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I really didn't expect my life to change this much. Yes, high school was becoming harder, my friend was moving away but the last thing I expected was that I would fall in love.

With a guy who already loved someone else, no less.

I don't even remember ever having a crush on another boy, let alone being in love. Granted, it took a while for that to actually happen…

School was pretty monotonous, as usual. Kids were being annoying, homework piling up… so much homework. My friend, Midori, hadn't moved away yet.

"Let's go to the basketball game!"

"Ugh, why?"

"We have nothing else to do." …She had a point. My kendo practice had been rescheduled, and she didn't have any violin lessons today. So, I agreed, having no idea that this would be the start of a very… weird situation.

The crowd at the game was already full of screaming girls. Midori found us seats near the front and got us some drinks. I sighed, watching the players run back and forth for a moment, before pulling out my notebook.

One of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was a tattoo artist. None of my designs were very good, but they were fun to draw.

I noticed that one of the players always had a silly smile on his face… constantly. It was actually amazing that he could smile for so long, and he kept looking at the same place in the crowd. Probably a girl he likes, or his friends.

"Hey, Midori?"


"The player that just left, don't you think he looked kinda sick?"

"Hmm, maybe. I gotta go home though."

"Alright." I walked Midori to the door, then went to the bathroom. I wetted a paper towel, and jogged outside. Maybe he's over here? I walked until I found a tree, where, sure enough, he was lying under. His face was flushed and he was breathing shallowly. I dropped the paper towel on his forehead.

"Whaa—!" His eyes shot open, and he stood up.

"If you're going to play like that, you should have water with you." I said.

"Well, why didn't you bring me some?" He said, but I could tell he wasn't serious. A small smile was hiding on his face.

"I got you the paper towel! You can get your own water." I said. Finally he grinned and I laughed. "I'm Ame,"

"Takumi," he said.