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A/N: In case anyone gets confused, Kevin Kiley is Alex Riley.

Mike was impressed. That much was obvious. And he wasn't the only one. Clearly Kevin Kiley had proven himself worthy to someone in the WWE, otherwise he and his former mentor wouldn't be sitting in front of Vince McMahon discussing a trial storyline.

Kevin was obviously thrilled with this miraculous turn of events; Mike had never seen such a bright smile on the other man's face, and he felt an odd desire to do whatever he could to keep it there. 'The Awesome One' shook his head lightly, refocusing on what Vince was saying.

"…personal assistant for the time being. A lot of people liked the chemistry between you two, and we want to see where it'll go." Mike and Kevin nodded in understanding, and the Cleveland native made a mental note to ask his friend what else had been said. For all he knew, he'd just agreed to marrying Hornswoggle on next Monday's RAW. "You two are free to go. Kira will give you your scripts on the way out." The two men stood and left, picking up their scripts from Vince's secretary.

"Awesome, I'm on commentary," Mike observed, his trademark smirk on his face. "And we get to beat the shit out of Danielson." Kevin set his jaw, choosing not to respond. The stupid little slut, Brian, had all but literally thrown himself at Mike, luckily to no avail. His Monk of Mojo- at least, that's how he thought of him- had more sense than to fall for Danielson's whorish tricks.

For the moment, Mike was blissfully single, and it had Kevin resting easy. He didn't have to sit up all night, waiting for the inevitable text from Mike explaining that he wouldn't be back to the room until morning. It was only a matter of time before someone like Melina sank her claws into him, and Kevin would be on his own again.

His hope for a chance with Mike was dwindling as time went on. Other than his year-long relationship with John- which he'd been told was just a "friends with benefits" situation- Kevin was pretty sure Mike had never dated a guy. He was just so blatantly straight.

Regardless, Kevin saw this new storyline as a chance to finally win Mike's affections, and he knew just the person to go to for advice.

"Have you ever seen Legally Blonde?" Kevin stared at the older brunette unblinkingly. He should have known that Hennigan was that gay. (Have you seen those pants? Seriously.)

"Yeah, a few times," he admitted. What he didn't mention was that even he- with his bedazzled letterman jacket- was not gay enough to have watched that movie of his own free will.

"Perfect," John grinned, unabashed by Kevin's obvious judgement. "You know when they teach her the bend and snap?" Kevin nodded, wishing he would hurry. He and Mike had a signing to get to. "Well Mike loves the bend. Just come up with an excuse to bend over in tight pants, and he won't be able to resist. Oh! And if he seems like he's trying to control himself, just calling him 'Mikey'. He totally gets off on hearing someone purr that name." Kevin nodded again, setting his jaw against the fierce up rise of jealousy. He liked John, he truly did, but the fact that he'd been with Mike made a small part of him hate the 'Shaman of Sexy'.

"Thanks, John," Kevin said gratefully, giving the older man a smile. "I really hope this works." John nodded in agreement, but his face abruptly became serious.

"Mike is my best friend, and he's been through more than you can imagine. Treat him right." Kevin nodded, a soft smile on his face. He couldn't imagine treating Mike anything less than right. The real term for his intentions would be 'like royalty', but that sounded cheesy even to him, so he remained silent.

"Johnny?" a voice called from the door of the locker room. John's face melted into one of gushy happiness, and Kevin knew he had to get out of there before the gooey sentiments started being exchanged. He bid John goodbye- passing an obviously lovesick Chris on his way out of the room- and made his way to the parking lot to meet up with his faux-hawked friend.