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I was sitting next to the old oak tree on the grounds of my old home. I couldn't tell what exactly was happening. I had thought when I freed the spirits of the house I would be freed too. I suppose in a way I had been. I was not longer the hideous monster I had been, I looked just like I had when I was alive and I had no trouble speaking normally. Not that that mattered much when the Campbell family were all completely healthy and therefore unable to communicate with me in any way. The fire-fighters managed to save most of the main structure of the house but it didn't matter, there was no evil left to taint its walls. It was just bricks and wood once more. Matt and his family had left hours ago and I was stuck here. I tried moving but every time I got a certain distance from the house I ended up right back next to the oak tree. It was odd, considering my human remains had floated out into the air, I should have been able to move around or at least I should have been drawn to wherever they were. I had read many books on the after life while under Aikman's tutelage and none of them explained what was happening to me now. I sighed and looked up at the ruined building next to me. What had once been a daunting and terrifying place had been reduced to a shell of its former self. I wondered if anybody would ever live there again or if it would be left as it is, a chilling reminder of the horrors that had taken place there.

I was just about to try to leave once again when I felt an odd sensation on my cheek. It was like a warm caress, barely there but enough pressure to be noticed. Then a whisper, my name, in a voice I had heard so many times before. Before I know what was happening I felt myself be pulled from the ground and didn't know anything until I suddenly found myself standing in a purple room. At first I thought it was some bizarre otherworldly place when I noticed the stuffed bears and books lining the walls. Sitting on the floor between two single beds was a sight I had thought I would never see again. Despite having her back to me I knew it was Wendy, she was muttering to herself as she hunched over something on the ground in front of her.

"I don't understand" she whispered, furiously, "Why isn't it working?"

I moved closer to her and cleared my throat before remembering that she couldn't see or hear me. To my surprise she jumped and turned around, stuffing something into her pocket and a small bundle under the bed.

Her eyed widened in shock as she looked right at me. Perhaps the books I had read were wrong, there was no reason that she should be able to see me and yet she was looking me right in the eye.

"Jonah?" she asked, "You look so…"

"Normal" I suggested. I was still dumbfounded by the fact that she could see me but more so by the fact that she didn't seem shocked that she could see me.

"Why can you see me?" I asked worriedly, "Are you sick?"

"No, no" she assured me "Its nothing like that, I can see because, well, I have something that belongs to you"

Belongs to me? Before I could ask her what she meant she reached under the bed and pulled out the small bundle. She stood up and walked toward me, unfolding it and holding it out for me to see. Right in the middle of the cloth was a darkened piece of bone. I realised that it was my cheek bone, a part of the remains that the reverend had pulled from the crematorium. That explained the odd sensation I had felt.

"It just didn't seem right to leave you there, not after what you had done for Matt. Popescu told me that without it you would be stuck at the house. Nobody should ever be stuck at that place" She offered me a hesitant smile.

She was obviously uneasy about this whole situation but was taking it well. I had caused her family misery for months and yet she could still feel pity for me, she could still be thankful for the gift I had given her cousin. As I was pondering this she moved toward me with her hand raised, as if to touch my actual cheek. I took a step back and winced as her hand moved through my face. She jumped back as though electrified.

"You can't touch me" I explained, "Maybe before but I don't know what I am now. I don't know why I'm still here" The full extent of my situation impacted upon me and I was filled with despair. Silvery tears began to course down my face as I cried for the first time since the night I had died, I didn't know I was still capable of it.

She looked panicked. "Don't cry Jonah, please" she begged, "I'll find a way to fix this, I promise"

She lifted the cheek fragment into her hands and began to brush at it. I felt the odd sensation again as the tears falling down my cheek were wiped away. I couldn't help but smile, a small smile though it was. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. At least Wendy could see me, and she did promise to try and fix things. No, this wouldn't be so bad after all.