Chapter 15

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"So the council finally let you out huh? That's crap!" Joker said as he took a swig of his drink at the bar.

"By all means don't sound so happy to see me. After all I was cooped up for a friggin year in the Normandy!" Shepard said taking a swig of his as well.

Shepard was glad to be out of the Normandy at the moment. His wives were busy shopping with the children while he had disappeared for a much needed drink.

He turned to Garrus who was sitting on the stool across from him "You know I think with all this stress now I think my hair line is receding!" Shepard said rubbing his head.

"Wait... you had more hair than that?" Garrus asked slightly puzzled causing Joker to burst out laughing.

"Ha! HA! Laugh it up... speaking of which when is your little monster making an appearance Garrus?" Shepard said.

It was no secret now... hell it hadn't been a secret since that day that Tevos and Garrus were an item and apparently now she was carrying the offspring of said person right now.

"Should be about another five months before she's born" Garrus said scratching his fringe.

"Good luck with that..." Joker said holding us his glass and nodding before downing a shot.

"So hows you and Miranda?" Garrus asked smiling.

Joker let out a huge sigh "Were adopting... and getting married in a few months..." He said taking another shot.

While Shepard had to admit it was quite a surprise to see that The former operative and their pilot were together apparently they were getting married and adopting a kid was certainly a surprise.

"Well... um... congratulations my friend!" Shepard said clasping the man on his shoulder making him wince in pain "Oh sorry... I forgot" He said turning back to his drink.

"You know Shepard... when your daughters are teenagers any guy they want to date is going to be in for a lot of punishment" Garrus said taking a sip of his drink.

"Why do you say that?" Shepard asked raising an eyebrow.

"While I don't think they'll have to much trouble meeting Kelly... well except for the fact that she'll talk their ear to death" He paused as Joker choked on his drink while laughing " The other four may be a problem" Garrus said taking another swig.

Shepard turned to face the Turian. "What do you mean the other four may be a problem?"

Garrus clasped his talons together "Ok! First off... there's Samara who would kill anyone who cause her daughter harm or injustice... than there's Tali who would take a shotgun to the back of someones head that hurt her daughter... and finally there's Jack who would murder someone for looking at her daughter wrong"

Shepard cupped his chin and thought about it for a moment before agreeing with Garrus.

They were quiet for a moment before Joker turned to him "So... when you settling down?" The pilot asked.

Shepard was silent for a moment "Were looking into small colony right now... its nice and quiet there... Plus I get to build my own home which is good.. I think the kids will enjoy the freedom with all the space"

Garrus and Joker both nodded.

"So how long you got before you got to leave?" Joker asked taking a sip of his drink.

Shepard glanced at his omni-tool "Actually fella's I'm already running late for something I just hope..."

"Shepard! Where the hell have you been?" A voice said behind them.

All three turned to see Ashley storming towards them with a pissed off look on her face.

"Hey babe... what's up?" Shepard asked slightly buzzed but was wearing off quick thanks to his implants.

"BABE! What's up?... I'll tell you what's up you were supposed to be at the church 30 minutes ago... now shake your ass awake and lets go! I want to have a nice wedding!" Ashley said turning and heading off.

All three stared after her before Joker and Garrus turned to Shepard.

"Care to explain?" Both said in unison.

She tossed back the last of his drink before grabbing his jacket and sliding off the stool.

"Oh yeah I forgot... I'm also going to marry Ashley as well." Shepard said pulling on his jacket.

"Wait... five women weren't enough for you?" Garrus asked.

Shepard chuckled "Well I've already married five so I figured why the hell not I'll just throw in another one to make her happy so yeah I'm marrying Ash now as well... so if either one of you wants to be my best man you better bring your ass's on now!" He said turning from them.

Garrus and Joker looked at each other before hopping off the stool and heading after him.

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