Chapter 1: the scheme begins

(A young brunnette blue eyed girl with stylish black rimmed glasses is walking down the street. She is an aspiring actress coming from a very difficult audition and trying to get a taxi on the busy streets of NYC. She hears heavy footsteps heading toward her)

a gruff voice: Are you sure this is the one he wants?

the other voice: Yea, I'm sure.

( two arms grab the girl. And walk her away she struggles and tries to see who grabbed her she turns her head around and sees a rhino guy)

Girl: Let go of me, rhino face!

Rocksteady: I wouldn't struggle... the more you struggle the harder it'll be for ya. ( he presses a button and shoves her into a dimensional portal that has appeared out of nowhere)

(Suddenly the girl is in a lab of some kind in front of a man who looks like he's ready for Halloween and a human with a brain in his stomach)

Girl: What's going on? Who are you? (The brain guy says nothing. He just tazers the girl who blacks out)

(Several hours pass and the girl wakes up and looks around but something doesn't feel right. She gets lifted up and tossed around like a ball. An evil voice suddenly rings through her head)

Voice: Put her down you, idiots! Krang needs to interrogate our guest.

the two others: Aw, boss we was just having some fun. ( She it plopped into liquid but can still breathe. That's odd humans don't breathe underwater. Some else comes in and looks into the water at her. It's her)

Girl: What's going on? Why do you look just like me?

Krang: Because, my dear human girl you are going to help me with a new scheme. My name is Krang. I am the former and future general of Dimension X. I have come to take over this puny planet but one thing stands in my way.

Girl: Me?

Krang: Not you. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Girl: Ok... so where do I come in?

Krang: I have switched our bodies with a modified transmogifying device. I will sneak up to ninja turtles and take them out one by one until they are helpless normal turtles and won't get in my way! All I need is to know who you are.

Girl: Ok... ok... just don't hurt me. My name is Ellen. I'm an actor and I was just going home from an audition.

Krang: Rocksteady... Be bop come we have a job to do.

Shredder: You're taking Rocksteady and Be- bop? And what am I suppose to do while thier with you?

Krang: Shredder , you watch our guest.

Shredder: Forget it! I am not Brain sitting! Either I come of Rocksteady and Be-bop stay.

Krang: Very well. I suppose our guest will be fine by herself for a little while besides she's helpless the way she is.

(The villians disappear)

(Meanwhile the turtles are walking to Vinny's pizza in thier disguises when Rocksteady, Be- bop and Shredder go running across the street with a cell phone. Rocksteady is about to throw it when Shredder takes it and throws it. Krang in Ellen's body runs after it as a car comes. the villians run away. The turtles leap into the street and dive with her into a manhole)