Thank you guys so much for all the favourites! I'm really glad my first attempt at slash wasn't a complete fail!

The Varsity Villain found Mike sitting in the driver's seat of his rental, using the rearview mirror to make sure his hair was flawless. Kevin smiled fondly, slipping into the passenger seat.

"Sorry about that. We can go now," he told the older man. Mike looked over at his companion and suddenly wished he hadn't. He looked sexier than Mike had words to express.

Kevin's eyes were lit up with a kind of excitement that brightened the younger man's face. He was dressed almost exactly like Mike himself was- a black vest was fit over an off-white button-up, along with a pair of sinfully tight dark-wash jeans. Mike forced his eyes away from his friend and started the car.

He hadn't been attracted to another man since he was tagging with John, and that was mainly a physical attraction. Sure, he and John cared about each other, but nothing beyond friendship- if it was, Irvine would definitely kick his ass.

With Kevin it was different. When he smiled, Mike's whole life brightened. When he laughed, Mike heard music. An interesting question came to the Cleveland native: was he in love with Kevin? He found himself hesitating with an answer. Mike couldn't say with absolute certainty that he wasn't.

In a sudden epiphany, he realized that Kevin had become the light of his life; the reason he showed up to work every day. Isn't that how people described love?

"Mikey?" Kevin called softly, concerned about the glazed look in his friend's eyes. Mike shuddered at the name- much to the other's delight- and came back to the present.

"Sorry, Kev," he said, throwing his companion The Miz's trademark grin. "Zoned out. Let's get to that signing."

Mike and Kevin sluggishly made their way to the car, the signing having gone three hours over schedule. Both men were exhausted, but Kevin hadn't forgotten John's advice. Now was the perfect time to go for it.

"Toss me the keys and I'll drive," he told to other man, holding out his hands. Mike, who would normally argue, gladly threw his keys to Kevin, missing by a foot to his left. "Nice throw, Mikey," Kevin teased, bending over to pick up the keys.

Mike had to physically bite his lip to hold back a groan of approval. Those damn jeans clung tightly to Kevin's deliciously toned ass, the action of bending over practically screaming "fuck me" at 'The Awesome One'.

Mike didn't even know what to do. Should he say something? Tell Kevin what he was doing to him? He didn't even know if the other man was gay. It sure seemed like it with the way he dressed. And there was the fact that Kevin called him Mikey like he knew it affected him. Only one person knew that.

"You've talked to John," Mike sputtered, trying to ignore his suddenly tight pants. Kevin let out a sinfully arousing chuckle.

"I don't know what you mean," he said, grabbing the keys and righting himself. "Are you feeling alright, Mikey?"

Mike couldn't stand it anymore. He grabbed Kevin by the front of his vest and pulled him into a bruising kiss. Kevin let out a tiny surprised sound, but almost instantly melted in Mike's arms, which had wound their way around his waist. He wrapped his arms around the other man's neck, deepening the kiss and pressing himself closer to him.

Mike forced himself to pull away as black spots clouded his vision from lack of oxygen, and he rested his forehead against Kevin's with a shaky sigh. The younger man's eyes were still closed, a look of complete peace on his face. And why shouldn't there be? He'd just been kissed by the man he'd had his eye on since the moment he stepped into the WWE.

"Kev?" Mike breathed in a decidedly unmanly tone.

"Yeah, Mikey?" he responded, opening his eyes to look into Mike's icy blues.

"I kind of think I love you." The Varsity Villain's eyes glistened with approval.

"I kind of think I love you too."