Chapter 51: Curiosity

With the birth of baby Urey, Lee had developed an overall fascination with babies and their arrival into the world. For one, he wanted to know how long it took for them to learn words. The fact that adults understood that when a baby cried it meant that they either needed food or a change of pants was an amazement to the young boy. After all, if he started crying out of nowhere he was told to stop acting up! Secondly, how come they only wanted to sleep? He had come around with his mommy plenty of times to see the baby and he was always sleeping. The baby in his mommy's belly moved all the time. He was always being told to be gentle and someone was always helping him hold the baby because Urey couldn't hold up his own head. But why couldn't he hold up his head? What was wrong with his neck? Was it not long enough? Lee wrinkled his nose just thinking about it. Babies were weird and to top it off, the baby in his mommy's belly made her weird as well.

Looking up from his latest constructive master piece in the middle of the living room floor, Lee watched curiously as his father walked briskly into the kitchen. There was a lot of movement heard before he heard some naughty words and slamming. Suddenly his blocks became less interesting and the four year old pushed himself from the floor and walked into the kitchen, Black Hayate close behind him. Roy could be seen in the middle of making something, opening and closing the pantry for whatever reason, occasional saying something the small boy didn't understand.

"Daddy?" Glancing over his shoulder, Roy smiled at his son.

"Hey." He greeted as Lee walked further in, trying to see what was being made. "What's up, kiddo?" The small boy had now pulled over a chair, climbing on it to get a better view of the action.

"What are you making?" It looked like a salad. Roy let out a tired sigh.

"Something special for mommy. She and the baby are kind of hungry for something special." He answered. Lee watched as his father dropped some chopped up onions in a bowl. There were already tomatoes and something green that the young boy didn't recognize. He paid no attention to the other ingredients scattered across the kitchen counter.

"Can I taste it?" Lee asked finally. Roy chuckled, tousling his son's hair affectionately.

"Trust me, kid. You don't want any of this to go in your mouth." He informed with a wink. Lee wrinkled his nose.

"Why not?" There was a pause.

"Well, your mom has a weird taste right now." Roy answered finally.

"What's a weird taste?" Lee asked in confusion. Roy hesitated, looking thoughtful. He had to explain a lot of different things to his son lately and had to find the proper, not report back to a temperamental mommy way of doing it.

"Well, it means she likes things different from what we would like… mostly because she has to keep the baby happy too." He answered finally. "It was the same when she had you in there."

"So I would like what mommy eats too, yes?" Lee tried to reason and Roy laughed.

"You would think, but no." Roy answered and turned away, digging for something deep in the fridge. Wrinkling his nose and seeing no reason behind any of his father's words, Lee peaked into the large salad bowl at the contents. It didn't look too bad aside from the green slimy stuff from the jar that had been dumped in. Glancing once again at his father, Lee reached in and pulled out a salad leaf with the green stuff on it, shoving it into his mouth only to start gagging loudly. Roy stood swiftly and looked at his son in shock. "Lee?"

"IT'S NASTY!" Lee cried out, tears in his eyes. He had spit the food out onto the floor in distress and even Hayate had walked away from the mess. He pointed accusingly at the jar by the salad bowl. "I don't like that!" Roy looked.

"Oh, you mean the relish? Yeah, I'm not a fan either, but mommy wants it on her salad and I tried to warn you." He informed easily, going back to his wife's latest craving, dumping and significant amount of dressing onto the food. Lee pursed his lips, slid from the chair and pouted back to the living room.

Babies and mommies were weird.

Author's Note: Sorry for the delayed update everyone!