Chapter 1

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********1 week since confirmation of pregnancies******

Shepard sat in the Councils private deliberation room along with five other women who he had along with himself caused this whole situation.

Anderson sat across from them along with the rest of the counselor's. He was rubbing his head trying to figure this out.

"Let me get this Straight... You accidentally ingested some unknown and highly experimental Krogan hormone drug and now you've got these five women pregnant." he said gesturing to said women.

"Well.. um... Yeah." Shepard said rubbing the back of his neck.

All four counselor's regarded him with various stares.

Anderson was about to respond when Chakwas and Mordin walked into the chambers.

"I have the information for you counselor's proving that it Is true they are pregnant." Chakwas said.

"Ok I can understand the three Human and the Asari getting pregnant.. But how can the Quarian... they're DNA is totally incompatible." The Turian counselor said.

"Before maybe. But Krogan drug experimental. Various possible outcomes to Human and Quarian fertilization. This is one" Mordin said in his rapid fire way of talking.

"And just how do you know this?" The Asari counselor said.

"I created drug. Not meant to test on Humans. Works so far. Hope to have funding for it by years end for distributing on Krogan homeworld. Numbers should be up in a few years." Mordin answered.

The Counselor's eyes widened with horror at the thought of Krogan's breading like rabbits.

"Enough with this. Let's focus on the main man so to speak. What are you planning on doing now with 5 pregnant women?" Anderson asked.

"Um.. I'm really not sure. I was hoping to have my Spectre status reinstated so that I could start making come credits to support the children." Shepard said.

Before any could respond the Asari Counselor spoke up "I'm a little disturbed that you umm... what's the Human term 'Knocked' up an Asari Justicar. They abide our highest traditions and laws." She said.

"Either way were reinstating you Shepard. But that's not all. With your reinstatement you will Marry all five of these women." The Turian said.

"WHAT!" Shepard shouted.

"It's Counsel Policy." The Turian said.

"I've never heard of such a policy" Shepard said.

"It's there Section 234.. paragraph 9.. article 4" The Turian said again holding up a OSD pad.

"It says right here.. 'You Hit It You Quit It.. You Knock It Up You Lock It Up!" The Turian said holding up a Picture showing a married couple. "The Policy's quite clear" He said looking at Anderson.

"Are you sure?.. I've never heard of that kind of Policy" Anderson said.

"It's a new policy" The Turian replied.

"When did that happen?" Anderson asked.

"Just now." He said bringing up his omni-tool and sending it to Anderson.

"What am I looking at?" Anderson asked.

"Your looking at now sir" The turian replied.

"When does this happen?" Anderson asked.

"now.. everything that your looking at now happens now." The Turian said.

"Can I go back to then?" Anderson asked.

"You just missed it!" The Turian Exclaimed.

"When?" Anderson asked.

"Just now!" The Turian said.

Anderson grabbed his head and groaned.

"Whatever!" Anderson barked.

Shepard stood up and saluted the counselor. "Stop that! you don't have to do that anymore!" Anderson said rubbing his temples.

All four counselor's stood. "It is The Counsel's decision to full reinstate Commander Shepard to full Spectre Status and to provide funds for his large family. His wedding will take place in two weeks time. That is all. This counsel is dismissed." The Asari counselor said.

As the counselor's filed out Anderson handed Shepard a Credit Chit. "Looks like your going shopping." He said.

Shepard turned to see all five women staring at him.

"I have to get MARRIED! What The Fuck!" Jack screamed.

"It will be interesting being married to a human.. I shall enjoy doing my best to please you husband!" Samara said.

"Oh this Is so awesome! I can't wait to tell mom,dad, my sister..." Kelly rumbled on.

"Crap now I can't steal anything except naps" Kasumi said crossing her arms and pouting.

Finally Shepard's gaze landed on Tali.

"This... This is so amazing Shepard... I cannot wait for the baby to come.. I've got to go to the store now to buy 2 tons of yarn." She exclaimed.

"What do you need 2 tons of yarn for?" Shepard's asked.

"Well I've got to start to make little outfits for Shepard Jr. Well if its a boy that is." She said before heading towards the door.

Shepard grabbed his head and groaned. This was going to be a nightmare worse than the Collectors and Reapers combined.

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