A/N: Bonjour; another story for you. I should probably be doing Get Out Alive, but, I don't know. No inspiration right now. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic. The first chapter is extraordinarily short, I know, but don't worry, it's just a basic introduction. After this, things will be far longer. So... enjoy.

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24 hours ago, the days had been normal.

24 hours ago, they hadn't had a murder investigation.

18 hours ago, they'd discovered the body.

15 hours ago, they'd realized the link.

12 hours ago, they'd tried to protect her.

8 hours ago, they'd lost that protection.

5 hours ago, they'd watched her leave.

3 hours ago, they'd silently prayed for her.

1 hour ago, they'd almost given up hope.

Now, they have nothing left to be sure of.

Was any of it real?

Was all of it fake?

Was she really who they'd thought?

Was she just another person they'd watch die?

Was she destined to fail?

His eyes, light as day, trained on her as she paced the room.

Her eyes, dark as night, betrayed only her worst fears.

She's counting down the moments until there's nothing left,

And he's counting down the moments until it's too late to save her.