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Jasper POV

I was out hunting alone. Normally someone would come with me in case I came across the scent of a human during the hunt but this time I wanted to be on my own. Edward and Emmett had tried to stop me but Alice had told them it was alright. She hadn't seen anything in my future that would harm me or my family in any way. I was grateful that she trusted me even though I had slipped up so many times. She had been the one to pull me out of my misery on that faithful day in that diner. She knew me like no one else, she was the best sister and friend I could wish for.

I was pulled out of my reverie by the smell of a bear close by. I gave myself over to my senses and let them lead me to my prey. There were two bears and I devoured them both letting their carcasses fall at my feet after draining them. I didn't feel like going home just yet so I started running at nothing in particular, the burn in my throat hardly there.

I was shocked out of my thinking by a smell I was hoping not to come across. We were normally the only ones in this area apart from the Denali clan and I knew their scent by heart, so to speak. This was another vampire, from outside the family and it was close.

I made a split decision to follow the scent, it could be dangerous but I had to find out if he or she was dangerous to us. After five minutes of running another smell hit me, hard. It was the smell of human blood. I was glad that I had hunted before otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stay in control of myself. I contemplated holding my breath so I wouldn't be tempted in any way but that would also mean that I wouldn't smell the other vampire which would be dangerous. I decided to breath as little as possible so that I wouldn't be tempted but could still notice danger.

I started running again in the general direction of both smells and arrived at a gruesome sight three minutes later. Before me lay two bodies, a man and a woman. The woman had been drained dry, not a drop of blood remained inside of her. Some blood had dried up on her neck from the wound that had been made. The man was a different story, he still had all his blood but his neck had been broken. Next to the two people lay a small pile of ashes which I would recognize anywhere. They were the remains of a vampire after being burned. I was trying to figure out what had happened when I saw burn marks on the neck of the man. I crouched down and found a lighter in the man's hand. Somehow he must have known, I mused. The moment we feed, venom enters our mouths and when fire is held to that, we burst into flames. This man had done just that but had been killed anyway.

Sadness engulfed me to know that he had fought so hard and had still lost. I was wondering why he had fought anyway, he must have known he couldn't possibly win without losing his life in the process. I decided that I would honour this brave man and his wife by giving them a proper burial, or at least as proper as I could. I broke a branch from a tree and started digging a hole next to the couple. I was finished in a few seconds, carefully put the bodies in the graves and piled the earth back, creating a small hill.

I was about to turn around and head back home when a small sound made me stop. The sound was coming from behind one of the trees on the other side but I couldn't hear what it was. The wind was coming from behind me at the moment so I couldn't smell it either. I approached the thing carefully and jumped in front of the it in a crouch, preparing to attack whatever it was. What I saw wasn't anything I would ever expect. In front of me, on the ground, in a small bundle lay a small human baby girl. It seems she was just waking up because her eyes still looked sleepy. I stood there, shocked and wondering what I should do now. I couldn't leave the baby here but taking her with me wouldn't be such a good idea either.

While I was contemplating this, the baby eyes looked around and focussed on me or at least into my general direction. If I remembered correctly, babies couldn't really see that far when they were so small. I was surprised when a smile spread across her tiny face and her hands came up, grabbing the air between us. Before I knew what was happening I was holding the little girl with a small smile on my face. She felt warm in my arms and I could hear her quick heartbeat. Warm blood was flowing through her veins but the thought of hurting this small, beautiful angel in my arms hurt my soul more than I can tell.

The girl was smiling up at me, no fear in her eyes whatsoever. I noticed she had brown eyes but her hair was red with a rough curl in it which fell to her ears. It made her even more beautiful. I hugged her close, careful not to hurt her, then I started running back towards home. I looked down often to see if the baby was still ok. Every time I looked down she was smiling at me with her big brown eyes.

I slowed down to a walk when I got close to the house. I hadn't really thought of how I would explain everything to the others. Alice had probably seen what had happened but still, seeing it in a vision and seeing it for real were still two very different things. The girl squirmed in my arms and I looked down to find that the blanket had become a bit loose around her neck. I put the blanket back in place, careful not to touch her with my cold hands. As careful as I was though, she was not. She grabbed my hand and held it tight with both of her tiny hands. She didn't show any signs of being afraid and instead I could feel happiness flowing from her. She smiled at me again but this time a small laugh accompanied it. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard in my life, and trust me when I say I have heard a lot of sounds over the years.

This sound was a melody, so beautiful. I looked at the girl fondly, not really understanding what had happened to make me care for this small creature so much in such a short time. 'Well, it's time for you to meet the family', I told the girl. 'I'm sure they'll love you, my Melody'. I hugged her as close as possible again and sprinted the short distance to the house where my family waited.

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