Chapter 6: Payback time!

( The Ninja turtles charge at the foot soldiers led by Rocksteady and Bebop shooting thier lasers. They use thier weapons to fight each of them off. Until the four of them are just facing Rocksteady and Bebop who look at each other and try to retreat. Raphael leaps in front of them and Ellen comes up next to him)

Raphael: I'd like to thank you, guys for giving my brothers back to me.

Bebop: Uh... you're welcome. It was our pleasure.

Ellen: I think he'd like to give you a gift to show his appreciation.

Rocksteady:A present? Boy, we love presents.

(Raphael kicks them into Shredder and Krang who go flying into the now empty vat of mutantigant)

Leonardo: Let's get out of here. I don't think Shredder and Krang will be bothering us for a long time.

(Later at the lair)

Raphael:I'm sorry for trying to kill you, Ellen.

Ellen: It's ok, Raph. I understand.

Michaelangelo: So, who wants some bubble gum and jelly bean pizza... how about you, dudette

Ellen: No thanks... that's kinda gross.

Michaelangelo: But I thought all humans like pizza.

Ellen: We do... but not with bubble gum... besides, how can you expect us to eat pizza after what happened.

Michaelangelo: This pizza is fine.

Ellen: Well, I'll try some. (eats a slice and changes into a five year old) Look what you did you big, dumbie! I hate you.

Michaelangelo: I guess that wasn't a jelly bean I found. Everyone makes mistakes.

The end