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"Bored and Lonely": Kendall and Logan find themselves with nothing to do but get intimate over the phone ;)

Logan sat in apartment 2J, watching a new documentary on TV that even he found boring. He's sure he would have been much more entertained if a certain blonde boy was resting beside him. He and Kendall have been secretly dating for six months. The relationship had always been there, under the surface, but they finally came together when they started sharing a room after the move to Los Angeles. They were completely happy together, like it was just the last piece of the puzzle that composed their twosome, but they wouldn't even tell James and Carlos about their love for one another. It could make things weird or jeopardize the band, and they couldn't do that to their brothers.

"Gross! I hate strawberry!" Carlos yelled from where he stood in the kitchen a few feet from James. The two of them had been engaging in a Jell-O war for the past fifteen minutes, taking turns launching chunks of the wiggling food through the air with plastic spoons. Carlos spit the pink gelatin from his mouth and onto the floor.

"You guys are making a huge mess," Logan called out to them, rolling his eyes at the sticky kitchen.

"We'll clean it," James spoke with a wave of his hand, without actually looking to the braniac on the couch. He squealed and dodged a glob of purple food, being sure to use his hands to cover his perfectly combed hair even though it was almost midnight, and he wasn't going out.

"No, you won't," Logan mumbled and chuckled to himself as he looked back to the television. The documentary had ended, and he hadn't even noticed when the credits rolled. He really was bored and lonely.

Kendall, Katie, and Mrs. Knight were all in Minnesota for the weekend, visiting his uncle for the man's 50th birthday. He and Kendall hadn't spent a full day apart since getting together, and it was killing him to not have the blonde around. Even if he couldn't kiss him and hold him, he at least wanted to hang out and talk. He could only manage to feel completely relaxed around Kendall and no one else.

Logan jumped out of his thoughts when his cell phone rang loudly from its place on the coffee table. The brunette raised a brow, wondering who would be calling so late at night. When he picked up the phone, a smile immediately decorated his face.

"Hi!" Logan said excitedly as he answered the incoming call from Kendall.

"Hey, Logie," Kendall cooed at him playfully.

"What are you up to?" Logan questioned him skeptically. The blonde's voice clearly had an I-have-a-plan tone.

"What do you mean? Can't I just call my boyfriend to check in?" Kendall asked in mock offense. Logan could practically hear him flashing his trademark smirk.

No, not when you talk like that," the brunette informed him.

"Like what?" Kendall inquired, seeming to already know what the other was referring to.

"Full of mischief," Logan told him matter-of-factly.

"Come on, Logie! I'm bored and lonely!" Kendall whined into the phone and caused the brunette to smile softly at his words. He had been feeling the same way only seconds ago.

"I thought you were at a birthday party… Aren't you supposed to be having fun?" Logan laughed and rolled his eyes.

"It's just a bunch of my old relatives. It's a snooze-fest. They're all downstairs getting drunk and sharing stories about when they walked to school through six feet of snow, uphill both ways," Kendall complained and sighed heavily.

"What would you like me to do about it?" Logan asked, amused by his boyfriend's childlike complaining.

"Well…" the blonde started shyly, making Logan nervous, "We could just talk… dirty," Kendall finished with more confidence. Logan knew the smirk was back.

"What? Are you drunk?" Logan whispered into the phone harshly, trying to avoid the attention of the two Jell-O warriors in the kitchen.

"No!" Kendall laughed on the other end. The phone seemed to move around as if he were shaking his head for emphasis, "I just miss you, Logan… I miss being inside of you," Kendall finished huskily.

"Stop it," Logan spoke with a stern voice, but shifted on the couch uncomfortably, already feeling his jeans tightening around him. Kendall's voice could do the craziest things to him.

"I don't really think you want me to stop… I think you want me to whisper nasty things in your ear," Kendall coaxed him with a soft voice he only ever heard in the bedroom. Logan panted into the receiver, "Are you hard?"

"Y-yeah," Logan admitted shakily, earning a groan from Kendall. He sneaks a glance at James and Carlos. They aren't paying attention to him at all, "You know what your voice does to me… Jerk," the brunette whispered the first part with nothing but lust, but then remembered the situation Kendall was putting him in.

"You love it, Logie… You know what else you love? Me on my knees," Kendall spoke with sex dripping from every syllable.

"I really- JAMES!" Logan started talking to his boyfriend, but suddenly found himself hit on the shoulder with pink gelatin. He glared over at the perfectly groomed brunette who was smiling at him sheepishly.

"Sorry, dude. Bad aim," James apologized, holding his hands up in surrender.

"That's not usually what you scream when we're in bed… Is there something you want to tell me?" Kendall chuckled into the phone, knowing Logan must not be by himself.

"Shut up, Kendall. James, will you please not assault me with food while I'm on the phone… or ever?" Logan rolled his eyes as he swiped the Jell-O off of his shirt and onto the floor with all the rest. James came around the kitchen counter to stand next to Logan.

"Oh, you're so snippy! Are you talking to your boyfriend?" James giggled and poked the shorter boy's hair playfully.

"What?" Logan yelled, suddenly panicked.

"Chill out, man. He's joking," Carlos chuckled from where he sat swinging his legs against the counter and flung a spoonful of grape Jell-O at James, hitting him square in the head. James let out a battle cry and left the living room to continue his game with Carlos.

"I-I know that…" Logan smiled uneasily, still shifting uncomfortably in his seat at Kendall's previous words. What he said next only made it worse.

"You sound upset… Do you not want me to be your boyfriend, Logie? Then I wouldn't be able to suck your dick," Logan gasped and bit his lip while listening to the blonde speak, "I couldn't run my tongue slowly up your length and then suck on the tip just how you like it… Do you not want that, baby?" Kendall finished in a hushed, sexy tone.

"Nooo…" Logan moans the word softly, then widens his eyes and coughs loudly to cover up the noise.

James and Carlos stop their battling mid-attack, their gelatin slipping off of the spoons and onto the floor as they shot Logan a weird look.

"I, uh, think I'm getting a cold," Logan attempted weakly, coughing for emphasis, "I-I'm gonna go and… and find a cough drop!" he finished loudly, jumping quickly off of the couch and darting to his room without another word.

Logan slammed the door to his and Kendall's shared room, being sure to lock it securely. He then hurried into their bathroom, locking that door too for good measure.

"You're pretty smooth," Kendall teased through the phone.

"Shut up! You're in your room all alone… You don't have to avoid James and Carlos," Logan whined as he rested his back against the closed door.

"You're right, Logan. I am all alone… I wish you were here with me… What would you do to me if you were next to me on this bed?" Kendall inquired with labored breaths.

"I'd straddle you," the brunette whispered huskily, gaining confidence now that he was alone with Kendall.

"Mhm…" his boyfriend could only manage a moan before he continued.

"You like it, Kendall? You like when I grind my cock into yours? Can you feel how hard I am because of you… only because of you?" Logan taunted him as he reached his own hand down to roughly palm the front of his jeans, hissing when the friction teased his erection.

"Nngh- I feel it, baby… I'm gonna buck up into you and meet you on every thrust. We're always perfectly in tune with each other," Kendall let out a strangled moan, diving head first into the fantasy.

"So good. I'm leaning forward and tugging your hair just enough to make you growl and go faster… I know you like it rough," Logan panted harshly, holding the phone against his ear. He reached his trembling hands to his pants and quickly unzipped himself and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one swift motion.

"I love it… I'd lick up and down your neck because it makes you fuckin' squirm… I'm gonna bite down, baby. It's gonna bruise," the blonde groaned through, undoubtedly, wet lips. Logan pressed himself firmly against the door as he wrapped a fist around his cock and started jacking himself off slowly.

"Yeah, mark me, Kendall. I don't even care if James and Carlos see it… I'm yours," Logan whispered, biting his lip as he imagined Kendall all over him.

"Mine," Kendall agreed with a low growl, making the brunette stroke himself faster. He had always found his boyfriend's possessive nature extremely hot.

"Nngh- Kendall, I'm so hard!" he struggles to keep his voice down. Logan slows his movements on his cock, wanting to last as long as possible. His hips move involuntarily, bumping forward and back against the door with soft thuds.

"Where are you? What are you doing to yourself, Logie?" Kendall asked, his own words seeming hard to form. Logan can practically hear him stroking his member. The thought makes him let out a pitiful whine.

"I'm in our bathroom, leaning up against the door. My pants are around my ankles," Logan pauses and hears Kendall suck in a harsh breath before he continues, "I'm pumping my dick, pretending it's you."

"Fuck, yeah… I'm up in my old room, lying on my bed. I can hear my whole family down stairs, but I don't give a shit because I want you too much. I'm stroking my hard cock and bucking my hips into the air… I wanna fuck you so bad," Kendall groans loudly.

"Do it…" Logan whimpers softly, squeezing himself harder as he brings them back to the earlier fantasy, "I'm gonna get on all fours beside you on your bed… What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm kneeling behind you. My pants are already pulled down, and my dick is throbbing at the thought of being inside of you, but I suck on my fingers. I need to prepare you… I love preparing you," Kendall whispers huskily.


"When I slip my middle finger in you, you wiggle your hips, and it makes me fucking nuts… Everything about you drives me crazy: The way you gasp my name and arch your back when I add a second finger gets me impossibly harder. I pump them in and out really quick, watching your shoulders tense up as you grab the sheets beneath you," Kendall narrates in hushed, lusty tones.

"Ah! I like it when you brush them against my prostate just to tease me and hear me whine," Logan adds, being sure to whine softly just as he would if Kendall were really touching him.

"Love it… Fuck yourself on my fingers," Kendall is demanding, and every word has Logan stroking himself faster.

"Kendall… Can you feel how tight I am around you?" Logan questions his lover, biting his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

"Mhm- I want my cock in you now," Kendall called out to him loudly with a groan.

"Yeah, I'm ready when you are, sweetie," Logan is panting wildly.

"Always so eager," Kendall comments happily.

"Always for you," Logan assures him, making Kendall moan softly.

"I'm gonna position myself on my knees behind you. My dick is hovering right at your hole, and my hands are groping your perfect ass. You like it when I take you from behind, Logie?" he questions the brunette with deep breaths.

"You know I do," Logan whines quietly.

"Mhm… Then you're gonna love what's next… I grab your hips, steadying your writhing body. You feel my dick against you, but I wait to push in," Kendall explains with soft gasps. Logan knows he's getting close.

"You're such a tease," Logan whimpers.

"But you know it makes everything that much more exciting," the blonde is definitely smirking as Logan lets out a strangled moan.

"Hurry, Kendall," the shorter boy begs. He's stroking himself quickly. He wants to cum so badly. The imagery and Kendall's voice are becoming too much… Kendall's voice could make a nun orgasm.

"Alright, baby," Kendall chuckles lightly but speaks soothingly, "I wait just one more second and listen to you pant beneath me while you suck in a breath. I pull away," Logan hisses, knowing what's coming next, "and then I slam my cock into you so hard that it makes your fuckin' head spin."


"I'm pounding into you so fast that you can't even catch your breath," Kendall continues. Both of them are stroking rapidly.

"Yesss…" Logan's hips are bucking harder against the door.

"I look down and groan as I watch my dick disappear inside of you. I'm hitting your prostate over and over… You like it?" Kendall was moaning and gasping for air.

"Mhm, yeah… Like lighting…" Logan's getting completely lost in his lust. He can hardly form the words.

"God! You're so hot and tight… So fucking tight," Kendall groaned.

"Are you gonna cum?" Logan managed to call out quietly into the phone.

"Y-yeah, cum with me, Logie…" Kendall requested softly, his breaths becoming shorter.

"Fill me up, Kendall," Logan whimpers as he strokes himself at a ridiculous pace from base to tip.

Both boys are calling out each other's names in senseless whispers. They are panting harder than ever. Logan is thumping his ass against the door wildly.



The two lovers cum simultaneously, emitting soft cries through the phone. Logan shoots his seed all over his hand and onto the tiled bathroom floor. He struggles to catch his breath with a smile as he rolls his head back to rest on the door with a soft thud.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna fuck you so hard when I get home," Kendall finally manages to find words, still panting between each of them.

"I would expect nothing less," Logan laughs and sighs.

"I love you, Logie," Kendall whispers to him sweetly.

"I love you too," Logan's smile softens.

"Goodnight, babe… Dream about me," Kendall requested cutely, causing Logan to chuckle while looking down at his hand. It's still sliding lazily up and down his softening member and through his cum.

"Yeah, like I have a choice."

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