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Chapter Start:

She said nothing of the horse, or the journey, she just took the bag from him before he was able to dismount. When he did, he found his arm full of a small child. They told her to hug him as long as she could, to keep him away for as long as she could.

"I'll prepare it for her, she told me how to the other day." Elliot nodded as Mei left with the bag she had taken from him. He wrapped one arm around the small girl at his waist and exchanged a look with the master. He looked away and she hugged him tighter.

"Master, please. Is she..?" he couldn't even say the thought, the woman had promised, but who was she? He had meditated as he said, and took the horse back. It was nothing short of a small miracle that he didn't fall off, but he was here now. He could only hope it was in time.

They were going to keep him here until Mei prepared the natural remedies and tried to wake her up. The pale body lying in that bed might break him. He finally stood tall, finally took light but confident steps. The Master could only hope, that after this, he would still be able to do it.

Finally the boy sagged as he whispered a please to his Master. Gen Fu did not have it in his heart to deny the boy any more, so he put his hand on Mei Lin's shoulder and she unwrapped herself from him. Then he pointed down the hall to her room. "We moved her, first on the left." His steps were quick and light, and een though he thought to stop before going in, his heart wouldn't let him.

"Kasumi." He called out as he stepped into the room, but she didn't move and he couldn't tell if she was asleep or awake. He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through her hair.

"I found it-it, I f-found all of them," he inhaled. Deep inhale. "So you have to come back to me now. Okay?" Nothing. "Mei is making the stuff the way you told her, I wish I would've been here to hear you." Stroke, "but hey, you'll be awake soon and I can tell you all about my journey." Hours went by, days, years. Eighty year old hands caressed a youthful face. "You have to come back." A kiss from unworthy lips on pale skin.

"Elliot, it's ready."

He nodded and his mother walked forward, rubbing the now warm, silky oil across her skin, around her eyes, under her nose, her wrists and ankles and on her neck. The oil caused his eyes to water, and she twitched. A slow warm burn replaced days of numbness. Mei smiled.

"Kasumi, rise and shine."

There was a small groan, and he lifted her so that her back was supported against him. He didn't care if it was a little too much for her because it was not even close to being enough for him. He needed her warmth against him now, he needed to be able to be her support; even if only for this moment. Mei nodded. "Hold your breath." She pulled out a small silver container and used her thumb to flick it open it right under Kasumi's nose as her head lolled to the side. The dried then crushed berries mixed just the right way made the perfect version of a nerve's smelling salt. Her head snapped up at the smell, and Elliot coughed with watery eyes. Mei capped it before blowing the rest of the smell away. Kasumi looked back and forth without seeing anything, but beginning to feel everything, she took short breaths, then long ones, until finally, she was able to begin to control herself again

"Mei, it worked." She said, looking towards the direction the woman was bound to be in. Suddenly aware of the body against her she tensed, but hands on her shoulder with a soothing voice relaxed her. "It's me, Elliot." And her shoulders slumped and her head rested on his shoulder.

"Tea, you need to drink your tea."

She still could not see, but she could distinguish when a direction had more light than another. This was promising. One day she would see again. He let out a few deep breaths behind her and she suddenly became away of the slight tremors running through him. The way his arms would squeeze her, the way his body inched towards then away form her.

"I need some fresh air," he said after a few seconds, and if he was here for the oil and scent, she knew he needed to clear out his lungs, but it seemed to be more than that. She sipped her tea. She couldn't do much else and couldn't afford to think of much else because of him and what she was starting to think about him, so she just sipped her tea.

And tried not to count the seconds until his warmth returned.

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