Malfoy Manor

Another week passed. How it happened, I didn't know as it all seemed blurred.

One minute we were talking, one of us let slip Voldemort's name and then we were captured by Death Eaters and taken to Malfoy Manor.

The outside was definitely luxurious with marble and stone and silver and albino peacocks and other strange yet rare creatures. I was the only one of us four that was still conscious. Greyback had me pinned down on the couch while some other Death Eaters were looking up names.

While I had seen Greyback before, he hadn't seen me and my scar wasn't visible because my hair was covering it.

"Thought you were being high and mighty with saying the Dark Lord's name, were you?" said Greyback.

"It was an accident," I said.

"Ha! Load of rubbish! What's your name, missy?" asked Greyback.

"Petunia Evans," I lied.

"And who's this lot?" he asked, pointing to the others who were barely conscious.

"My friends, Vernon Jameson, Edward Salvatore and Marietta Chang," I said, silently amazed at how easily and quickly the lies rolled off my tongue. "We all graduated from Hogwarts ages ago."

"What House were you and your friends in, Evans?" he demanded.


"Ha! A lot of people have said that, but none of them can describe Slytherin's common room or its location! Can you?"

"It's down in the dungeons. Because it's underneath the lake, there's green light. There are stone snakes and skulls, green and silver decorations and stuff," I said, quickly.

He looked stunned and I was never more grateful before now that we'd interrogated Malfoy during our second year.

"Hey, those names are on the list!" said a Death Eater.

My heart skipped a beat. Could we get out of this without any trouble? Could Fate be kind to us? But then I felt a knot in my stomach when another Death Eater looked at a copy of the Daily Prophet with my picture on it and then glanced at me.

"Hey, she looks like Helena Potter!" he said.

"Potter?" said Greyback. He looked at the picture and then at me before he held me tight with one hand, his werewolf strength being enough, and brushed my hair out of my face with the other revealing my scar.

"Well, well, well, look at what we've got here. Miss Helena Potter," he said, laughing. "The Dark Lord will honor us when he finds out about this! And you've also brought some snacks with you."

"Don't you dare touch them!" I shouted, as I struggled against his grip. "If you harm any of them, I swear I'll hunt you down and you'll regret it."

"You're in no position to make threats," said Greyback. "Get them down with the others and send an owl to the Dark Lord while I take Potter to Bellatrix for interrogation."

"Get your filthy paws off her!" shouted Cedric, as he was lead away. "Let her go! Leave her alone! Let us go!"

"CEDRIC!" I yelled, as I was lead away.


I was taken upstairs where Bellatrix was waiting along with Lucius Malfoy.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Helena Potter," said Lucius. "Slipped up, have you? Fallen into one of your nightmares?"

"First off, you know nothing about my nightmares and this is nothing compared to what I've seen. Second, the only who's slipped up here is you for getting mixed up with him," I spat. "You're part of his work, but what's it gained you? Nothing! I shattered your wand with my own, you're powerless!"

"How dare you to speak to him!" said Bellatrix. "You filthy half-blood! Leave us, Lucius! I'll deal with her!"

"Very well," said Lucius.

He left the room, leaving me alone with Bellatrix.

"Surprised to see me, Potter? After you had me imprisoned for the killing of my stupid dog of a cousin—"

"Sirius isn't dead. You didn't kill him and don't you dare talk about him like that, you crazy, self-centered cow!" I shouted. "And Azkaban suited you better than this place. It's a pity your heartless master set your free when you look so lovely in prison garb."

"You'll learn respect, Potter," she said, as she slapped me. "Now, tell me, have you been in my bank vault?"

I didn't let my confusion show as I said, "No." Why on earth would I go near her bank vault? Why would she think that?

She slapped me again. "Liar!" She raised her wand. "Maybe a little pain will loosen your tongue and you'll feel more encouraged to tell the truth."

"Your master couldn't get me to scream. What could you do? I'm not scared of you, Bellatrix," I said, coldly.

"Soon you will be," she said. "Crucio!"

I bit my tongue as the Curse was placed on me again and again as Bellatrix yelled questions at me I did not answer. She also aimed a powerful Stinging Hex at my leg that caused me intense pain. I was not going to so much as whimper in pain, I wasn't! I hadn't complained when I'd been forced to use a Blood Quill and my hand had been cut. I hadn't screamed when Voldemort tortured me three years ago. I would not scream, I would not cry, I would not whimper, I would not!

"Answer me, Potter, and tell the truth!" shouted Bellatrix. "Have you been in my vault? Where did you get the sword of Gryffindor?" She waved her wand and the Curse was taken off so I could answer and catch my breath.

"For the last time, we never went near your stupid vault!" I said, shaking. "And we don't have the real sword. We just have a copy of the sword. It's a fake! It's just a copy, not the real thing!"

"Oh, really? We'll just see about that! GRIPHOOK!"

A goblin came into the room as Bellatrix thrust the sword under his nose. Oh, crud. Goblins were masters of metal magic and could easily spot a phony or the real thing through a brick wall.

"Is this the real sword of Gryffindor?"

"No," he said, shocking me. He was lying for me? Why? "It's a copy. It's a mere copy."

"You're sure?" she demanded.

"One hundred percent sure," said Griphook.

"Well, seems you were lucky this time, Potter," said Bellatrix. "You weren't stupid enough to touch my vault. But I'm not finished with you."

I just glared at her.

To be continued in Helena Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two