Brennan burst through the door, running up the stairs as fast as she could. Her fingers fumbled with the keys she'd almost returned, shoving them into the lock and turning it, throwing open the door with a bang.


There was a groan from the bedroom, and she kicked the door shut and ran down the hall to his room.

"Booth, Booth! You'll never guess!" She cried as she flew into his room and jumped onto the bed, grabbing his shoulder and shaking him awake.

He blinked up at her and smiled. "Bones."

" Of course I'm Bones." She looked at him and frowned, sniffing the air. "Are you drunk? Why are you drunk? Sober up Booth, it's five AM!"

"I'm not drunk." Booth smiled, his eyes taking in her flushed appearance, and the fact that she was straddling him on the bed, only a thin layer of blankets between them, her hands on his shoulders.

Brennan sniffed again, "It smells like you are."

Booth sighed. "It was a long night."

Brennan shrugged and hit him on the shoulders again. "Guess what? Oh never mind, you'll never guess, we;ve got a case, and it's a pirate case and a big case, as big as the Rico one you passed up for your brother, and we've got to leave right NOW!" She said in a rush.

His hands grabbed her wrists and held them. "What are you talking about?"

"Now, Booth, we've got to leave NOW!" She tried to climb off him, but he smoothly flipped over, pinning her beneath him.

"Talk." He demanded.

"The case!" She repeated, her mind focused on how good it felt to be underneath him.

"What case?"

"The new one."

He shook his head. "My phone never rang."

"I know." Brennan nodded, "I tried to phone you but it didn't go through."

"I have plans this weekend." Booth shook his head slightly.

Brennan stared at him open mouthed. "But it's a case, we have to go, it's huge." She repeated.

"Go where?"

"Cocoas island."

"Treasure Island?"

"No, the real one! They've found remains, and they think they are American, which means, WE are going to a summer paradise to examine PIRATES!" Brennan smiled.

Booth narrowed his eyes. "Why are you so excited about Pirates?"

Brennan's grin grew... "The remains are MUMMIFIED!"

Booth stared down at her. "Bones, I can't.. I shouldn't.. I have plans with Hannah, and I really shouldn't break them."

Brennan frowned. "She'll understand, it's work!"

Booth stared down into the eyes just inches below his, the dark hair spread over his pillow, and the warm body underneath his. Just work... It wasn't going to fly.

"Bones." His voice dropped. How should he say this?

"Booth." She sighed breathlessly, on a groan. Was he really going to turn down the case of a lifetime?

His head dipped, to rest on her forehead. "Shit." He whispered. The sound of his name leaving her lips like that had his brain stalled for a minute.

"Oh Booth, please?" She begged urgently. "I need you!"

He chuckled softly. "Say it again."

Brennan smiled. "Please Booth?" She cooed, trying to use the feminine whiles Angela was always telling her about.

He groaned. She was practically begging him. Dr. Temperance Brennan, underneath him, and begging him, to run off to an island paradise.. In a different context it would have been a dream come true.. If so much hadn't happened in that last eight months.

Brennan groaned again, an edge of frustration creeping into the sound.


He froze, his head shot up, and he turned it to see Hannah, standing in the doorway, a shocked look on her face. "Is this why I couldn't spend the night Seeley? Because you had plans?" She backed away slowly.

"Hannah, it's not what it looks like." He started to sit up and then stopped, remembering to late that he was not only in a compromising position, but also nude.

Her eyes widened. "I think it looks, exactly as it sounded.."

Booth was silent, unable to roll off Brennan, and unable to explain, as he thought back over the conversation and how it would have sounded to someone else.

Brennan stared up at him, aware of his predicament, and of the heat in her own cheeks. For the first time in her life words failed her.

"I was just coming to say that I have to go on assignment." Hannah shook her head lamely. "But um, I think this is goodbye Seeley."

He nodded, and turned his eyes back to Brennan, his ears listening to Hannah walk down the hallway and out of his life.

They stared at each other silently for a moment, till he shifted again, and the bed squeeked.

"Booth." She whispered.

His head slumped down onto her shoulder. " I'm coming."

Brennan's face lit up. "YES!"


"Bones." Booth sighed. "Can you pass me the water please?"

"I told you you were drunk." Brennan noted, passing him another bottle of water.

"I wasn't drunk." Booth glared at her. "I was drunk the night before."

"hmm." Brennan nodded distractedly, writing out her list of equipment she would need.

Booth pressed the cool bottle of water to his forehead. He hadn't still been drunk. Though it would have explained the series of actions which led to his journalist girlfriend dumping him because she believed he had turned down her offer of spending the night to spend it in the arms of the woman he once loved.

The woman he still loved, his mind and body both jeered at him, before making his head thud again.

Hodgins came running into the room. "I just heard, I'm ready to go!"

Brennan looked up with a smile. "And Angela?"

"Wouldn't miss this for the world!" Angela breezed into the room. "Fun in the sun, oh my!"

Booth glowered at them and their chirpiness.

"Whoa, Agent Studly, whats with you?" Angela raised an eyebrow.

"Booth's girlfriend walked in on us having a discussion in bed this morning and assumed I was naked as well and broke up with him." Brennan murmured. "And he's hungover."

Silence fell over the room.

"She wasn't." Booth muttered. "Naked, I mean."

"Who wasn't?" Angela smiled.

"Hannah. Or Bones. Either. Nobody was naked." Booth held his head.

"Well," Brennan corrected him. "You were."

Booth glared at her. "I sleep naked, ok?"

Hodgins chuckled and Angela clamped her lips shut with a smirk.

Brennan shrugged. "That's excellent Booth, it's said to be best for your reproductive organs anyways."

"My organs work just fine thank you!" Booth grimaced.

"Yes." Brennan stood up and walked out of the room. "I noticed."


Booth stared out grudgingly at the sea, bright blue, and stretching as far as the eye could see, fading off into the distance like the end of the world.

It wasn't the sleeping in tents that bothered him, he was okay with that, and the tiny little island didn't really have any hotels to speak of, even if he wasn't.

It wasn't the case, as once it had been fully explained, the importance of it became clear. This big for her career, and if they solved it, it could be big for his as well. Not, as she had assumed, as big as the rico case. But big enough to get congratulated by the president, which always looked good on the files.

What was bothering him wasn't even the fact that his girlfriend had dumped him after walking in on him and Bones in a compromising position.

It was that Bones had been there at all.

In his bed.

Never before had she run in like that, or jumped on the bed, or begged him to take a case.

Yes, she loved mummies, he remembered the squeal fest with Daisy he'd overheard, the whole lab had overheard.

It just seemed...

He couldn't put his finger on it.

She'd tried to hug Caroline.

She'd told Angela she loved her like a sister.

She'd refrained from forming a relationship or bond while in Maluku, had not even had the inclination, though he'd heard through Daisy that there had been a few attractive eligible suitors there, hoping to win her attention.

He'd laughed with everyone else as Daisy and Brennan described their battery of the armed guerrillas, Brennan demonstrating how she'd fluffed her hair and batted her eyelashes and then disposed of them like yesterday's trash.

He would have thought she didn't know how to bat her eyelashes.

She'd certainly never batted them at him.

But the jumping on the bed thing...

The not fighting to get out from under him...

He shook his head ruefully and stood up from where he sat on the beach, his toes dipped in the warm water.

What the hell was going on with that?


Brennan smiled and wiped her hands on her pants happily. Her tent was spic and span and set up just the way she liked it, with a cot bed and a small bedside table in one corner, and in the middle of the room a large desk to write her findings on at night.

She was hoping to have lots of findings.

Not just about the pirate mummies, which were fascinating and exciting, but also her own findings, about her personal interactions with those around her.

On the plane as she left for Maluku, she had vowed to make changes, to be that person that Booth deserved. She had started immediately, observing the other females of the team and their interactions with each other and the opposite sex.

She was able to practise on those guerrillas for a few brief moments, but assumed by Daisy's over reaction to her own actions, that she was not as smooth as the other girls had been.

She had vowed to practise on Booth, but his news was a setback she had not anticipated.

She had almost thrown in the towel, but her proclamation of sisterly love to Angela had brought her more joy than she had anticipated it would, and Angela's announcement of her pregnancy, before even telling Hodgins, had confirmed a successful result.

SHE had been the first to know of the new arrival, she was trusted, and her feelings were reciprocated, her actions had not been rebuffed.

A warm glow infused her at the memory.

This was good.

She was changing.

She COULD change.

When she heard of the case, she knew it was the perfect opportunity. The island would be closed to all visitors and journalists for the duration of the excavation and examination of the remains and site. Aside from the few locals, the Jeffersonian team would be totally isolated. She would have Booth to herself, make a play for him, as it was called.

The excitement of the challenge had sent her running to him, even as he lay in his bed, and results had been more than she could have hoped for.

She pulled back the curtain that was a door and stepped out into the sunlight.

Bones was back!

She smiled to herself... Baby!


The cave was dark.

Faintly misty.

And had a smell of burnished metal, damp sand, and bird droppings.

Brennan switched on her flashlight and plunged in, deeper into the darkness. This was the area where the treasure reputedly had been.

Hodgins would no doubt have the entire place carefully combed and sifted for any remaining artifacts.

She hoped that he would find at least something, because it would make this trip for him, and she knew that although she had requested him and Angela to be there, it was unlikely that they would be needing many particulates identified, depending on what was left of the clothing.

She reached the crevice at the back of the cave and paused briefly. While the rest of the cave was open to the beach, though hidden behind a rock wall of sorts, this crevice led to a hidden cavern. From this point on, she would be very much out of reach of the others, sleeping in their tents nearby.

She couldn't sleep, her excitement about the mummy she had yet to see, and the first stage of her plan going to effect the next morning, had robbed her of any exhaustion she might have felt after a long day. Only this morning she had burst into Booth's room, and here they were, on an island paradise.

She smiled.

He would have added, "or it would be, if there weren't dead people."

She shone her light around the cave one last time and then stepped into the crevice, walking the twisted path carefully, but quickly, her lab coat brushing the rock on either side of her. It was narrow. Very narrow.

After thirty paces, the crevice turned left, and suddenly, she was in a room as big as the Jeffersonian lab. Stalagmites and stalactites formed decorative areas throughout, and reflected her flashlights beams, bouncing off each other, filling the entire space with a dim light.

Brennan stood very still, taking it in.

A wonderful sight.

The mummy was located to the right, she remembered from her briefing, and she slowly turned to look, her mouth dropping open in surprise. At the far end of the cavern, on a stone that looked oddly like a chair, sat a hunched figure.

It didn't move when she played her light over it, and she was able to see why. The hands that rested by it's side were little more than bones, held together still be the tendons.

This was the mummy.

She walked closer, keeping aware of her surroundings, moving faster as she saw what kind of condition the mummy was in.

"Wonderful!" She gasped.

The clothes remained, fairly intact, preserved and stained by adipocere. The head still rested on the shoulders, though slumped to one side, resting against the rock wall, the hair still attached and cascading over the shoulders. The skull stared out at her, the adipocere had formed a sort of death mask, though it had slipped, and empty sockets stared out at the room, sightless. A sword rested by it's side, and she was sure, attached to his hip, she would find a revolver.

Brennan wanted to jump up and down, but feared the motion would disrupt the precarious stance of the mummy, so she retreated. Best to wait until there were others, they would need to support the mummy with a framework in order to move it, or even study it closer.

But what a wonderful specimen!

With a last glance around the cavern, Brennan returned to the crevice, the cave, and the beach. She stared out at the moon on the waves, and felt peace.

Now, she would sleep.


Booth had to smile.

Six AM, and not only were all the squintz bright eyed and chipper, they were lined up at the entrance to the cave, eager to begin work.

At the head of the line was Brennan, who was waving to him madly.

"BOOTH! BOOTH come HERE!" She waved excitedly and jumped a little.

He paused and raised an eyebrow.

Did Bones really just jump?

Must be a really good mummy..

He smiled and jogged over. "Whats up Bones?"

"You must see this mummy Booth, it's fantastic!" She beamed at him, turning to lead him into the cave.

"Bones." Booth stood still. "Arn't you forgetting something?"

She blinked at him. "Like what?"

He pointed at her bare legs. "Pants?"

She smiled. "It's far too hot in the cavern to wear clothing Booth, the heat, lack of oxygen, and the humidity is why the mummy is so well preserved." Her smile grew. "I'm pnly wearing the lab coat to keep the moisture from body getting onto the remains."

She looked around blankly as someone went into a coughing fit.

"Well really." She said to the coughing Angela. "I'm wearing a bathing suit underneath!"

She shook her head and turned back to Booth, ignoring his slack jawed appearance, and gestured to the cave. "Are you coming?"

She led the way into the cave, Booth close behind her. "The crevice is quite narrow, it might be a tight fit for you Booth." She said over her shoulder, her flashlight beam lighting up the crack in the cave's wall. "I went in last night and made it through quite easily."

"Wow." Booth held out an arm, catching hers. "You came in here last night? Alone?"

"Of course Booth." Brennan frowned, "It's not a very romantic place to arrange a rendezvous, though the pirate has the same type of hair as that actor did in that movie, the good looking one, I assure you he's quite dead.."

Booth shook his head. "That's not what I meant. It might have been dangerous!"

Brennan raised her eyebrow. "The pirate is really, QUITE dead Booth."

"Bones..." Booth sighed. "Next time, please, can you let me come? OR at least tell someone where you are going?"

"I'm perfectly capable of.."

"Excuse me." Angela called out. "Did you say the pirate looks like Johnny Depp?" She pushed ahead of Hodgins and started pushing Brennan and Booth towards the crevice. "You guys can argue this out later ok, because if the pirate looks like Johnny Depp, then THIS I've GOT to see!"


As they turned into the dark crevice, Booth's mind was in turmoil.

A tight fit, she'd said.

Knowing what she wasn't wearing under that lab coat was making everything a bit tight...

His mind flashed images of what he might see should she take off the coat through his brain at a rapid speed, followed by his conscience chiding him in a dry voice for daring to picture his partner in a bathing suit, when just a few days before he'd been professing his love for another woman to anyone who would listen.

The lack of emptiness in his heart gave truth to the lie, he'd never loved Hannah. He'd enjoyed her, and what she offered, but she had been a balm to the wounds he'd imagined Brennan had placed on his heart.. She'd left. She'd not called, or emailed, or even sent a letter.

How was he to know that she hadn't contacted anyone?

He'd felt like a heel as soon as he'd known, but was too far into the story of Hannah to back out then.. And then horror of horrors, Hannah had arrived in Washington.. He hadn't felt bad enough to not enjoy her a few times more, it was nice to be wanted, and Brennan seemed more than happy to see him in the arms of another woman.. Except for that comment in the diner, about having imagined them together.. His brain had completely shut down, repeating her words.. If Sweets hadn't been there, he would have..

"He would have what?" The voice jeered. "Swept her off her feet? Please..."

He sighed a little, reaching a hand out to press against the rock wall to help twist his body around a corner.

His conscience was right.. He couldn't have done anything. His big mouth and need to soothe his own ego had dug him a hole so deep he'd wondered if he would ever get out.

If he hadn't gone back to the bar... He'd had his drink with Bones, and Hannah had arrived, wanting dinner out.. He'd felt bad about leaving Bones there, whats theirs was theirs, but he had promised Hannah dinner out that night and... He'd escorted her to the car and told her to wait a minute, he'd forgotten something in the bar, and gone back to apologize to Bones..

He'd stopped just inside the door, unable to go on, when in the slanted mirror over the bar, he'd seen the look on her face, and the way she'd ran her finger over her cheek, wiping away a single tear. He'd made her cry.. In a public place, he'd made her cry..

The next thing he'd known, he was at the restaurant with Hannah, downing drink after drink, in an effort to hide the pain, pretend everything was alright..

But it wasn't.

He'd sent Hannah home alone, he couldn't do it anymore, not when he knew that Bones cared, and besides he was probably too drunk to perform anyways.

And then he'd woken, to Bones jumping on the bed..

His cheeks flushed as he remembered the way she'd looked, even to an aching head she'd been beautiful and sexy..

"Booth, are you alright? You look flushed." She said, pressing close to him and touching his forehead with the back of her hand, checking his temperature.

He blinked.

They were now in a large cavern, and Hodgins and Angela were looking at him curiously.. He could hear Cam and Wendell coming through the crevice behind him.

"I'm fine." He replied.. "It was just a bit warm in there, and a few places I had to hold my breath..Tight fit." He mumbled.

Brennan nodded, and turned around waving with a flourish towards the slumped figure of the pirate.

"There he is! Our reason for being here!"

Hodgins and Cam hurried over, exclamations of awe and excitement filling the air.

Wendell paused beside him, drawing in a deep breath of air. "God, that last corner, I thought for sure I wasn't going to fit." He said clearly, with a slight wink at Booth.

Booth nodded slightly, in thanks.

Saved by a squint, again.

Wendell was a good guy, he was going to have to buy him a beer when they got home.

"Boy," said Cam sweetly. "You guys must have broader shoulders than I thought."

Booth froze as Brennan whipped her head around to stare at them.

"Broader..." She muttered.."Crap! What if we can't get the mummy out!"