The birds woke her, and she smiled... The strong arm across her chest was familiar, and Boothy... And he was sleeping next to her in her little bed..

Oh, she'd intended to make him wait, to hold out, to cement their new relationship status before taking that next step, it hadn't even been a week.. But who could blame her?

The scene had been perfect, and she had known, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was what she wanted.. No more running.. No more games.. Honesty. Them. Together...

They had made love in the waves, then the shower.. Her bed... All of it better than her wildest expectations..

So much had happened since that night..

The mummy had been stabilised, examing, and flown to the Jeffersonian where it would be on display.. His clothing and artifacts preserved.. The cave had yeilded it's secrets, a second stash of gold, as Booth had suggested, behind, or rather under, the seat on which the mummy had rested.
The gold was being studied and dated, and DNA testing was even now being run, they had found his name in a small book in his pocket.. He had living decendants, through a brother, who had had an honourable job as a blacksmith..

Another family mystery closed, solved..

Another story for the books.. Another paper under her belt, though she would have to share credit with Hodgins, as he was co-author.

She twisted her head and looked at her sleeping bedmate, studying his face. He looked so peaceful asleep, she almost didn't want to wake him up.. The helecopter would be back for them at noon, and they had much to do before then..

Her bedside clock told her it was just 6AM, and she smiled and snuggled deeper into his arms.. There was time yet.

Everything took time..

They would need to readjust when they got home.. She would not be sleeping in the bed Hannah had vacated, he would need to explain things to Parker, but she knew it would work out.. Her bed was more than big enough for the two of them..

He stirred against her, and she bit her lip, feeling need wash over her.. At this moment... It was time for something else..

And she ran her hand down his chest and stomach, until his eyes popped open, and he reached for her, a growl in his throat and matching hunger in his eyes...

She'd never get used to how much she liked this..