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Zutara 25 Drabbles Challenge

By Last Butterfly alias MrJensen~

A/N: Ok, I'll only say Hiii~ :D And... and that I'll make cutekittyichigo's Zutara 25 Drabbles Challenge (from deviantArt), because I really miss all the Zutaraness nowadays. Oh, I hope it will be evident that the drabbles are 'connected'. It starts with season 3 and after that goes postwar AU. (Warning: I'll keep the final season's storyline, therefore other pairings will appear too.)

1. Honour

He believed he had lost his honour when he refused to fight against his father. He believed that being banished was the worst possible thing that could have happened with him.

Then, after more than three years and a journey around the known world, he had finally returned home. And his father restored his title, accepting him back again. But deep down, he felt that something was wrong. That there was something that he had missed out.

And when one night, he awoke from a nightmare with accusing but treacherously honest blue eyes, he finally understood.

He did not loose his honour on the day he had gotten his scar. He lost it deep beneath Ba Sing Sei: when he turned against the waterbender.

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