Sebastian knew the moment he saw them.

He had heard the pathetic, albeit heart-wrenching, cry, and out of simple curiosity responded. The little one who called out to him was filthy and exhausted, and all but defeated as a small body slowly uncurled itself from a protective fetal position.

Quivering sapphire eyes locked with his own hardened amber.

He knew then that he was in love.


Over three years had passed since that day.

The two of them sat on the stairs to the garden, content with each others silent company. The little one, who had called out to Sebastian all those years ago, was snuggled cozily atop his chest, eyes closed in bliss. The weight upon Sebastian's chest was hardly any more than the day they first met, a testament to a significant lack of growth.

Sebastian's bare hands ran through the little one's short, velvety hair, quietly marveling at how soft the downy tresses were. He reveled in the feeling, and the silence, knowing the other members of the household wouldn't be trotting along to disturb their intimate moment any time soon.

"Ah…" The butler sighed contently, gently breaking the tranquil silence between them. "…You know, little one, I don't think I've ever come across a creature in this realm quite as interesting as you."

A single blue eye slowly peeked open in response to the noise, only to be closed by an eyelid heavy with comfort.

Sebastian ran his fingers over the small ears that opted not to listen to him, smiling slightly as they twitched under his touch.

"Yes, you would be quite the enigma where I come from." He rested his palm over the chest that slowly rose and fell, feeling the ribs that he could crush so easily were he not so careful to keep his touch light and delicate.

"You're so proud and regal… You walk with an elegance and grace unseen in my world." Sebastian could feel his face pinking slightly as he caressed the small body that was resigned to his intimate, possessive touches after all these years.

The little one resting on his chest opened both blue eyes to gaze at Sebastian, and a tail flipped up and down, lightly tapping the demon's chest in agitation.

Sebastian tilted his head in apology. "Oh, you are quite the beauty, too. I could never forget this. Your fur shines more than even the most precious diamonds." The tail settled as he lightly squeezed the little one's small paws, rubbing his bare thumbs over plump pads. Sebastian exhaled calmly, "I truly do love you, little one."

The cat's eyes closed once more, and tiny nails peeked out from paws, pricking Sebastian's chest as they kneaded the warmth below for comfort. Sebastian could feel the low purr the feline emitted resonating through his body, a response he would only assume was a mutual feeling to his declaration.

"…You have come a long way from the battered little kitten hissing in the rain." He lowered his mouth to the cat's head, pressing his lips there softly. A small head pushed backed into delicate action, rubbing passionately against the welcoming kiss. "Cats may be divine, but you are the best of them all, my little one…

"But we can never let the other servants or Young Master know that." Sebastian closed his eyes and caressed the blue-eyed creature, letting the tranquil moment overcome them again, before the worries of the day would come crashing down on him.

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