Amaterasu let her legs fall from under her. She felt so weak after battling the twin demons. The wounds of her past self were also there, maybe not physically but mentally they were. The Day of Darkness was advancing on them but Amaterasu knew she should rest before boarding the Ark of Yamoto, if even for a few moments. Her black eyes watched as Issun bounced on a stone, talking about something, maybe reenacting the battle. Amaterasu gave a wolf version of a smile. The bouncing artist had grown on her, she couldn't picture going anywhere without him.

The sun goddess whimpered and curled up tightly as an icy wind cut through her fur. Amaterasu's fur was built for summer weather, not the eternal winter here in Kamui. She buried her muzzle into her thin, white fur. Every part of her was freezing cold.

"Amaterasu?" The goddess looked up at hearing her name. She knew who it was before she looked up, Isuun's voice was a few tones deeper than a woman's but Oki's was a deep baritone. Oki watched her with worry in his eyes. He was still in his wolf form making him a little more than double her size. Amaterasu titled her head in question only to be surprised as the Oni tribe warrior curled up around her. Oki's body heat engulfed her and the bulk of his thick, winter coat made up for the lack of warmth the goddess's fur had.

"You're cold." Oki said, commenting on how cold her body was against him. The white wolf only whimpered, telling him that she was freezing. Oki aloud Amaterasu to burry herself under his head and into his thick neck fur. He nuzzled her white fur before watching the darkness cover the sun. It must be more than the cold of Kamui effecting Amaterasu, but also the Day of Darkness. The only thing the Oni tribe member could do was keep his goddess warm.

Very short, very sweet, and to the point. I love this pairing and the video game is complete love!