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Journey to the Magical Kingdom; Flight of the Imagination; and Messengers of Destruction


I don't know how to explain meditating to you. It's something you get better at as you go along.

He sat down next to the river and looked down at it, the waters rushing as if racing to meet the ocean. The grass underneath him was wet, and honestly a little uncomfortable, but this is where he wanted to meditate and he would do it here. He let out a breath.

We'll start with your breathing, normally you don't have to control it, but now focus on it.

Breathing was always the first thing, big inhale, long exhale, rhythmic. Master had told him before, it gives you life and to control your breathing was to begin to control your life. He watched the animals; the fish swam with the current, the fireflies left trails behind them. Birds sang in the trees above and the crickets harmonized behind him. He could faintly hear the people pulling down their tents for the night to go home.

Very good. Next is sight, you can unfocus your eyes by picking a spot and staring at it, then letting your eye relax, but for now you will be better served by simply closing your eyes.

Darkness surrounded him now, the fireflies didn't reach him anymore, but he still heard them, heard the rushing of the waters that still moved. The birds and the crickets still sang. He could smell the dew below; feel the soft grass against his ankles, the wind making his hair tickle his neck.

The others are a bit harder to shut out, and this is where experience comes into play. You should focus on your breathing, nice deep breaths that take you away. Slowly let go of every sense.

In. Out. In. Out. He let go of everything else, he tried. His hearing dulled, but then he could taste the sweetness of the water below, he could no longer feel the grass, but then the wind was too bitter. He tried not to get frustrated. In. Just focus on breathing. That's what master said right. Out.

It helps to focus on one thing, a color, a word, a feeling, one thing that you can focus completely on and let the world go.

A person. A soft smile. He focused on her, only on her. The buzzing died down, the grass seemed to recede. In. Out. He could no longer hear the rushing water, or feel its gentle coolness. In. All that existed was her presence. Out. He was not there anymore, he was nothing. In. Nothing but her. Out.

Then, when nothing but that exists hold it, cherish it, and then, like a balloon in the wind let it go.

He held her in a way he hadn't been able to in this world. He felt her all around him, and he breathed out, her name leaving his lips like a sinful prayer. A secret desire. His lungs filled again and he breathed her name out again. There was less of her now. He repeated the action until there was just a wisps left. He breathed out again, and for a second there was nothing.

When you reach that point, and nothing exist. You open your mind and your soul to every and anything. You go beyond human limitations and enter a different place of existence. What you do in that place is up to you. Only you can decide.

He could not know what to do. In. So he just breathed. Out.

She did not have long. Already she could feel the sluggishness of the poison setting in. She could think, of Ryu, or Elliot. Her past, and… She looked up, trying to clear her head. Still unused to the fact that she could not see. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Her future was hers to decide now, if she lived that far, but it would do her no good to dwell on morbid matters.

She could not go back. For the first time in her life she had realized the futility of it all. Being on her own was all she had before, but with the hope of things working out, with someone waiting for her at the end of it all. Now there was nothing at the end, and it would be a life of solitude, bitterness and dare she say hate and loneliness.

He was getting married, she could move on. She had to move on. The boy, Elliot, the Master, his family, they all welcomed her here and who was she to run away from a second chance, another family willing to have her and cherish her like their own.

She was being offered a second chance and if he brought her the stuff, if she survived this it would be nothing less than a third.

She had to take that chance right? A chance to be…. Happy… Loved.

Her life wasn't over.

It wouldn't be.

I will survive.

He'll return.


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