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Jasper, Amera and Alice POV

Jasper POV

The battle was fought, but not over. We had suffered and lost people we cared about and loved. We were still waiting for Alice and Zack to show up, but when Rosalie came back from her search for Alice she had tears in her eyes that would never fall. We all knew what this meant, but the confirmation when Zack told us Alice was really gone was too much. Suspecting the worst and knowing it are two completely different things.

Esme collapsed instantly and started sobbing in Carlisle's arms over the two daughters she had lost. Bella, who had regained consciousness a minute earlier, started crying as well while Rosalie was just standing there, looking at the sky. She wasn't someone who would cry in public, but I could tell she was crying on the inside.

Soon after this the remaining Denali's showed up. We were shocked to see that only three of them were left, but also relieved that at least three of them had survived. Others followed the Denali's and we soon found out that, even though we had lost some friends, many of them had survived. The Volturi had lost Demetri and their fighter Felix would have to get used to life without his left hand. Alec and Jane had come out of the fight without much damage though Jane had a scar around her neck which meant that she had lost her head at some point. 'I reattached it for her,' Alec said with a shrug.

Of the Volturi leaders only Marcus and Aro had survived. They told us how Caius had jumped in front of Jane when her head had been torn off. Apparently Caius had always felt protective over the twins and today he had paid the ultimate price for their safety.

The wolfs arrived after the Volturi had sat down a couple of yards away from us. The pack was still large, but I could see that there were gaps in the ranks. Gaps that would be closed soon, but were left open now as a way to honour their fallen comrades. The first wolf that I missed was the great black alpha, Sam, and as I looked further I noticed that the smaller grey one, Leah, was gone too. 'Jacob says that they lost Leah, Quill and Sam during the fight. Paul and Embry were injured badly, but will survive though they need some of us to carry them over here.' Edward said in a detached voice. I nodded to Jacob and before I could say anything a handful of known and unknown phoenixes got up. 'We'll go. Lead the way, Jacob.' Jacob nodded and raced towards the location of the injured wolfs.

In the next half hour everyone who had survived the battle, whether it was from our side or the Master's side' had come over and were quietly discussing what had happened. To my surprise both Anna and Riley had survived the battle and, even though they were sad, they were also proud that they had been able to help in this battle and survive. 'Let's go home.' Rosalie whispered when everyone was there. We all nodded, too tired and sad to say much, and automatically formed a couple of circles so that we could teleport.

'Wait! What will happen to us? To our land?' one of the former enemy phoenixes asked no one in particular. I hadn't thought about that and even though I really wanted to go home and just sleep I knew I couldn't just leave now. I reluctantly let go of Rosalie's and Carlisle's hands and stepped away from the circle. 'I'll stay here and help where I can. You guys go home and rest; we'll see each other later.' 'No, if one stays, we all stay. I will not lose another child today.' Esme said in a firm voice. 'Me too. I can't just leave my brother, now can I?' Emmett said with half a smirk and Rosalie nodded in agreement.

Soon enough my entire family, the Denali's, Benjamin and Tia and Jane and Alec had agreed that staying would be best for now. Aro and Marcus wanted to stay too, but I was glad that they had to go back home before someone tried to take over. Having them around, and especially Aro, would only make sure they would try to rule this world too. They were too power hungry to trust in this case.

A week had passed now and the physical wounds had all healed. Of course the vampires would have scars from where they had to reattach limbs and such, but they didn't hurt anymore. The two wolfs who had been greatly injured were almost healed and the phoenixes had all healed rapidly as well. My own injuries were part of my memory now, but the mental wounds that had been inflicted still hurt too much to bear. The only thing that kept me going each and every day was the fact that there was still so much to be done here.

The castle had been cleaned up and for some reason it had slowly come down from the sky to once again rest on the ground like a normal castle. What had remained of the battlefield was cleaned up and everyone who had died had gotten a funeral so that their loved ones could say goodbye. We had our own private funeral for Alice at which Carlisle had given Alice's family crest to Zackary. The big guy had sobbed uncontrollably during the entire ceremony and was the last to leave the burial site.

We hadn't held a ceremony for Melody yet as we hadn't found anything that might be her body or ashes. In my mind I had made it completely rational that this was a sign that she was still alive and I clamped onto this idea with all my might. She wasn't dead, she was just somewhere else. I would find her though and bring her back as soon as I was done with all the political stuff here. Carlisle and Edward had been a great help with all the papers and official business things that had to be done. I couldn't have done it without them especially since my head kept going back to my mate and where she could be.

As the days passed by, and the land started looking more and more like the way it used to be, I started planning my quest to find Melody. I had checked several books and files to see where Melody could have gone to after the explosion. A lot of books weren't really useful, but some had stories about the great bird that Melody had turned into. I quickly memorized the most believable of all the stories and was ready to go as soon as all the formal paperwork was done.

Amera POV

The battle from the prophecy was finally over which meant I would soon be able to rest in peace. There was, however, still one thing that I had to do before I could finally let go completely. I got off the fluffy cloud I had been sitting on and moved into the direction in which I could sense her. It was all very faint and I hoped I wouldn't be too late. This was the only thing I could do to help and failure wasn't an option. She needed me and so did he. It would be my last gift to the person who made my life worth living when I was still alive and even now.

As I flew closer and closer to my destination the air around me got hotter, but the surroundings became darker until it was entirely black around me. The only thing that kept me going was the small light source in front of me. It was the light that made the air hot and it grew bigger and bigger as I kept going towards it.

When I was about a hundred feet away from her I stopped and assessed the situation. I knew what I had to do, but I doubted whether I would be able to. It was already hot here and I would have to touch her to be able to do anything. The fear was irrational as I couldn't really be harmed, but it was still there. I took a couple of deep breaths, which gave me the feeling that my lungs were on fire, and slowly edged forward.

I was only eight feet away when she noticed me and turned around to look at me. She didn't look anything like the beautiful girl I had seen from my cloudy perch, but I knew she was still in there. I just hoped she wouldn't send me completely to the other side before I could help. 'I'm here to help.' I told her. She gave no reaction whatsoever and just kept looking at me as if she was assessing the situation. Next I moved a tiny bit forward to see how she would react to that and was instantly attacked. I was barely able to leap out of the way and an instinctive growl escaped my lips before I could stop myself. This was going to be more difficult than I had first thought and I decided that some thinking was in order before I tried anything else. There was no way I could communicate with her in this state, but there had to be a way for me to get close enough to touch her. Just one second and I could get enough of herself back that she would stop resisting.

'Need some help?' I turned around to see a petite, spiky haired, female vampire standing in front of me. She was smiling at me in a reassuring way and didn't look hostile at all. I quickly recognized her as one of my son's friends and smiled at her. 'Alice, right?' I asked though I already knew I was right. Alice nodded and made her way towards me. 'That's right,' she said. 'And you are Amera.' It wasn't a question, but I nodded in acknowledgement nonetheless. 'I've already seen what needs to be done so what do you say? Shall we give it a go?' Alice asked. I knew what her ability was and the confidence in her voice told me that whatever Alice had seen was going to work. 'Tell me what you want me to do.' I said.

Alice quickly explained what she would do which was basically distract our opponent long enough so that I could sneak up and put my hand on her. The vampire did warn me that I would be burned, but shouldn't let go. We only had one chance to do this and if it failed it meant the end for all three of us. 'Ready?' Alice asked. 'Lead the way.' Was my only reply. Alice sped off without saying anything and was soon doing everything she could to distract our target. I waited patiently for when Alice would give me her signal. It was amazing to see how the small vampire could dodge every attack that came her way, but she gave the signal soon enough which ended the show for me. Now it was my turn.

I launched myself forward at full speed and placed my hand on my target's back. I swallowed hard as the heat under my hand increased and pain shot up my arm, but I didn't let go. Instead I focused on my power and soon my hand started to glow. A second later the glowing spread from my hand and the heat became less and less until there wasn't any left. When the process had finished I removed my hand from her back and looked down upon the sleeping form of the young woman who had stolen my son's heart.

Alice POV

I was glad that I had made it just in time, because Amera couldn't have done this alone. It was the toughest decision ever to give myself up on the battlefield, but this was more important. She had to go back to help everyone, that's what the prophecy said. That they would rule together and that everyone would finally be able to live their lives in peace. If I hadn't done this I might still be alive, but the world would wither and die and I just couldn't bear to see my family and friends suffer just because I wanted to be selfish.

'Thanks for coming to help me. I know you sacrificed everything to be here now.' Amera said. I looked at her with a smile and shook my head. 'Don't worry about it. This was my destiny and I would do the same thing again if need be.' I told her. Amera nodded and turned back to Melody who was still fast asleep. 'How long before she wakes up?' the phoenix asked. 'Not long now. She should be waking up any second now.' Again a nod and then more silence.

We stayed that way; each of us emerged in our own thoughts, until Melody finally started to stir. First her heartbeat sped up a bit, then her breathing and finally her eyes fluttered open. She looked around in confusion, but soon sat up and looked at us as if she was seeing a ghost. 'Alice… what are you...' she trailed off here as her eyes fell on Amera. 'And who are you?' she asked. Before either of us could answer her Melody jumped up and looked around. 'Where's Jasper? I can't sense him… and where's everyone else?' She was starting to panic now and I quickly got up and put my arms around her. I pulled held her close and stroked her hair until she had calmed down a bit. 'I'll tell you everything, sis. Just calm down first.' I told her.

As soon as Melody had calmed down I released her and sat down next to Amera again. Melody sat down opposite us with a look of anticipation in her eyes. 'Let's begin at the beginning, shall we?' Amera asked. I nodded and motioned for her to start as this all started with how she ended up here. 'My name is Amera and you might not know me, but I know you Melody. I've been watching you ever since my son found you all those years ago.' Amera stopped here and watched as understanding became clear in Melody's eyes. 'You're Jasper's mother.' My sister almost gasped.

'That is correct, young one. I'm sorry to say that I passed away quite some time now, but I've watched my son every single day since I've lost my life. I saw how he fought in the southern vampire wars and how he finally broke free from there. I saw how he met Alice and how the two of them became part of the Cullen family and, of course, how you came into his life. Every single day I watched over my son, waiting for my time to help.' 'What do you mean?' Melody asked. She was clearly confused and I hoped Amera would get to the point soon. We both didn't have much time left here as our destiny was now fulfilled.

'A long time ago a seer came to me and told me of my destiny. That I would die of the phoenix flu, but wouldn't move on until I helped the mate of my son revert back to her old self.' This only confused Melody more and she turned towards me for help. 'Melody, at the end of the battle you transformed. You took on the form of the ancients to destroy the Master once and for all.' I told her. 'The form of the ancients? What do you mean?' 'You became a phoenix in every sense of the word, Mel.' I told her and I couldn't help the grin that appeared on my face. 'I became a bird?' Melody asked slowly. 'Yep, you sure did.'

Melody thought this over for a second before letting a grin spread across her face. 'That's kind of cool,' she finally said. 'But… what's going to happen now? Alice, are you coming back with me?' Melody asked and I could see a bit of hope in her eyes. My smile disappeared and I shook my head. 'I'm sorry Mel, but my life is over. I have to go to with Amera, but never forget that I'll always love you and that, even though you can't see me, I will always be with you.' The last part came out a bit strangled as I tried to push back a sob that was threatening to break free.

The hope in Melody's eyes disappeared and instead came tears which were soon streaming down her face. She grabbed me and hugged me tight while her tears kept falling and soon enough we were both sobbing. 'Alice… we have to go.' Amera whispered way too soon, but I knew she was right. I reluctantly let go of my baby sister and took a step back. 'Tell Zack that I'll always love him, but that there's someone else out there for him. He's a special phoenix, just like your father was and still has a soulmate waiting for him.' I told Melody who just nodded as the tears continued to flow.

'Melody, to get back all you have to do is wait. You are still alive and just like Alice and I will be pulled to one side, you will be pulled to the other. Send my love to Jasper for me and know that I'll always be with you two.' Amera said. 'I will.' Melody croaked. She wanted to say more, but an unfamiliar, but somehow welcome force started pulling us apart. 'Bye Mel, see you when I see you!' I called as the distance between us became larger by the second. 'Alice! I'll never forget you! Love you sis!' Melody called back in a tearful voice though I could just make out a watery smile that had appeared on her face. 'And thank you!' Those were the last words I heard before a bright light enveloped Amera and me and pulled us away from the world of the living for ever.

Jasper POV

We were finally done with all the paperwork which meant I could finally start looking for my mate. Zackary, Emmett and Rosalie had decided to come with me for which I was grateful. It would be hard to keep up hope if I couldn't find anything, but with my siblings around I at least had some moral support. 'Ready?' Zackary asked. I turned around and looked at my brother. He was still sad about Alice's death, but was starting to heal again. His eyes were starting to regain their shine and his overall persona was brighter again. Rosalie and Emmett were standing behind him, both with a backpack on their backs. We didn't know how long we would be gone so we each had a backpack with food and water. Of course Zack and I would be the only ones eating and drinking, but if… no when we found Melody she would probably be hungry and thirsty too.

'Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go.' I said. The others nodded and we all walked to the exit of the castle. Once there we increased our speed drastically until we were all running full out. 'We're going to look from the skies. We'll still be in hearing range so if you see anything just yell.' I told Rosalie and Emmett. 'Okay bro, good luck.' Emmett replied. Zackary and I didn't waste any time and launched ourselves into the air. It always felt great to be flying, but this time I thought about that for less than a second. Instead I started looking around and concentrated on whether there was any activity in the mental link I shared with my mate.

We searched until deep into the night and I only agreed to call it a day when my stomach started growling in protest of not getting any food. When we landed Rose had already gathered some wood which I lit with a flick of my wrist and soon the smell of roasted meat entered my nostrils. 'We've covered quite a bit of land, but no sign.' Emmett said as Zackary and I were stuffing our mouths full with food. 'Maybe try a different direction tomorrow?' I nodded and swallowed hard to clear my mouth. 'I think that's a good option, but as much as I hate to say it, Zack and I need a few hours of sleep before we can continue.' 'No problem, we'll just keep watch and search a bit in the immediate area.' Rosalie said.

As Rosalie and Emmett sped off their emotions told me that they weren't going to search for the next couple of hours. I couldn't blame them though, but tried to ignore the lust they were emitting in waves. The further they ran the easier it became to ignore them and soon they were far enough so that I could sleep without getting disturbing dreams. I lay down on the ground and folded one of my wings around me like a blanket. It was a technique Zack had told me about during the day and I had to admit that it was quite comfortable.

I didn't know when I had fallen asleep, but when I woke up the fire was smouldering and both Rose and Emmett were nowhere in sight. I sat up and stretched which made my muscles protest a bit. My body still wanted sleep, but there was something that had awoken me prematurely and I wanted to know what. It couldn't have been my brother and sister as they weren't here or anywhere near here. I could just faintly sense their emotions, but they were so muddled that they were probably a mile or two away from here.

Zackary was still snoring next to me so I scratched him of the list of things that could have awoken me. I had gotten used to his snoring ever since he started living in the Cullen house so it didn't really bother me anymore. No, there had been something else that had awoken me. Some kind of bright light, but it was gone now.

Deciding that Zack would probably sleep until morning I started walking in the direction where the light had come from. As I moved closer and closer towards the area something very familiar came back to me. The link I had lost ever since my mate had turned into that bird was returning little by little. This made me walk faster by the second until I was running at top speed. I was unable to hold back as the link grew stronger with each step I took. Mel! Can you hear me? I called out through our link. Some murmurs came back to me with only the last word coming through clearly. …here. Was all I heard, but it was more than enough for me.

With a few more steps the emotions got stable enough for me to sense what she was feeling. Melody was confused, sad, happy, tired and above all else stood her love. Jasper? Can you hear me now? She asked in a faint voice. Yes, I can hear you. You're voice is getting stronger and stronger by the second. Mel, where are you? It was hard to keep my excitement in check now. All I wanted to do was finding her and never let her go.

Melody didn't answer with words, but instead showed me a picture of where she was now. I could see a small clearing with a brook running through it. Got it. I told Mel and concentrated on the sound of running water. I soon picked up on it and noticed that it was a bit to the left from where I was going. I quickly redirected myself and sped forward. When the trees started thinning around me I put on a last burst of speed, which I didn't even know I still had, and within two seconds I was standing in the clearing.

There, at the edge of the brook, stood Melody. She was wearing the same clothes as she had the day of the fight. The only difference was that her curling hair now hung loose down her back and swayed in the wind instead of being in a ponytail. I just stood there, looking at my mate. Before I could say anything Melody turned around and looked at me. She began at my feet, then up my legs, torso and finally her eyes rested on mine. The emotions I had felt earlier were clear in her eyes, but soon only one emotion remained. Love was the dominant emotion and it radiated from her. Her golden red eyes began to sparkle and a smile spread across her face.

The next thing I knew was that I was holding her tight to me while tears streamed down my face. We sank to the ground and just sat there. Holding, crying, laughing, kissing and crying again. 'Mel, I missed you so much.' I finally said. 'I missed you too. It was all so strange and confusing, but there were two people who helped me find the way back.' Melody replied. I gave her a questioning look and motioned for her to explain. 'Alice was there and… and your mother.' Melody stopped there and looked at me to see what my reaction would be. 'My… mother?' I half mumbled. 'Yes, she said she had been waiting for this moment. That it was her destiny to help me get back to you. Alice helped as well and together they helped me regain myself again and to find my way back here.'

'So Alice surprised us until the very end.' I half chuckled. It was still hard to accept that Alice was really gone, but she wouldn't want us to cry about her forever. She would want us to live our lives to the fullest and that was exactly what I was going to do. 'Amera, your mom, sends her love and told me that she would always look out for us. I've only been able to talk to her for a short time, but she was a kind and lovely woman. You were lucky to have a mother like that Jasper.' 'I know. She taught me everything I needed to know and was always there for me even after she died. Thank you, mom. I'll never forget you.' I directed the last part to the sky and thought I saw a star shine a bit brighter.

After that Melody and I just sat together in physical silence. Of course we were talking about all that had happened through our link, but we didn't want to say anything out loud. When the sky began to get brighter I got up reluctantly and pulled Melody with me. 'We should go back to Zackary, Rose and Emmett.' I sighed. I knew that we had to go back, but I'd prefer to stay here a while longer. Melody was feeling the same way, but she didn't say anything. Mel, before we go I have one thing to ask you. I said in a serious tone. What is it? Melody send me confusion and curiosity. I never want to lose you again, and even though I know that we might not be able to spend every second of our lives together, I still want to know that you'll be mine forever.

Melody her confusion increased and then shock rang through her as I got down on one knee and held her left hand in both of mine. 'Melody Cullen, will you marry me?' I asked out loud. Melody's shock increased, but quickly changed to immense happiness and love. 'Yes… yes Jasper, I will marry you.' Melody whispered. I quickly took the small jewellery box from my pocket and opened it. Melody's hand was trembling slightly as I put the ring around her finger. 'Jasper, it's beautiful.' She whispered, unable to speak out loud because of the tears that were threatening to fall down. She stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips softly to mine. I wanted to deepen the kiss when someone's concern hit me hard. I pulled back reluctantly and smiled at my future wife. 'It seems our siblings are worried.' I chuckled. 'I guess we have no choice but to go to them then.' Melody sighed in mock frustration. I took Melody's hand and together we started running in the direction of the emotions we were sensing. As I looked down at our locked hands and the ring on Melody's finger I couldn't help, but smile. After everything that had happened things were finally looking up and I was going to make sure it stayed that way. I knew that ruling an entire race wasn't going to be easy, but the phoenixes were all behind me since the battle and I knew that I could do it as long as Melody was at my side.

The End

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