't." She turned her head towards his voice, her eyes opening out of habit. "I can't see anymore." She closed them. She didn't even feel herself talk; her tongue must have touched her lips, the roof of her mouth.

"Guarana." She suddenly whispered. He repeated the word in confusion. She shook her head and he asked again.

"You'll never find it." She said instead and she heard him moving.

"I can get whatever it is to help you!" He shook over her as his words grew stronger. "Don't underestimate me!" his voice grew stronger, "I can do this." Kasumi stayed silent until she heard him slam the table, it was silent for a few seconds.

"Please, just tell me."

She could feel her brain slowing; her thoughts were coming to her less often. She couldn't remember things she should know; she couldn't feel her body or see with open eyes. Yuki had somehow de-stimulated her brain, caused the nerves to stop responding. Elliot was her only hope, but could she really put that burden on him?

If everything was really as it seemed did she really disserve to live?

Did she want to?

"Please…" It seemed like a whimper, and she sighed.

"She's slowed me…" She took a breath, trying to remember what could help her, what would stimulate her brain enough, "Need three things." She paused "the first…" she trailed off

"It's Guarana." She said, before remembering someone familiar, deep green eyes. Who was it? Why was their image in her head?

"Where's that?" She blinked.


"Where's Guarana?" She tried to think, to remember, Guarana, guarana. It's green, like those eyes. Whose eyes were they, they reminded her of home.

"Focus Kasumi, where is it." Guarana, Guarana…


She heard a few scratches, was he writing that down? What was that for?... She looked up, she tried to, but she couldn't see, her breathing slowed. She was sleepy.

"What else?" Elliot asked as he watched her head loll to the side, it hitched a little bit.

"What else for what?" She was too unfocused, was that a side effect? Did this mean things were getting worse?

"To help you."

"Help me..." she whispered, suddenly there was a flash, something red. She knew what it was. It tasted bad, a berry. Focus, what was it?

"berry…" she uttered trying to focus, to remember, red eyes stared at her, "red" deep red eyes glared at her, same color, berries,


"Goji berries?" Elliot asked watching as her hand fell limp, she had moved it up while thinking.

"They taste horrible." She finally said.

Her brother had a jar. Tiny, black cap. It had oil.

Hayate said that the sage oil was good for stimulating the senses.

"Sage oil." She said next and heard the scratching again.

"I'll be back." He said, and after a couple of footsteps she realized he was gone. She felt her thoughts slow even further as she fell out of consciousness, one thought plaguing her. Who was Hayate?


"What happened?"

Elliot would not have stopped but Gen Fu stepped in front of the boy. Elliot looked up as the list was snatched from his hand. The man narrowed his eyes in thought and Mei walked into the room behind him.

"It's for her, it'll help her."

"You know you'll never get some of this." The master said but quieted when his daughter rested her hand on his arm. She gave him back the sheet and told Gen Fu to let him go. Gen Fu nodded and Elliot was then stopped by Mei.

"Pack a bag and I'll give you food for a few days, hurry, it'll take a few minutes."

Twenty minutes later Elliot walked out the door with a pack on his back and two copies of the list. His mother said the best bet was eastward, closer to the bigger city and the port. If there was a chance for him to find this stuff it would be there. He would find this stuff, he would help her, save her. He couldn't let her go this time; he only hoped he would make it in time


She saw flashes of people as her eyes fluttered. No names came to mind as she searched. She felt like she was in a fog, her brain was slow, moving slower. Who were these people? They blurred, no memories coming to the surface, nothing about the familiar strangers helped her. Deep green eyes stared into hers and suddenly she saw a face and heard a deep resonating voice. She whimpered and tossed in her bed.

The eyes were different now, bright, blue, kind. She heard another voice, saw another face, this time she didn't look away.


He was in danger because of her.

That boy.

No, not a boy, he matured, he had touched her. He trusted her.

That man.

He left to save her, she put him in danger. She didn't want him hurt.

She loved him.

She wanted him safe, he was family.