All of Us

Author's Note: And I'm back with yet another FMA fic! My fic One Big Military Family was far more successful that I expected and I wanted to do a continuation, however, instead of doing another long fic, I decided to do this installment as a series of drabbles. I got the idea from a fic I'm reading by Poisoned Scarlett. She's an amazing EdWin author, check her out.

Anyway, this is primarily a Royai/EdWin fic but the other pairings from OBMF will made an appearance and will be developed further. Also, look forward to the potential introduction of new characters! ;)

Disclaimer: It would be so cool to own FMA, but sadly, I do not. However, the adorable awesomeness that is Lee mustang is all mine! Check him out on Deviant Art ;)

Chapter 1: Furher Grandpop

His granddaughter had never been a troublesome girl as far as he could remember. In fact, the blonde was rather well behaved and mature through most of her childhood. If she had ever acted out he surely never heard of it or seen it for himself. With that in mind, Furher Grumman found himself constantly amazed with his great grandson. Lee mustang was a bottle of shaken up energy. The older he got, the less fear he seemed to have, and the sharper his tongue became. Grumman had heard stories about the child's first day at school and was conflicted between shocked and entertained. But then, he had to take into consideration the boy's father.

Cocky, witty, suave, and honestly pretty bright had basically described the child's father and apparently the young boy must have picked up much of his father's outright personality. The boy had yet to discover what I meant to be calm, cool, and collected and had instead perfected cool, sarcastic, and blunt. Maybe Lee Mustang was what you got after combining a master sniper and deadly alchemist. He was what happened when parents didn't stop their kids from playing with guns and fire.

Glancing up from his work, Grumman watched as his aide stepped in looking completely rattled. "Furher, sir… Your grandson…I can't deal with him anymore. He's driving me insane!" She informed, a frantic hint in her voice. Grumman allowed his eyebrows to raise high as he watched the woman constantly glance over her shoulder.

"Have you given him something to do?" he asked. A vein throbbed at the side of the woman's head.

"I have but… but nothing seems to keep him silent." She came to a pause, taking a deep breath and steadying herself. "Please, sir…" Nodding, the old man, now in charge of the entire country of Amestris, let out a defeated sigh. A child on summer break was always a handful, especially when his parents were away on an assignment.

"Send him in." The woman's retreat was far too quick before a dark haired child entered the room. Behind him he dragged a red and black backpack his amber eyes set on the old man in front of him and lips set in a pout. Grumman smiled at the boy. "Lee! What's with the sour look?" Letting out a huff, the child dropped his bag in the middle of the room and began poking at one of the strange statues decorating the large office. Grumman had to admit he had too many traveling souvenirs, but they were good conversation starters.

"Grandpa, since you're the furher everyone has to listen to you, right?" The child asked, giving the man a side glance that caused the old man to raise an eyebrow.

"In a way, why?" At this, Lee turned with a determination lighting his eyes.

"Then tell that lady to get off the phone and do your work so we can get ice cream!" Grumman's eyes widened at the child's boldness. "It's not like she's doing anything important anyway." At this, the old Furher began laughing, pushing himself up from his seat.

"You may have a point." He chuckled as he wandered to a corner of the room and retrieved his hat. "And ice cream sounds mighty good." Lee's eyes lit up.

"Yay! You're the best furher grandpop ever!" he cheered, his once irritable disposition changing. Grumman simply chuckled, ruffling the child's hair as he led the bouncing boy out of the room. Leave it to a four year old to make him abuse his powers… but then again, this was ice cream they were talking about.