It wasn't the first time, but he swore to himself that it would be the last. He had terrified her, he was terrifying them all. This wasn't what he wanted, he just wanted to tell his story, to set the spirits free and atone for what he had done. Aikman may have forced his hand but he could have said no, sure it was the choice between necromancy or death but at least it would have been an untainted one. Not like now, now he was forced to roam this house looking like a monster. Sometimes he felt like one too.

So many nights he had stood there, watching, keeping watch. She was beautiful, there was no denying that. Her hair shone like the sun was constantly beating down on it and her emerald green eyes sparkled with a wisdom far beyond her 17 years. She was perfection, an angel. Yet when she had seen him standing over her she had looked at him as though he was the devil. Those beautiful eyes had widened in horror and repulsion. He reached out to her, to tell her it was ok, that he was here to protect her but nothing would come out. Just that stupid gurgling sound that had caused her face to scrunch up in disgust. She didn't want him there, so he left, he went to the basement, to Matt.

It was time to end this.

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