April 27th

It's almost been like two whole months since me and Kiku got back together, and we're still going strong!

Pretty soon, school's gonna be over. Then we'll have summer, and after that we'll be seniors! That means only one more year of high school and then we'll officially be adults.

I'm kinda freaked out.

I mean, I don't even know what college I'm going to. I don't even know what I want to do with my life!

Obviously being Indiana Jones is out, even though I already have the last name and the dashing good looks and the costume and everything.

Kiku wants to go back to Japan to study to become a psychologist.

When he told me, I was like "KIKU. I'M GOING WITH YOU. YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME, BABE."

So he's been teaching me basic Japanese these past few weeks. I can't really say anything useful and he said my pronunciation sucks, but I guess I'll get better over time.


Ah, I also kind of... told my parents about us. Me and Kiku.

I was surprised that they actually took it so well. Mom said she was just happy that I found someone, and she always would be as long as I was. Dad just smiled awkwardly and patted my shoulder and said "congratulations."

And that actually means a LOT coming from my dad.

I don't know when Matt's gonna tell them about Gilbert, but I don't really care because I came out to them first, so I already won, hahaha~


Speaking of Matt and Gil.

Matthew's totally changed. Not in a bad way, but it's fucking weird.

He's so...


I mean, he's always been girly, but now he's even more girly.

For instance, on Monday, we had an early release day at school, so Gil came home with us and I walked in on them in the kitchen while Gilbert was doing some kind of fail flirting and Matthew was giggling and blushing and squirming around like a schoolgirl.

Yeah. But I guess they're both happy and stuff, so it's okay.


Now... Arthur and Francis.

I'm not really sure what their relationship is. It's kind of love-hate-ish.

Apparently it's working for both of them though, so I can't really say anything bad about it.

I guess they compliment each other pretty well.

Arthur's maturity makes up for Francis's lack of self-control, and Francis's cooking skills make up for Arthur's inability to cook something without burning it.


Ivan and Yao have finally gotten over their PDA phase. I haven't seen them making out in the halls once these past few weeks!

But now they're acting like an old married couple and it sucks. They're always giving advice and afknkdfnlksangflkd It's dumb.

I'm kind of jealous of them, though. They never have any problems. I thought it was because they have no personal boundaries when it comes to each other, so I tried touching and cuddling and kissing and hugging Kiku all the time, but that only got me punched in the arm.

I gave up.


Oh, oh! Before I forget.

Well, Yong Soo told me a while ago that he still kind of liked me, which was super awkward for the both of us. But he said that he could get over it for Kiku, because he didn't want to hurt him, since he knew hurting Kiku would hurt me.

It was kind of weird being around Yong Soo for a long time because I never knew if he was over me or not...

But now everything's great! We're still really good friends and nothing's awkward at all.

He hasn't found anyone else that he likes quite yet, but he doesn't seem to mind~ He's like a constant ball of happiness ALL THE TIME.

It's crazy.



I guess this is the end.

I only have like... twelve more lines to write on in you, diary!

I'm glad Kiku made me write in you, as stupid as it was in the beginning. I guess now I can look back and read through all the crazy stuff that happened in junior year.

I think I'm actually going to MISS coming home and writing about my day in you every night.

This is very concerning.

I think I'm going to... cry!

No! Be strong, Al..


Okay, so anyway... It's been fun, diary. I promise to come back and read you when I get older,

and who knows?

Maybe I'll get another diary (not to replace you! Nothing could replace you~) and write in that one next year.

For now though,

Alfred out!

[author's notes.]

Had to post this before I put it off and forgot about it entirely!

Um, so this is it, guys! Thanks for pulling through all the way to the end, through thick and thin, and updates and no updates. This was all for you! I never would have made it past the first few chapters if it wasn't for all the surprisingly positive feedback, xo.

I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.